Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Shows Are Falling Apart!

So I saw rumors of this earlier and was keeping my fingers crossed that it really wasn't true, but I just read officially on that Mandy Patinkin has left Criminal Minds!
Honestly people! Stay with your shows, don't abandon the fans, we need you! First Grey's Anatomy lost two keys characters, now Criminal Minds, what's next?! Don't tell me Tyra won't be hosting Top Model or that Grissom is leaving CSI:, I just couldn't handle it. However, I have a feeling that Warrick (Gary Dourdan) from CSI: may have some issues.

Maybe it's a sign I have to cut back on my TV watching, haha, riiight. I'll just take it as people are asking for too much money and networks are stupid and I'll just have to hope that everything will turn out okay come season premieres in the Fall, fingers crossed.


Kiki said...

wait just one SECOND.

who left grey's besides isaiah?? tr? is it confirmed?? eeeeeeeee!

Kate said...

No,no not TR, he actually got a pay increase. but Kate Walsh was the other character I meant that isgone as well. But at least she wasn't killed off the show or anything, so if her show tanks she can always come back to Seattle Grace.

Kiki said...

ahhhh, yes, i COMPLETELY forgot about that. Oh Grey's, it's been too long.