Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A short and sweet day in Hollywood.

So yeah I haven't really kept up with Hollywood so much this week (crazy I know!) and like I said, I'm sort of taking an internet break, sort of. So basically today's post is super short and sweet so here we go.
  • Bringing out all sorts of cuteness are those oh so freaking adorable Garner girls. I mean really I may have squealed when I first saw these pictures they're so cute.


    aw is that not adorable.

  • Also bringing in major cuteness, the whole Madden-Richie family. I mean seriously they are just so cute and chic and cool together and I lurve it.

    heart them.

  • Moving on from the cuteness here's some Hollywood news...
    Charlie Sheen got arrested for allegedly pulling a knife on his wife on Christmas, yeah that's a winner move....Tyra Banks announced that she's ending her talk show next Spring (but thank goodness Top Model is staying)...Jude Law and Sienna Miller spent Christmastime at the beach together, oooh la la...and the Obama's are spending some holiday time in Hawaii (can I come too please??)

  • Sherlock Holmes and Avatar helped bring in a kick ass weekend in theaters over Christmas weekend and I still have yet to see either, but hopefully I'll see Sherlock soon.

And that's all we've got today kids, I'll find some better Hollywoodness for next week for sure. Let me know if I missed anything big?

happy tuesday!


*~Dani~* said...

Wow! That second Garner girl is the spitting image of Ben.

Andrea said...

"Yeah that's a winner move." hahaha I love you.

ashalah said...

Those Garner girls are adorable. :) Is it bad I didn't know Nicole Richie was even having a second baby?

Andhari said...

I love the Madden-Richie, to have a mom that fabulous. WOW.

ps. you have to see Avatar! I LOVE IT :)

thatShortChick said...

Charlie Sheen completely creeps me out. what is up with that dude?!

LiLu said...

I heard Sherlock was bad... so hoping that's not true! Mama needs her eye candy!

stealthnerd said...

I saw Sherlock a few days after Christmas and it was AWESOME!!!! You totally need to see it!!