Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hollywood is where the wild things are.

Why hello there Tuesday. How are you today? Well I hope. Plenty of Hollywood scoop for me? Okay well let's go then. Woo.
  • To start off this week's Hollywood post we have some uber cute bebes. Kingston and Zuma are seriously adorable rockin mom's sunglasses, I mean really, could they be any cuter???

    so cute!

  • This week's other cute bebe is a birthday girl. She's not technically a celebrity but you should be reading her dad's blog. Little Madeline Logelin has captured my heart and I hope to one day meet her and Matt, but in the meantime, happy first birthday Madeline! :)

    so precious!

  • Also cute and adorable? Ryan Reynolds. Oh yes. I went there, haha. He's been lying low lately and seriously he is just so dashing in this pic I had to post it:


  • Also looking extremely good these days and every day....one of my newer crushes, Neil Patrick Harris. Apparently I should own the newest copy of GQ because it's got Rob Pattinson on the cover and NPH on the inside, woo.

    haha, love it.
  • In more serious and sad news, unless you are living in a hole you saw the story that Natasha Richardson passed away last Wednesday. I can't say that I'd seen a ton of her work besides the new Parent Trap movie but that doesn't make her passing any less sad. She was a great actress, a mom, a wife, a sister and a daughter and it is truly sad to see her go.

  • In happier news, apparently this past weekend was the weekend for people to tie the knot and get married. Bruce Willis married his girlfriend (with Demi and Ashton at the wedding), Dave Letterman married his girlfriend of ten years (and mother of his son), Danica McKellar (aka Winnie Cooper) married her longtime boyfriend and singer Natasha Bedingfield wed her boyfriend in Malibu. Apparently getting married was the thing to do last weekend. Congrats to all the new couples!

  • It was also the weekend of injuries with both Lance Armstrong and Matt Lauer involved in some serious bicycle injuries. Matt hit a deer while riding and may or may not require surgery while Lance broke his collarbone while riding in a race in Spain. Yikes to both injuries!

  • Oh totally unrelated, remember Aretha Franklin's infamous inauguration hat? Yeah how could you forget that one. Well apparently for Aretha's birthday the hat made a comeback:


  • In movie news...
    Twilight oh Twilight! It sold three million copies on it's first day! Yeah I and I definitely contributed to that one. Where did you get your copy? I got mine from Target and it's a three disc edition, gotta love it.

    Also in movie news, the first screen shots from Where the Wild Things Are have made it to the internet. I can't say I looooved the book growing up but I definitely was a fan and this movie has me intrigued. Check out the full story here.

  • In TV news...
    Fringe. Seriously still not back yet, I can't take it! I need some Josh on TV! In the meantime I have to enjoy random shots of him around NYC:

    mmmmm. Heart him.

    Brothers and Sisters. AH! Ryan, what the eff? Get out of the Walker house. You are annoying me to no end. And seriously, Holly is so suspicious I can't buy any of it. But man I love this show and why is it on hiatus until April!? Seriously people. Not cool.

    Desperate Housewives. Okay so I knew Edie was going to die but I didn't think it would happen now! Such a good episode, so much suspense, I was seriously on edge. I was also laughing hysterically over Gaby's antics, haha love them.
    Top Model. Oh man this season is good. I wasn't too sad to see Nijah go but man Allison freaks me out. I know she can't help having big eyes but gah, it's freaky! Anyhoo the episode was pretty good and as I've said in the past, check out this blog for a hilarious recap.

  • And in today's WTF news, apparently pregnant women becoming men is the new thing. A woman in the process of becoming a man has become pregnant...with twins!! Seriously, those kids may have some issues. Just sayin.

    Oh oh also one more WTF...Lindsay Lohan's new commercial for Fornaria. It's ridiculous and hilarious and amazing all in one. Check. It. Out.

And that my friends is what's happenin in Hollywood lately. Did I miss anything? Let me know.

happy tuesday!


rialeilani said...

glad you got your twilight copy! :)

Mandy said...

I didnt know they were making Where The Wild Things Are into a movie -- off to check it out now.

kay* said...

oh my gosh. i just learned about edie dying by reading it here..i haven't watched dh in a while but that is an episode i'd like to catch!

Laurie said...

I love it all - the cute babies, cute boys. And I just LOL'd seeing NPH - that's all it takes apparently. I just watched last week's HIMYM - the "suitjamas" one:)

Maxie said...

ryan reynolds is so freakin adorable.

Amandaaa said...

I loved Where The Wild Things Are. Max was such a cool kid. I'm pretty pumped!

Hollywood babies-gasp. How I loveee.
ALMOST as much as I love me some Joshua Jackson. I seriously get
so angry that I never see him around
the streets of Manhattan. Pshh.
And Ryan Reynolds and NPH...hollla.

Ughh. The Natasha Richardson thing
is seriously so awful. I can't even take it.

A Super Girl said...

Here in Detroit, where Aretha's hat was made, we've had news stories about how orders for it are piling in to the milliner who made it. Which is cool.

Also, I've totally met the guy to the left of her in that picture. He wouldn't remember me, but I remember him :-)

And finally, the hiatus for B&S and Grey's is just plain ridiculous. Whatever happened to two hiatuses -- during the holidays and during the summer? I'm sick of all these random mid-season hiatuses networks take.

rs27 said...

How do you hit a deer riding a bike.



Playful Professional said...

I definitely added to that as well. I'm watching the specials features right now and loving it. Anything new Twilight related is right up my alley.

Bayjb said...

Zuma is crazy adorable. He will look just like his mama.

Anonymous said...

That's a HOT picture of Josh Jackson... mmm.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i think madeline is a celebrity!

Lexiloo said...

there was an article about your boyfriend josh in my little commuter newspaper yesterday and I thought of you when I saw it!