Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This year's birthday wishlist, woo!

It's one month until my birthday people, ONE MONTH! Ah! I'm so excited! Seriously I love birthdays so much (especially my own) and I cannot wait for mine. My plans are almost finalized and the evites will be going out soonish but in the mean time I figured with one month to go I could share my ideal birthday list with you all, because really, who doesn't love a good birthday list. Anyhoo here it is:

This amazingly awesome mug
I mean how could you not love it?
Reading is soooooo zexy.

An Iphone
Granted I've been told to wait til the Summer
when a new one comes out, but a girl can dream
can't she?

I just got this poster for my friend
and I sort of want it for myself
it's just so cute and so true.

How I Met Your Mother Season 3
Do I need a reason?
This show is amazing. And I need it.

This fabulous Elisa Peretti "K" necklace
from Tiffany's.

A belt.
Simple I know.
But the only one I own is a guy's belt,
so I should probably get a little more feminine.


Rob Pattinson to serenade me "happy birthday"

yes that would all be lovely.

And that my friends is this year's birthday wish list, wish being the key word there, haha. Anything you think I should add? Maybe grab a drink with Ryan Gosling? A guest spot in New Moon? My own personal driver?

Yeah that'd be nice.

Anyhoo, happy almost birthday to meeeee, woo!

happy wednesday!


Susan said...

Happy almost birthday! I love how I met your mother, that is a good one and I also want an iPhone too.

Maxie said...

If by change the real life jason segel comes with that dvd feel free to pass him my way

Anonymous said...

That mug is pretty awesome.


Angela said...

If your birthday is in a month, then that's basically summer, so you can get the phone!

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted that necklace! I know that it sucks, but you can wait on the phone!

thatShortChick said...

i LOVE that mug!!!

Mermanda said...

I have the Reading is Sexy t-shirt from the same artist. I had to have it after seeing Rory wear it on an episode of Gilmore Girls. I am very cool.

d said...

So, my friend got us those necklaces as a bridesmaid gift for her wedding and I lost my 'd' last summer :(

I was doing a ton of traveling and at some point either in Hawaii, New York or Atlanta, I left it in a hotel room. Boo hoo.

Lauren said...

I just got an iPhone and I think i'm in love. GET ONE GET ONE GET ONE!!!

La Petite Chic said...

Oooh, I love your list! I would love one of those necklaces too :)

Amandaaa said...

Haha. The serenade is my favorite!
Can I be present if that wish were to come true? Thanks!

My friend has the K necklace. She loves it...and you would toooo.

Wishes are great-I hope some of them
come true. (especially some of the real big ones!)

Jamie said...

fabulous wishlist!

I'll tell my boyfriend he needs to sing you happy birthday ;)

Esther said...

Oh my, isn't that Rob Pattinson dreamy! Time to Google him!!

And Happy almost-Birthday!! You know we do get a whole birth month, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

We have such similar tastes! I had to have How I Met Your Mother - 3rd season and my brother bought it for me for Christmas and I still haven't watched it... I have to get on the ball!

Oh and I want that mug sooo bad!

Playful Professional said...

I'll just call my best buddy Edward and see if he wants to give you a singing to.

delicious aka tastay said...

i was looking up some stuff online i found out that your b day is national red hat day so were a red hat o and that guy from twilight ican get him i got some connections

Julie Q said...

i want an iPhone too!! And yeah, I have a Keep Calm and Carry On poster and its so worth buying because I get pumped every time I see it (or get.. calm rather)

Bayjb said...

Oh I have some extra Edward that I'm not using, I'll package it up for you. Love that mug.

nicoleantoinette said...

I love all things Elsa Peretti. And that mug? is perfect for your lunch time :)

san said...

You got tagged.

I love your birthday wish-list... some of this could have been on my wishlist two weeks ago. Hehe.

♥ Tiffany ♥ said...

love the mug but DONT wait on the phone. There isn't a new phone this summer, its a software upgrade so get the phone now!!

Vanessa said...

Love Birthdays and LOVE that belt! I just found a cute one at Banana Republic if you are still looking for ideas.

A Super Girl said...

Love the mug, and I totally think I need to go buy the t-shirt that Mermanda mentioned!!

The necklace is gorgeous. I have the M :-)

andrea said...

Love HIMYM. I keep meaning to pick up the Reading is Sexy mug, but I least I have the t-shirt (it tells the world).

Bogart in P Towne said...

Here is a quandry for you...If I said that I could get you a bag of Rob Pattinson's hair would you want it?

Sure, that means I would have to cut off his locks, but you would own Rob Pattinson's hair.

Phil said...

Birthday fun! Awesome! I've never seen How I Met Your Mother, but I'm thinking I need to, and soon.