Thursday, December 16, 2010

My hand hurts.*


100+ cards later and I think my hand might fall off. But it's all for thank yous/holiday cards so it's totally worth it. But my goodness I need a ghost writer or another hand especially because there are still more to go. Oy freaking vey.

Send happy hand thoughts my way (that sounds so dirty, but I swear it's not).

*Matt's hand hurts too, we're both writing machines and it's just ridiculous and fun and oy.

happy thursday!


Jen said...

"Happy hand thoughts" sounds just as creepy as you might think, haha.

I'm just super pumped that one of those [presumably] is for meeeee!

I love mail - mail's my favorite.

Sara said...

I was like that when it came to our wedding invitations due to all the assembly required. And the cutting, my forearm hurt for two days! We only had 65 of those to make but still. Christmas cards though were a breeze, sent 60 wedding photo cards with a holiday greeting! I was lazy and did not write anything on the card this year since the holiday well wishes were already printed on and so were our names. I figured I earned that lazy luxury due to all the wedding stuff I did. No? Okay, well then I'm just lazy. Want to see the Christmas card? It's on my blog!

Aryudha said...

I love mail - mail's my favorite.

Dmarie said...

*grin* cute post!

Rock said...

Congratulations on being a Blog of Note!

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Susan said...

That's what I did all day today! My hand is killing me too.

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2010 said...

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