Friday, April 18, 2008

What a Wicked week! (say that three times fast)

So as I mentioned yesterday and all the days leading up to Tuesday, I just experienced the most whirlwind vacation ever, but man was it amazing. So basically the trip went something like this:
Tuesday I got in to NC at like 5ish. So we headed off to get dinner (because apparently airlines charge for food now, boo!) and got some fabulous Mexican food where there also happened to be a 2.50 margarita special (woo!) so of course we got some

After that we headed to a wine bar and had some $4 dollar wine (yes we love cheap alcohol, haha) and chatted for a bit. Then we decided to head back to Jen's place and hang for the night. Well we started off the night watching some of our favorite shows (Biggest Loser, Idol, SVU) on Jen's fantabulous TV (yes I am in love) and then decided that we should probably start drinking, haha. So drinking War it was:

I didn't want to give Jen my last Ace

Yeah Jen kicked my ass

but i still love her :)

And after playing war (or during, I don't really remember) and all our shows were done we got the crazy idea to check out HSN and QVC.
Yeah and I got the bright idea to do some bra demonstration, haha

And even better, after comparing our skills to the presenters we tried our darndest to get on the air with them. Yes we called QVC and HSN, haha. Sadly we couldn't get past the people that answered the phones, our questions weren't good enough. However I did ask why they didn't have laptops in purple and the lady on the other line was like "I know Honey, purple is my favorite color too and they never make them, it's such a shame." Haha, we rock.

Since QVC and HSN let us down we decided to do the next best thing: Karaoke. Yes, Jen's TV has a karaoke channel. It is amazing. Just ask Kiki, she got a fabulous serenade, haha.

yeah we weren't very good, haha

Other than that we did a whole lot of chit chatting and hanging out and it was fabulous. And Jen does own the one cat that I'm not deathly allergic to and is just super cute.

Jen and Ollliiiie :)

After our wild and crazy night we decided to finally hit the hay. Woke up late on Wednesday and basically lounged around all morning. Finally we decided to venture out late in the afternoon and got some ice cream and walked around a nearby park, it was lovely.

After a lovely afternoon in the park talking about dogs and life and work and our futures (we're deep like that, haha) it was time to get back to her place and get ready to make the trek to see Wicked!! Now if you haven't been reading my blog a while you should know that my obsession to Wicked goes back to last year. I saw it in LA last year and was sold, I love it, I'm obsessed, I want to be Elphaba, all of the above, haha. So when Jen offered that I come out to NC and see it again, yeah it wasn't that tough of a decision, haha. Jen had never seen it so I was just as excited for her (yes I am a weirdo, haha). So we got ready and hopped in her car for the two hour trek.

Finally we got there early and hung outside and explored the area, it was fabulous.

waiting outside for the doors to open

the map of OZ, eeeeee

Jen and I before the show, man I was so excited

So basically the show was just as good as I imagined and I had to seriously hold back from singing every song, haha. The whole production was just as good as the one I saw in LA because it was an official Broadway touring, so basically it rocked. And Jen, who does not like the Wizard of Oz, really enjoyed it! Woo! So basically my note to you, if you've never seen Wicked, get to it!

So the show didn't end til about 11 and we drove two hours back to Jen's place and then stayed up a bit watching TV and hanging out some more before heading to bed. Then before I knew it my alarm was going off and we were out to the door and I was back on a plane and back at work, haha.

So that was my trip, and now I'm just tired rereading it, haha. Anyhoo, it's Friday and there is work to be done. So hope you all have a fabulous Friday! If you're in LA, enjoy the sun! Ah it's glorious!

happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I can't get past the fact that Jen does not like the Wizard of Oz.


LBIC said...

haha that's great. I love the karaoke on oxygen on demand. My favorites are stand by your man. Or baby got back. lol

glad you had a fantabulous time and have a great weekend!

Valerie said...


I love picture posts! Thank yooooouuuuuuu!

Dana said...

Looks like everyone had a blast!! Looked like fun!!

Happy Friday!

Laurie said...

I love Wicked! How fun - very cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

You gals seem like you had a really great time! Enjoy your weekend.

Julie said...

Looks like you had such a good time!
Glad you're back.

And yea WTF with Airlines charging for food...


Matt said...

you cant beat $4 wine and the karoake channel...

you just cant.

Kiera said...

I've read Wicked, but I have yet to see the play. I want so it so badly.

I wish I could find a place that sold 2.50 margaritas. I would be in heaven, haha.

Dolce said...

What and Awesome, awesome week!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

1. I've played drinking War before - fun!
2. That TV is sweeeet.
3. Her cat looks sooo much like my old cat...that makes me miss him! :(

Sounds like an awesome trip. I saw Wicked in New York a few years back and loved it!

Jenn said...

I'm glad you had such a fun trip!

Playful Professional said...

Wicked is incredible. I'm glad you loved it.

Adele said...

wow looks like you had loadsa fun lol!
Ive never watched wicked!! one of my best mates is obsessed with it... maybe i should watch it lol... i went to see Rent on broadway i loved itx

aschlee said...

yay for girly hangouts :)you two look like you had so much fun.

Des said...

I'm so jealous you went to see Wicked! :)

"Dancing through life...."

Julie Q said...

love the pics, and i was cracking up at the QVC thing.. aw man wicked is totally the next play I want to see!!

nat said...

Sounds like you had a ball. I can't wait to see Wicked. The season has just started here. I am just waiting till my having to pay for my car rego is over with so I can buy tickets. I have been wanting to see it for ages. Getting excited now!!

Anonymous said...

a girl at my work just came back to part time it...and can i say she looks EXACTLY like you?!

also: sounds like you had a fab weekend. (i love karaoke! shhhh...)

L Sass said...

What a perfect girls' birthday weekend! That is what I am doing THIS weekend (for my friends' birthdays, not mine) and I cannot wait.

glamour girly said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! I wish I were there!

Lauren said...

I'm super envious! I hear Wicked is amazing. When it came to Florida, tickets sold out in appx. an hour. Crazy, right? Maybe one day i'll get to see it!

Kayleigh said...

Your trip sounded super fun! I love vacation recap posts complete with pictures...speaking of, I gotta get on that!!!

And Wicked?! Ohmygosh, seriously amazing. I want to see it again!!