Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Oscar time!

Oh the Oscar's. One of my most favoritest days of the year! Seriously, I love the Oscar's. Ah! I just get giddy thinking about it again, haha.

I sort of live blogged but obviously didn't post it but alas that's what today's post is for! So I bring you my recap of the Academy Awards...

Damn I missed most of the red carpet! Thank goodness for websites posting it all manana.

Kaaaate! Okay love the dress, love, love. So chic.

Penelope didn't you wear a dress like that two years ago? Yeah just minus feathers I'm pretty sure you did.

Oh Robert Downey Jr. you look dashing...mmmmdashing.

Ohmygosh is that all of the kids from Slumdog Millionaire?!?! They are so freakin adorable I just want to give them all a hug, squuueeeee in the cuteness!

Oh and Freida seriously you look amazing. Love this, I could never rock it, but you look lovely.

Oh hey Angelina, wearing black today? Why am I not surprised. But hey I guess the green bling is a step in the right direction...I sort of love the bling.

Annnnd on to the show! Yesssss.

Oh hey Hugh, you're awesome please tell me you're going to sing, please!?

Yesss a song! A great montage song! An opening that I can't stop laughing at. Ah Anne! Heart you. Seriously when are you going to do another musical (and please not Ella Enchanted 2)?

"I am Wolverine!" Yes! Best ending ever! haha.

Aw Penelope, congrats. Even though I voted for Amy, you're still pretty good too.

Ohmygosh Tina Fey and Steve Martin, best intro ever. Hilarious.

Helloooooooooooooooooo Rob Pattinson. How are you doing with those smoldering eyes? Yummm. Oh and hey Amanda Seyfried, you look nice too. But seriously, mmmmmRob.

Joaquin Phoenix at the Oscar's? Haha, Ben Stiller yes! Amazing, seriously amazing.

Okay people musicals have been making a comeback for a while, but I always love a good song and dance number.

Aw yay Heath. Yes the tears are streaming. An award he definitely deserved.

Is anyone there not streaming tears? Yeah I don't think so. Even the golden couple are tearing up.

Okay I can't listen to his family talk any more it's making me sob and I'm already on sick meds.

Oooh la la Alicia Keys I want your dress. Va va voom! And that color!? Divine woman, divine.

Only three songs nominated this year and we get a medley? WTF Academy?

How did I just realize that Leo is missing tonight? LEOOOOOOOO, why didn't you come??

Aw Anne Hathaway you are so cute, getting teary whenever the camera is on you or someone mentions your name. Man I want to be your friend.

Okay scratch that, every nominee that gets a mention gets teary, it's sort of endearing.

Seriously Halle Berry do you ever not look stunning?

Sophia what the heck happened to your face? Wowza.

Nicole, what bird did you stuff into your dress? I mean really.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!!!! Oh yes I squealed! And Matt just jumped...and then laughed at me. But ahhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaay Kate! You are amazing. Heart you. Heart!

Adrien Brody what the eff is going on with your hair? And your face? Seriously.

Oh hello Rob, I see you sitting over there behind whatshisface. Having a good night? Man you look dreamy.

Annnd I got it right, Sean for the win. Way to tell all those prop 8 people to shove it.

Next up, waiting for Sean to annouce that he's running for some political office, haha.

Ooooh Robyn Wright Penn you look dashing and such a proud wife....er not wife...er I have no idea what you guys are any more.

Annnd Slumdog Millionaire for the win!

Oh my gosh those kids are adorable it's making my uterus hurt! Seriously I have no idea what they just said in their speech, but yay!

Ooooooh and previews for this year! Ohgoodgracious I just got so excited. What a great way to end the Oscar's, previews for the year. And of course I'll keep going to the movies Hugh, will you go with me?

And that my friend's is my Oscar recap. Yeah I know I missed a bunch but this post could go on for days, haha. Anyhoo, did you watch the show? What was your favorite part? Favorite winner?

happy tuesday!


cavy said...

i missed the actual broadcast BUT caught up with the help of youtube! and of course your post :)

as much as i enjoy the corny tween songs of high school musical, i thought the zac/vanessa bit in the musical number was a bit much. and what was up with zac's hair?!

kate winning was def the highlight - i love her shoutout to meryl haha :)

insomniaclolita said...

LOL mmmrob for me toooo

Dolce said...

I love angelina's dress. What can I say? 90% of my closet is black too!

San said...

Definitely loved that Kate and Sean won the Oscars for best actress/actor. Both deserved it so much!

Also loved that "The Duchess" got the Oscar for best costume design. Because the costumes in the movie are, indeed, amazing. Have you seen it?
But why wasn't Keira Knightley nominated for her performance? She was awesome!

*jimaie.marie* said...

haha ohhhh Rrrroooob. *sigh* yeah he TOTALLY stole mickey whats his names spotlight. silly them for seating him behind that dude! ;D ha

go check out one of my favorite favorite bloggers "side blog"-Inappropriate Twilight Obsession LOL! This post? so funny:

A Super Girl said...

I too loved Alicia Keys's dress and the previews. What a great way to end the show!

Amanda. said...

I totally forget about Edward Cullen making an appearance! He looked like
such a vamp. Rawr.

I heart the Oscars. Anne was such a gem!

And yess...those little Slumdog kiddies were awesome.

Andrea said...

I really loved Sarah Jessica Parker's dress. I liked the vintage-y look of it. Her boobs were out of control, though.

I just got your invite for Friday! And I did not know it was going to be on Friday; I can't make it! Coincidentally (or not so much,) my company *won* the Oscar for Best Visual Effects (http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/news/e3i960f99882041b1078e1159b374b33e5e) and we have a mini-celebration planned for Friday night. Sorry to miss out on the gaming fun! Next time, though.

Anonymous said...

Great recap - I loved the dresses this year... they were all to die for, especially SJP's!

Maxie said...

is there anyone in the world that doesn't love Katie. Seriously. she's fab.

sarahbelledotcom said...


i didn't get to watch the oscars, so this was a fabulous little recap!

so happy for kate. she's so adorable.

Gemini said...

Well that re-cap was better than the oscars this year :) HA! My favorite part was teh opening act with Hugh. Hugh knew... JK ... get it... who knew? Ok, I'm done. Your post made me delerious.

Dana said...

Kate looked beautiful at the Oscars.. she look great and seems soooooo down to earth!

Playful Professional said...

I loved the opening number!! And really the entire thing was just incredibly entertaining.

kyle radcliff a.ka. Tastay said...
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Bayjb said...

I did really love the kids from Slumdog. They were too cute for words. I'm so glad they were able to be there.

kyle a.k.a Tastay said...

since i am a man and katelin's brother i didnt really watch the Oscars but i did watch a few seconds in the beginning, i liked the part when hugh jackman said " yeah i am a Australian and i played an Australian in a movie called Australia.." i thought it was funny but since i am a guy none of the ladies probably think it is that funny cause you all looking at how handsome he was like everyone says.

- kyle a.k.a Tastay

Jen said...

I loved Alicia Keys' dress and I'm really kicking myself for leaving her off my best dressed list. She looked stunning.

And Rob...I seriously can't stop thinking about him. I think he may have even replaced Leo on my top 3. Too bad Leo didn't come. I never get tired of seeing him in a tux.

PS I have something for you at my place. Stop by to check it out.

Auburn Kat said...

My fav of the night was Natalie Portman, I just love her! I was very happy that Kate won the Oscar, she definitely deserved it!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Great recap - I am so in love with Kate Winslet!

Lauren said...

Wonderful re-cap! I love how it was live blogged.

Samir informed me that our kids will look like the Slumdog kids. My reaction: "Stop talking about kids. Wait. You're Indian. You're right. OUR KIDS WILL BE SO CUTE."

I'm awful sometimes.