Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today is "Talk like a Pirate Day." I think I knew this, but I'm not really sure. I only just saw this on TMZ and my coworker told me earlier this morning. I vaguely remember people walking around Denison dressed from head to toe in pirate attire and going "argh matey" as they passed people (oh college). Maybe I should get into the spirit and answer the phones saying "Arrrrgh what be your business?" Haha. If only. Well since I can't do that, I guess I'll just share a picture of two of my(and probably everyone else's) favorite pirates Jack Sparrow and Will Turner (yum):


Margo said...

I was always sort of weirded out by those two or three people who would dress up like pirates. I mean, it's the second week of school and that's an awfully bold fashion decision. Or maybe I was just weirded out by those people in general...because they were sorta weird.