Friday, February 27, 2009

Fill in the blanks.

Taking a page out of Blogging 208 from Nicole... fill in the blanks:

I wish Katelin would blog more about ____.

I wish Katelin would blog less about ____.

For Katelin's birthday I'm going to get her ____. (you can just write an Iphone and I'll be happy)

Other than Keanu Reeves, I think ____ deserves an Oscar.

This weekend I'm going to _____ with _____ and it will be _____.

And just because I like posts with pictures:

happy weekend all!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some important things.

Okay they're not thaaaaat important but I feel like sharing/getting input/rambling so here goes:
  • Josh Kelley is going on tour with Ryan Cabrera in April!!! I pretty much squealed with delight when Josh announced this fun fact on his Myspace blog. Not even kidding. I love Josh and I love me some Ryan too. So basically it'll be the best concert ever. Okay not ever, to be the best ever Keanu Reeve's awful band Dogstar, O.A.R and Craig David would have to join the set and then I'd just die of happiness overload.
So yeah who's going with me???

  • I think it's time for another LA Blogger meetup. Right? Yeah I thought so. Maybe end of March? Spread it out a bit. Well if you're a girl LA blogger send me an email if you want to go to a super cool event manana and I'll let you know.

    But back to the point, LA Bloggers UNITE! Maybe a weekend? A St. Patty's Day fest? Somewhere awesome? Think about it. Get back to me.

  • In 24 days I will be walking in a half marathon. Finally. But ohmygosh I am getting nervous. Due to travel and most recently sickness I have been slacking on my training and my Wii Fitnessing and ah! I need to get healthy so I can rock this marathon. If you want to come out and cheer me on it's March 22nd in Pasadena, woo!

  • And in less than two months (April 25th to be exact!) is my birthday, my 25th birthday!!! I know I already freaked out about it before, but really, what the heck can I do to celebrate?!?! And I need a new outfit?! And margaritas? And yeah. I don't know. Maybe it's the Nyquil talking, it's my birthday and it will be awesome.

Okay that's all the importantness I have for one day. Anything important going on in your world?

happy thursday!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


As if yesterday's Oscar post wasn't enough Hollywood for ya I bring you the real Hollywood post of the week! Woo! Now note though, I'm a little behind on my Hollywood scoop since I was out of the internet gossip world a couple days last week so feel free to let me know what I missed when the post is done. Annnnd are you ready? Got your Oscar all wrapped up Kate? Okay good. And go!
  • This week's cute bebeness comes from two of the six Jolie-Pitt kids. I may not be the biggest fans of their parents but ohmygoodnessgracious their cuteness is infectious, I just heart them.
    ohemgee Shiloh is so dang precious!

    oh Queen Z you tell em what's up.

  • Also in cute bebeness it looks like the always adorable Harlow Madden is about to be a big sis! Man that was quick, haha. But really who knew Joel and Nicole would make such a cute kid? Seriously, adorable.

  • Unrelated to bebes and their cuteness, apparently guys listen up there's a new single lady in town. Megan Fox. Not that I really care but I know plenty of guys that would love to meet/date/do unmentionable things to her so I thought I'd let you know she's single now. See, I care about my male readers? :)

  • You know what else guy readers, I love Frieda Pinto and you should too. I think I have a girl crush. Oh and I want her this. dress.

    just ignore the lady in the back, haha

  • Okay enough stuff for the guys back to the girly Twilight. Apparently Summit has already set a release date for Eclipse (6.10.2010). Ummm in a hurry much? I mean what the eff? Why are they rushing such a great franchise. I really hope it doesn't bomb, I mean really. At least it means more Rob but still, come on now. Speaking of Rob....

    mmmmmhi there ;)

    Oh and apparently he was canoodling with Natalie Portman at the Oscar parties. Well I guess that's better than Paris Hilton but still, le swoon Rob, le swoon.

  • And because Fringe isn't back until April and I need my Joshua Jackson fix because I just heart him and I heart his gf Diane Kruger:

    Seriously, they are so stylin and cute and New York (whatever that means) I love it. Heart them.

  • You know who else is stylin'? The First Lady. And apparently (thanks Janet!) there's a whole blog to following her fashion choices. Seriously I am impressed. And I'm not going to lie, I may be checkin this blog out from time to time. :)

  • And in TV news....
    The City. Yeah I think I'm over it. I love ya Whit, but I'm over your show. Please tell me you'll make some cameos on the Hills and we'll still be friends okay? Thanks.

    Oh and the Hills. The Hills people! How do these stupid freakin teasers still get me excited for the show?!?! Why do I watch? But how can I not?!? It's such a dilemma!!! But seriously, did you see the trailer for the new season? Woa.
    How I Met Your Mother. When the heck are we getting another new episode people??? I mean really. I need my HIMYM and my NPH! And Matt and I finished seasons one and two so now I don't know what to do. I guess I should just buy season three, haha.

    Heroes. Anyone watching it this time around? I have yet to watch the new chapter and it just seems daunting. But I love the show so I want to watch it I just haven't had the motivation. Oy.

    Medium. Does anyone besides me, Jen and my mom watch this show? I sort of love it. I love the sci-fi aspect and I love the family dynamic because they are in no way perfect. I definitely recommend checkin it out.

    John and Kate Plus 8. Oh man. I seriously used to love this show but it's getting harder and harder to watch without saying "whattttt???" every two seconds. The Gosselins not only moved into a ridiculously huge house but they just got two puppies as well. Are these people crazy?? Ugh but those kids are still so adorable. I swear it's because of this site that I can't watch the show the same, haha. But yet it's still on my DVR list.

    Grey's Anatomy. Like woa. What a way to end that crossover. Some fights, some kissing, some awkwardness, perfect, haha. I am a fan, but seriously Derek when are you going to propose?!?!

    Top Model. So remember last week when I said it was starting tonight? Yeah I was wrong. Dangit. It starts NEXT Wednesday. So mark your calendars peeps. Team Ty Ty! :)

  • And in movie news....
    Remember how at the end of the Oscar's they played some previews for movie's coming this year and I said I was so excited and I definitely clapped when I saw the trailer for Public Enemies? Yeah well BuzzSugar reposted it, so check it out if movie previews make you excited.

    Oh and speaking of new movies, Judd Apatow's latest Happy People, has its first trailer and I am slightly intrigued.

  • And lastly today's WTF news comes to us from across the ocean again. A prisoner in an Athens jail made a helicopter escape yesterday. Yeah, a helicopter escape. I swear that guy has watched too many movies. But the funniest part is that that wasn't his first escape, it was his second, and he did it the exact same way!! I have to give him props but at the same time say what the eff people? haha.

And that my friends is all the Hollywood news I have today. Anything I missed? Let me know. And I swear I will be making my rounds back to your blogs shortly, I swear being out of town and then getting sick definitely doesn't help anything.

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Oscar time!

Oh the Oscar's. One of my most favoritest days of the year! Seriously, I love the Oscar's. Ah! I just get giddy thinking about it again, haha.

I sort of live blogged but obviously didn't post it but alas that's what today's post is for! So I bring you my recap of the Academy Awards...

Damn I missed most of the red carpet! Thank goodness for websites posting it all manana.

Kaaaate! Okay love the dress, love, love. So chic.

Penelope didn't you wear a dress like that two years ago? Yeah just minus feathers I'm pretty sure you did.

Oh Robert Downey Jr. you look dashing...mmmmdashing.

Ohmygosh is that all of the kids from Slumdog Millionaire?!?! They are so freakin adorable I just want to give them all a hug, squuueeeee in the cuteness!

Oh and Freida seriously you look amazing. Love this, I could never rock it, but you look lovely.

Oh hey Angelina, wearing black today? Why am I not surprised. But hey I guess the green bling is a step in the right direction...I sort of love the bling.

Annnnd on to the show! Yesssss.

Oh hey Hugh, you're awesome please tell me you're going to sing, please!?

Yesss a song! A great montage song! An opening that I can't stop laughing at. Ah Anne! Heart you. Seriously when are you going to do another musical (and please not Ella Enchanted 2)?

"I am Wolverine!" Yes! Best ending ever! haha.

Aw Penelope, congrats. Even though I voted for Amy, you're still pretty good too.

Ohmygosh Tina Fey and Steve Martin, best intro ever. Hilarious.

Helloooooooooooooooooo Rob Pattinson. How are you doing with those smoldering eyes? Yummm. Oh and hey Amanda Seyfried, you look nice too. But seriously, mmmmmRob.

Joaquin Phoenix at the Oscar's? Haha, Ben Stiller yes! Amazing, seriously amazing.

Okay people musicals have been making a comeback for a while, but I always love a good song and dance number.

Aw yay Heath. Yes the tears are streaming. An award he definitely deserved.

Is anyone there not streaming tears? Yeah I don't think so. Even the golden couple are tearing up.

Okay I can't listen to his family talk any more it's making me sob and I'm already on sick meds.

Oooh la la Alicia Keys I want your dress. Va va voom! And that color!? Divine woman, divine.

Only three songs nominated this year and we get a medley? WTF Academy?

How did I just realize that Leo is missing tonight? LEOOOOOOOO, why didn't you come??

Aw Anne Hathaway you are so cute, getting teary whenever the camera is on you or someone mentions your name. Man I want to be your friend.

Okay scratch that, every nominee that gets a mention gets teary, it's sort of endearing.

Seriously Halle Berry do you ever not look stunning?

Sophia what the heck happened to your face? Wowza.

Nicole, what bird did you stuff into your dress? I mean really.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!!!! Oh yes I squealed! And Matt just jumped...and then laughed at me. But ahhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaay Kate! You are amazing. Heart you. Heart!

Adrien Brody what the eff is going on with your hair? And your face? Seriously.

Oh hello Rob, I see you sitting over there behind whatshisface. Having a good night? Man you look dreamy.

Annnd I got it right, Sean for the win. Way to tell all those prop 8 people to shove it.

Next up, waiting for Sean to annouce that he's running for some political office, haha.

Ooooh Robyn Wright Penn you look dashing and such a proud not I have no idea what you guys are any more.

Annnd Slumdog Millionaire for the win!

Oh my gosh those kids are adorable it's making my uterus hurt! Seriously I have no idea what they just said in their speech, but yay!

Ooooooh and previews for this year! Ohgoodgracious I just got so excited. What a great way to end the Oscar's, previews for the year. And of course I'll keep going to the movies Hugh, will you go with me?

And that my friend's is my Oscar recap. Yeah I know I missed a bunch but this post could go on for days, haha. Anyhoo, did you watch the show? What was your favorite part? Favorite winner?

happy tuesday!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cheeseburgers make the weekend go round.

Why hello there freaders. I apologize now if this post is rambling and incoherent because I am currently hopped up on Dayquil, Advil and slept pretty much all day long yesterday. Anyhoo moving on....

Thursday: Woke up early and hopped a flight to Houston. Woo! I was lucky enough to have a middle seat in between a very large man and a very tall guy. Yeah it was awesome (ummmmno). The only good thing that came out of that was that I got to finish reading Confessions of a Shopaholic (which was pretty cute). Once I got to Houston I relaxed in my hotel a bit before heading to a mixer for the Mom 2.0 Summit. I was slightly nervous that I wouldn't know anyone, granted I was there for work, but everyone was so sociable and nice, it was great.

Friday: All day conferencing and hanging out and it was not only informative but good times too. One of the best surprises was that Allison from Confessions of a Cohabitant ended up being there for work also so we got to hang out all weekend which was a nice surprise. After the conference ended for the day there was a big Mardi Gras carnivale party which was a pretty good time.

the four non-married, non-mom PR girls :)

The best part of the night though had to be once most people had left and the Cheeseburger party commenced. Several mom bloggers started a tradition of the Cheeseburger party at BlogHer '07 and have basically kept it going, I went to the one at BlogHer last year and it was so much fun, this one was no exception.

Me, Allison and Brittney rockin the bag hat look

Who doesn't love a good cheeseburger?

I had to get a picture with one of the party planners,
Yvonne from Joy Unexpected, heart her and her blog

oh so many cheeseburgers!

Seriously it was so much fun! Afterwards me and Brittney headed back to Allison's mini apartment, haha. I swear, we felt like celebs! All in all it was a great night.

Saturday: Finished up the conference and flew back to LA with much better sleeping success. However I did start to feel sick which wasn't too hot. Matt and my sister picked me up from the airport and we went straight to Matt's brother's birthday party at his new apartment. I drank wine to try and help the sickness from coming on and it worked for a bit, haha. All in all the party was a good time, the new apartment was great and the people were awesome. Woo.

Sunday: Yeah I woke up feeling like absolute crap. Feverish, achey, sore throat, yeah all of the above. I spent the majority of my day in bed and drinking water, it was awful. Luckily I finally rallied enough to watch the Academy Awards (oh yes that recap is coming tomorrow) granted I still felt like crap, uck. Eventually I just called it a night and hoped I would be good enough to make it to work today, so eh. Apparently I'm just not cut out for busy traveling weekends all the time, haha.

And how was your weekend? Watch the Oscar's? Avoid sickness I hope?

happy monday!

Friday, February 20, 2009

15 things that might rock your socks off

Well hello there!
As you dedicated readers know Katelin is off in Houston doing fun things and because I am THE fantastic little sister, I'm taking over her blog for the day :)
I know, that nearly made you explode with excitement, just try to keep it together until the end.

So, for those of you familiar with the Facebook world, there has been a "25 things" note going around. Once you're tagged, its near unavoidable and alas, you post 25 random things about yourself for all to read. That being said, I've decided to post 15 (becuase 25 is a TON) random things that relate to my sister somehow. It is a definite possibility that I will make your day 15 different times by the end, so get ready.

And we begin...

1. When we were little, we had a variety of pets. When it comes to the turtles we tell two completely different stories. She says we had 2 whereas i am convinced we had 4 that were named after the ninja turtles... To this day I think she's wrong, but I mean... she remembers random things wayyyyyy better than i do.

2. Katelin is the ONLY person I know that doesn't like strawberries.

3. We both have a mild obsession with long tanktops from Old Navy. I'm pretty sure she's stolen some of mine. You suck for that, but I love you cause now I'll buy more :)

4. In our old house, two neighbors of ours across the street had birthdays that were on the 25th day of the month, so we called ourselves "The 25th friends." (January, February, April and November... holler.)

5. I love that she incorporates the word "hark" into conversation almost every time we talk.

6. One day I will get her to get a tattoo with me (I have 4 already and aim for 7 by the time I'm done). I might have to bribe her into it with some lavish gift, but knowing she cant even get her ears pierced, this might be a phenomenal experience.

7. I once thought of asking her to write one of my lit papers for me since I know she's way better at it, but then i thought her response would go something like this: "Hahaha... No." Mean? maybe... typical of an older sister? Definitely.

8. <-- My favorite number :) And my favorite random thing... We were driving home from some event at night, and like 200 yards from our house there was a cat in the middle of the street. It sort of did this dance thing where it was so confused and didn't know which way to go, and like 12 seconds later it finally bolted left. For some reason we thought this was HIlarious and we still laugh about it whenever it comes up. In fact, I'm laughing right now and I'm sure she will when she reads it. Yes, we're that cool :)

9. Packing for her to come home from Denison after graduation was riiiiiidiculous! I've never seen so much stuff fit into 12 suitcases. My flight was delayed 14 hours for some random reason, so good thing I had her pillow.

10. I came home last weekend and made shrimp risotto for the family. I gave her leftovers. She loved it. She told me so. She also just loves leftovers in general.

11. Her 13th birthday party was quite interesting... I won't tell the story now because she might come after me, but it's worth guilting her into telling you.

12. She took me to an O.A.R. concert a while ago and it was amazing. Now, I know all the words and can sing along to every song with her :)

13. When I was a freshman in high school and she was a senior, there was a day when seniors were supposed to pie their freshman siblings. I, being the natural butthead that I am refused and I think she'll hold that over me forever. So in return, I've agreed to get a pedicure with her (I haaaaaate hate hate everything about feet and mine are way ticklish so trust me when I say thats huge...).

14. She looks amazing in blue... and green... and red... and black... and like, everything. curse you older sister! But not :)

15. She and "Le Boy"/Mateo/Bananana/Matt are perfect.

Tadaaaaaaa. 30 minutes later, 15 wonderful things, i fantastic sister. Love love love it all. Hope you all enjoyed that :) You stay classy bloggers... and thanks for stopping by... but mainly, stay classy <3

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Boca, Boca, Boca!

Seriously, I can't just say Boca once, haha.

Anyhoo, moving on. So as you've probably seen around the blogosphere, Boca spa nights have been popping up all over the place and this past Tuesday it popped up in West Hollywood at the Voda Spa.

I was more than excited to go and get pampered and meet some bloggers while doing it. And basically, it was awesome. As soon as I pulled up and parked I met Andrea (who is awesome by the way) and seconds after entering the spa I was attacked (in the best way possible) with hugs from Nicole! Seriously we'd been trying to meet for at least a year and alas it was a free spa night that finally did the trick, haha. Also there was the fabulous Tara (oh and check out her recap of the night here) and it was great to chat and see her too. I also got to hang out and chat with Teresa who was there on behalf of Boca and I met her last year at BlogHer so it was great to see her again and hang out.

My first act of business was dinner. There were Boca sliders that were surprisingly delicious and mango salsa and chips that I pretty much devoured. It was all so delicious and hey, good for me too! Can't go wrong there.

After eating a bit I made my way upstairs to indulge in one of my favorite spa treatments, a pedicure! Seriously, for being so ticklish I love a good pedicure, haha. Anyhoo, it was awesome and Tara even took some pics to document it for me:

The funniest part was that I guess I'm taller than most people that go to this spa because my legs were a little long for the seat I felt a little bad for the lady working on my toes, haha. Oh well, they still turned out awesome, I got a deep red nail polish on them and I am in loooove.

After the pedicure I got a massage. I couldn't tell you how long it was because I was on Cloud 9 the whole time, haha. It was so relaxing and peaceful and oy. Loved it.

another pic by Tara :)

Once the massage was done I hung out a little bit more before going to a mini wellness session where I learned some tips of things to do at work so I can ease some tension in my body, etc. It was pretty nice, granted I tried not to laugh because I can't stay serious most of the time, haha.

And lastly, I got a manicure. I was the last person to get one so I was pretty excited they fit me in even if it went a little past the schedule. But with Nicole and Andrea's input I got dark chocolate brown polish on my nails, a first for me! And I have to say, I sort of love it. So yes Nicole you were totally right, dark and angsty is cute, haha.

Nicole, Me and Andrea showing off the nails :)

When the event was over I got to leave some pretty neat schwag, a Boca yoga mat, some coupons, a planner and a relaxing CD and I definitely plan on using it all.

the Boca schwag table

annnnd the final products

All in all it was such a fun night and I'm so glad I was able to go! I can't wait until another fun LA blogger meetup of sorts, woo.

Oh and I'm headed to Houston for the Mom 2.0 Summit for work so look for me if you're there and come say hi!

But stop by tomorrow where my sister will be popping her blogging cherry and posting on who knows what, haha.

happy thursday!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hollywood is oh so stylish.

Yeah, yeah it's not Tuesday but dangit this blog needs it's weekly dose of Hollywood, so here we go:
  • In today's bebe cuteness we have little Suri Cruise. She apparently made the world stop at Disneyworld with the fam and Tom had professional people there for a photo shoot....umm a bit intense, but man she's still adorable.

  • And what kind of post would this be if there wasn't a second bebe to add to the cuteness!? Blasphemy I say! So without further ado, today's adorable bebe is my fave of faves, little Violet Affleck with her mom on a way to a birthday party. I swear she is never not smiling, such a cute kid.

  • In other cuteness today we have Justin Timberlake. Now I was never an N*Sync fan and I've always been a little eh when it comes to Justin, however lately I just can't help but like him. His stints on SNL always have me crackin up and he seems to be doing some good work with charities. And yeah I guess I can admit that he is kind of good lookin and according to GQ he's America's most stylish guy:

  • You know who else is stylin' these days? Barbie. Not even kidding. Apparently Barbie has a blog and had a runway show and all that jazz. Not gonna lie, I was a wee bit obsessed with Barbies when I was younger and I still get nostalgic every now and then and cross my fingers that one day I'll have a daughter that will like Barbies, haha. Umm back to the point, Barbie's blog. Check. It. Out.

  • Another lady who's been stylin lately is Isla Fisher on her rounds for promoting Confessions of a Shopaholic (which I'm currently reading). Seriously, she's adorable. And everything she's been wearing has just been so cute, I sort of want it all. As simple as it is, I think this outfit may be one of my faves:

    love it.

  • Okay okay and one more lady who's fashion I'm lovin is Rosario Dawson. Seriously I think I just need to go shopping because all of these cute outfits are driving me crazy...but in a good way of course:

    I love this dress and her shoes and her and ah! Love it all.

  • For today's Twilight news (I told you I wasn't done) we've got two things. One. Rob Pattinson. Le swoon.

    he's getting ready to run! haha

    And second. Apparently Madonna is trying to get involved with New Moon, possibly the soundtrack or maybe an actual part. I hope both accounts are wrong. Don't ruin New Moon people, don't do it!

  • And in music news...
    Apparently Paris Hilton not only sings horrible music, she freestyles too? Oh dear, someone save the airwaves.

    Second. I forgot how much I love "Everyday" by Dave Matthews Band. No seriously, it's hard to not have a smile on your face when you listen to this song or even watch the video. It's just so dang happy and I love it.

    And lastly, my ex-music boyfriend (aka Michael Jackson) is apparently auctioning off some of his valuables in April. And ohmygosh some of that stuff is ridiculous. Okay scratch that, all of the stuff is ridiculous. You can check some of out here, but my favorite one has to be an electric cart he used to ride around Neverland Ranchwith that has him painted as Peter Pan on the hood:


  • In Movie news...The Academy Awards are this Sunday!!!! I cannot wait. Seriously, I'm so excited. I hope Kate wins and umm I don't really care about anything else, haha. Man I'm such a nerd. But really, I can't wait.
  • And in TV News...
    Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice. First of all, Shonda. Come on now. Hunt's ex-fiancee? Didn't we already do that with Addison? I mean really, she couldn't be a sister or something? Ugh. Anyhoo, I will say that I was a fan of the extended episode, much better than the crap you pulled last week. And I'm sort of excited for this week's. Derek and Sloane in a fight? It's almost too much drama but man do I love it.

    Brothers and Sisters. Rebecca, stop being lame. Nice to know you Tommy, maybe. The end.

    Desperate Housewives. Did you hear that Edie is leaving? For real this time! I'm sort of sad, because even though I don't loooove her character, she is fun. I say Dave kills her or umm yeah I don't know what else could happen but I bet something with creepy Dave.

    How I Met Your Mother. No there weren't any new episodes, but Matt and I finished Season 1 over the weekend and started Season 2 and I'm pretty sure I laughed through all of it. I love this show so much and you should too.

    Criminal Minds. I love this show but man it freaks me out. Cadavers and wigs and ew and ew and creepy. But yeah I still love the show, haha.

    The City. Umm I sort of deleted last week's episode before I watched it. On purpose. Whoops. I guess I am growing up a bit, that or this show just isn't that exciting.

    Top Model. Comes back a week from today! Holla! I'm picking Tahlia, only because her hair is awesome, haha.

  • And today's WTF story comes to us from across the ocean in good ole London. In case you hadn't heard a 13 year old boy and a 15 year old girl have just become parents! And to top it off the boy looks like he's 8. It's crazy. Even weirder, two other boys have stepped up saying they were the father, it's just bizarre. And I mean why the heck would they be having sex in the first place?! Er I didn't even know a boy could be a dad at 13!? Seriously everything I learned in Health class is wrong! Haha. But no really, so wrong. Ew.

And that my friends is what's happening in crazy ole Hollywood, anything I missed? Any fun sightings? Let me know. Woo.

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fondue is fun.

Why hello there freaders, how was your weekend? As you noticed I didn't blog yesterday because hey it was a holiday adn I could do a day without my computer. Anyhoodle, the long weekend was lovely full of lots of relaxing and cheese and more relaxingness.

Friday: Got to leave work a bit early because our internet was acting up and I work at a company that does everything online so no internet makes the day take a million times longer, oy. So yeah headed out of work early then went home to Matt where neither of us wanted to make anything for dinner so instead we headed to Chili's which was surprisingly delicious. Afterwards we came home, caught up on the DVR, had some wine and basically a lovely night in listening to the rain.

Saturday: Slept in a bit (which is always awesome), did some errands with Matt before taking advantage of some sun and walking around the Rose Bowl with some fam. After walking Matt and I went up to my parent's house for a pre-dinner of sorts since we had some out of town relatives over. It was nice, but the best part of Valentine's Day for me was afterwards when Matt and I finally had time to ourselves. We came home and made some cheese fondue which ohmygoodness was delicious.

Matt gives the gouda two thumbs up, haha

he focusing on melting that cheese just right

annnnd the final product!


After fondue I talked Matt into watching Sixteen Candles (which is one of my faves). And he didn't hate it! Ah, what a great boyfriend. Once the movie was over we just relaxed, drank more wine and watched about 10 episodes of How I Met Your Mother season one, Matt has definitely converted, woo!

Sunday: Slept in yet again (yesssssss), watched more HIMYM and got ready for the day. Once we were ready we headed over to Beverly Hills to see our friend JR in a play. It was pretty entertaining actually and he did a great job. It was definitely a fun way to spend our afternoon. After the play we headed back to the parents house to say bye to the fam. Then came home to make chocolate fondue (yummmmmmy!) and watched more season one of HIMYM, seriously that show is amazing and always makes me laugh.

Monday: Ohmygosh I was a lazy ass. Caught up on the DVR, worked out on the Wii and read a bit. It was the perfect day off. Love it.

And how was your weekend? Do anything fun? Love fondue as much as I do?

happy tuesday!

Friday, February 13, 2009

All lovey dovey and such.

Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day I thought I'd use today's post to get all lovey dovey and mushy on you. But alas, I'm not always the best when it comes to lovey dovey and cutesy so instead I'll share one of the best lovey dovey cutesy mushy movie quotes that you can't help but love or repeat or repost even. But I mean really, what girl wouldn't want a guy to say this to her, really?
Harry: How about this way? I love that you get cold when it's 71 degrees out. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you're looking at me like I'm nuts. I love that after I spend the day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Year's Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

- When Harry Met Sally

I mean really, how could you not swoon to that one? You can't, it's impossible! Anyhoo, hope everyone has a most fantabulous weekend of loveliness. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

happy weekend!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some hotties of Hollywood.

So of course when I got to work on Tuesday and did my morning perusal of one of my fave sites I noticed that almost all of my faves were featured. Of course on Tuesday...after I'd already written and posted my Hollywood post! So alas, today I present you with some of the Hollywood faves lookin their Hollywood best....
  • Apparently actor and musician is not enough for Ryan Gosling, seems like he's adding adorable photographer to the resume as well....

    heart him.

  • The ever quirky and cute RPatz is still enjoying the London life before filming for New Moon begins and I've gotta say, I sort of love the hat look for him, even though his hair is amazing.

    le swoon.

    Maybe I actually just like Brits with beanies? Mmmmmm.

  • Also frolicking around Europe but sans beanie....Leo oh Leo. Although his hair could use a beanie or maybe some tending to, he still looks ever so daper at a charity event in Berlin.


  • Okay apparently everyone is in Europe because Keanu was at the Berlin premiere of his movie The Private Lives of Pippa Lee this week and he actually wore a suit! And nice shoes! (I bet they were both borrowed, haha) And his hair sort of looks brushed! But alas he did not shave, I'm pretty sure he is the most ant-shavingiest guy around. But he's still my fave.


  • And last but in no way least in my list o' faves is Joshua. Apparently he was at Comic-Con in New York doing some promo for Fringe, which by the way, did anyone watch Tuesdays!?!? Oh my goodness I freaking squealed like a little girl! So crazy! And ummmwhy is it on hiatus til April!?!? Not cool at all. Okay back to Josh. He just looks so nice and great and gets along well with costars, always a plus. So ummmyeah here's Josh in all his awesome at Comic-Con.

    so cute!
And that my friends are the faves of Thursday. Aren't they just so cute and hot and awesome and ah this post just made me swoon.

Hi Matt, I love you!

happy thursday!