Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Everyone likes a contest, even Ryan Cabrera.

So remember a while back when I said I didn't like Ryan Cabrera's new look? Yeah I'm still not a huuuuge fan, but after hearing him on the radio this morning I remember why I used to love him. Yeah I said it, I was a fan, heck I was a huge fan. I played "On the Way Down" more times than I can count and probably drove my roommates crazy in the process, haha. I even went to his very first headlining concert when he performed in Columbus the night of the presidential election and it was amazing (Papa Joe was even there, haha). Anyhoo, point being, I still love Ryan and his music and his personality, he just cracks me up. So I highly recommend you check out his new single "Say" and probably his whole CD May 13, it's probably going to be awesome. Yeah I said it, awesome.

Now moving on...

So several bloggers have been posting stuff about Paying it Forward (and no not the movie, eck) and sharing stories of good things people have done for them or what they've done for other people. So I posted one of the best accounts of random kindness I have ever encountered over at Brandy's blog and I wanted to share it again here:

A couple years ago when I was on my way back to California from Ohio I had the worst plane debacle ever, where I got rerouted, detoured and deplaned several times and ultimately got stuck in Houston. I then learned that I couldn't leave until about 8 the next morning (this was about 6 at night). And I couldn't help it, I started to cry as I talked to my dad on the phone, it was awful. I think I even started crying when I talked to Matt on the phone too, I was a mess. An older couple was sitting right across from me and was having the same ordeal of trying to get back to LA and saw me and my multiple break downs. Ultimately we all rebooked our flights together, but I just couldn't stop sobbing. After I got off the phone we talked a bit and then they decided to leave and go get a hotel room. But before they left the guy came over and gave me 20$ to make sure I could get something to eat. I had money and I told him I was okay, but he insisted. It was seriously one of the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for me. And if he's out there, thank you :)

And with that being shared I want to ask you all, what's the nicest thing someone has done for you or that you've done for someone else? Share your stories. I'll pick one (or two) people's stories to share and send them some schnazzy prize, woot. Contest ends Friday. Good luck and can't wait to hear your stories!

and happy wednesday!


Lacey Bean said...

So the summer after I graduated college (2005) I decided it would be a smart idea to be in a long distance relationship (NY to cali) with a Marine. Ha!

Needless to say that didn't wind up working out, but that summer my grandmother was very sick, and was living in Arizona, so I didnt see her often. I was scheduled to go out to Cali to visit the Marine, and my Dad let me know that I may want to take a trip out to Arizona while I was there, because it may be the last time I saw my grandmother.

I told the Marine about it, and that I would probably take a shuttle flight down there for a day. He wanted to hear nothing of it, and insisted on driving me the 4+ hours EACH WAY to and from Arizona so I could see my grandmother.

He did it, and I got to see her fot the last time, because she died two days later.

Nicest thing ever done for me, even though he turned out to be a d-bag afterwards.

California Girl said...

Aww, this is so sweet! I'd have to think about the nicest thing someone's done for me... Well, in light of your story I have a plane saga. I was flying back from Vegas to San Diego and had my car keys in my pocket (odd). When I went through security I unloaded the keys into the tray. I made it onto my flight, all good. About 20 minutes into the flight, I all of a sudden realized that I did not have my keys on me!! Holy shit, I left them in the x-ray tray. There were two nice guys sitting next to me, who were so concerned about my situation. We landed in San Diego, and I was going to call United in Las Vegas, but my cell phone was out of battery. Ack!! So they lent me their cell phone. What sweethearts... and waited while I went through telling the story to a number of people in Vegas. I finally talked to a lady, who really went against the rules, and put my keys in a box on the next flight, which was later that night. I called a good friend of mine to pick me up from the airport, and we went to dinner and hung out until the next flight came in. Seriously, without the help of those guys on the plane, the nice lady in Vegas, and my dear friend in San Diego, I don't know how I would have solved that situation.

The Ex said...

The nicest thing anyone ever did for me is similar to yours. I was young, maybe 12 or so and I was flying to LA to spend the whole summer with my aunt. I was SO EXCITED and not scared one bit about flying alone. My mom and grandparents were terrified though and had thoroughly stressed with the airline that I was not to be left alone and I needed an escort and they (Southwest) assured her I would be taken care of.

We had a stop in Phoenix and I was supposed to stay on the plane and then head straight to LA but when we stopped in Phoenix I found out my flight had been cancelled. They announced which flight we would all be taking and what gate to go to. Nobody from the airline helped me and I had no way of telling my mom and my aunt that my flight was delayed. I was hungry, I was thirsty and I didn’t want anyone to worry about me. I sat at my new gate area and started crying but still no one from the airline came to help me.

A few rows over were a group of businessmen and women travelling together. They came over, sat with me, gave me money to use the payphone (this was before cell phones!) and even bought me something to eat. Eventually we boarded the flight and they insisted that I sit with them and then they all gave me their peanuts.

When we got to LA they deplaned with me and made sure someone was there to pick me up before they left for whatever important business they had.

I know it’s not that much but I’m just glad that they saw me having some trouble and helped. A lot of people wouldn’t do that.

Jenn said...

Your story really is nice. I would have been breaking down if that happened to me too though.

The nicest thing any one has done for me? Well, I'm a huge anatomy fan as I'm sure you know by now. Last summer I had the opportunity to go to a cadaver lab for massage therapists at a university near by. Unfortunately, you had to have graduated from massage therapy school already and I wasn't. I had the highest gpa in my class though. I brought this to their attention and told them about previous cadaver labs and even had my teachers write letters of recommendation.

They eventually let me register, only if I could come up with the $250 fee. Ugh. Bummer. My school schedule only allowed me to have a part-time job and I wasn't making very much as a temp. So I sulked because I worked hard to get in, but couldn't afford to go.

My mom, knowing how passionate I was, gave me the $250 along with a sweet card supporting me and telling me to tell her all about it! This was exceptionally nice because she had just been laid off and couldn't find another job. She was tight on cash but still shared a couple hundred with me so I could go see dead bodies. She's pretty swell.

Dana said...

That was really nice of that man - sometimes strangers do the nicest things!

I bought coffee and food for a man at a diner - he looked hungry! I sent it over without telling him who bought it for him!

I have another story but I think I'm going to use your idea and post about it on my blog!! (if you don't mind)

Dolce said...

What a nice man!!! I can't think of anything I have "paid it foward". It's probably something I should work on.

saray said...

i tagged you

Sarah Marie said...

Aww...that's a really sweet story. It's always good to spread the nice stories and memories rather than the usual doom and gloom.

just me said...

The nicest thing a guy has ever done for me was not be a douchebag. least for a few weeks.

Wickedly Scarlett said...

Ryan Cabrera looks like he somehow morphed into Cisco Adler. And that is not a good thing!!

But your airport story is just the sweetest every! If it's okay, I'll link to my story so I don't have to retype it all here, for I am the laziest human alive.

Julie Q said...

one of my husbands frat bros missed our wedding ceremony so he could drive back to the hotel and pick up the wedding programs I had spent 3 weeks making myself, that had been left behind when everyone was heading to the site. even though the programs were passed out to about 3 people during cocktail hour, the fact that he knew it was important for me to have them there.. was SUCH a nice gesture and I'll always remember it. Plus its funny now that I think about how pissed I was about the programs not being there. Can't sweat the small stuff!!! And wedding programs are kinda pointless ;)

Anonymous said...

the kindness of some people is so lovely sometimes!
my story, the same i told brandy isn't much...but it made me feel good.

this past valentine's day, a friend of mine at work asked me about my plans. being single, i said something about curling up and watching a movie. He just looked at me and said "Now why hasn't some guy realized what a great catch you are and snapped you up?"

it made my day!

Sarah Marie said...

p.s. I love your celebrity gossip! I have to admit, I buy those trashy celeb magazines at the grocery store.

Nanette said...

Awww, what a great story of a stranger being nice!

I'll have to think of the nicest something did for me, but I do have an example of me doing something nice. It's too long to type, so check it out here:

Anonymous said...

I got in an accident at the beginning of December. It was something that could be fixed in one day, but it cost $1800. I was so bummed because of Christmas coming up. My mom sent me a $1200 check which was really nice of her because she doesn't have a lot of money. When people do stuff like that for me, I'm always so touched that I cry.

Ashley said...

That is actually a cool photo of Ryan.

And what a sweet story. So refreshing to read something like that! Now I'm going to go read all of your comments and check out all of the other stories too. :) great idea!

Anonymous said...

Aw, old people are the sweetest :)

molly said...

i love hearing stories of random acts of kindness! :)

probably the best one someone ever did for me was about a year ago. my friends and i were (are!) huge arlo guthrie fans and wanted really badly to meet him. after the show, this guy we hardly knew who was really well-connected and had a backstage pass told us to follow him. he went backstage and we followed. one of the security guards said we could stay backstage but we had to stay in a certain area. so we were standing backstage freaking out about how excited we were just to be backstage when the guy from before motioned for us to follow him and he took us into arlo guthries dressing room and introduced us! it was the greatest thing that's ever happened to me..

haha anyway, thats my story.