Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick-or-Treat Hollywood.

Oh where to start this week? So much Halloween goodness in the world of Hollywood.
  • One of my favorite Hollywood family's, the Stefani/Rossdale were out and about and looking fabulous and super cute on Halloween.

    so darn cute.

  • And a new baby face to the blog we have Natalie Morales (from the Today Show) and her baby boy Luke dressed up as Charlie Brown. Seriously his big blue eyes are just heart warming and so darn cute.

    all sorts of preciousness.

  • Also looking super adorable is the Denisof family and their adorable kangaroo outfits. Seriously precious!

    ohmygosh I love this costume!

  • Also speaking of babies, Sarah Chalke (of Scrubs fame) is quite pregnant and super cute looking; Colin Farrel's girlfriend just had his second child, Mel Gibson's girlfriend just had Mel's eighth kid, Mary Stuart Masterson (from two of my favorite movies Bad Girls and Benny and Joon) just had her first bebe and my favorite of favorite baseball players Mike Piazza and his wife just welcomed their second daughter. Good gracious that's a lot of babies!

  • Moving on from the babies and on to some more Halloweenness....

    Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart definitely
    got into the Halloween spirit.

    Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo rockin the
    Frankenstein and his bride duo.

  • Also in some Halloween trickery, when Taylor Swift was a guest on Ellen's show last week Ellen played a great prank on her and got it on camera. I would totally react like Taylor too, way too funny. Check it out here.

  • Moving on to my oh so favorite Twilight news of the day.
    Almost a year to the day when I first read the book, I have officially started reading Twilight again. I hope to read it and New Moon before New Moon hits theaters in 17 days!!

    Also in Twilight related news, Dakota Fanning is officially more adorable than I first thought she was. She's in high school and on cheerleading squad and just got voted as a Homecoming princess, so fun.

    And in my favorite Twilight star news, Rob just did another hawt photo shoot with Vanity Fair and wowza is about all I can get out without drooling, haha.

    oh hello hottie.

    yeah he's got the sultry look down.

  • And in TV news...
    Greek. Okay so I'm a week behind but I totally squealed like a giddy school girl at the end of last week's episode when Casey and Cappie kissed! Squeeeee. So don't tell me what happened last night, I haven't watched it yet, don't want to know if there is trouble in their new coupledom. Just let me enjoy them together for now, woo.

    Top Model. Okay one. Hawaii really is their abroad destination? Um Hawaii is cool and all but I mean in past cycles they've gone to Australia and Japan? Actually abroad! But eh. Anyhoo the photo shoot was interesting, the mixed races and what not but why did Erin keep saying "Free Tibet", it was ridiculous. And yeah I bet Erin will make it to the top three, they freaking love her. And I heart Laura. The end.

    Grey's Anatomy. Another stellar episode. Lexie's diaper was probably my favorite part of the whole episode. She is hard core! And Derek was so cute with his champagne then passing out at the end of the night, I can't even imagine that kind of surgery.

    How I Met Your Mother. I love their analogies to talking to the kids, the neighbors were "bagpiping" and we were "eating a sandwich", haha. And I do love Robin and Barney together, but man their fights are insanity, haha. And is it not weird at all for Ted to see them together? I feel like there has to be some lingering feelings towards that. And someone please tell me the last slap will be coming soon, this season please? K thanks.

    Desperate Housewives. My review is up at BSC Review, woo.

Anything I missed? Let me know!

happy tuesday!


Ben said...

Ummmm me thinks Gavin's costume sucks.

ria said...

aw sarah chalke is so cute pregnant :)

amanda said...

i LOVE when the celebs dress up. that kangaroo getup? awesome!

i can't wait for twilight! thank you for all the yummy pictures. for reals.

anddddd...i have soooo much tv to catch up on. it's like never ending.

Lexilooo said...

I didn't know that Sarah Chalke is pregnant! She looks adorable!

Oh, and I LOVE the kangaroos! So, so cute!

I heard a rumor that the Obama girls were trick-or-treating in my neighborhood, but I never saw them, so I don't know if it was true or not!

Deutlich said...

that kangaroo costume is KILLER!

Katie cat said...

Fun images!

I'm excited about the 1 year anniversary of Twilight coming out. I can't wait to see New Moon later this month to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

im about to start rereading NM too!! get into the spirit! and it's coming up on MY one yr twi anniversary!! hahaha i wonder who i got that book from?!


nicoleantoinette said...

Yeah okay, the kangaroos totally got me.

Kristan said...

Thanks for the roundup! I'm interested, but too lazy to look myself, lol. Off to Vanity Fair... ;)

Hillary said...

I really wanted to slap Erin. Especially when she was complaining about winning a helicopter ride around Hawaii because it wasn't a "tangible prize." Umm, it's still a HELICOPTER RIDE AROUND HAWAII. Geez.

Anonymous said...

Awww... why didn't Gavin dress up like Woody???

EP said...

I'm a week behind on Greek, too, but I love it! AH! And I cannot wait to watch the last episode.

Also? Vanity Fair (or another big time mag) should hire me to be their photog for someone as nice looking as RPattz...

Allison M. said...

Let's just talk about Rob for a second. How hot are those pictures?

Julie Q said...

haha i JUST watched HIMYM last night. that still is the best show out there. I love the part where Marshall goes 'I make more money than you! Dance for me!' during their fight. might have to tweet that quote now! haha

.jimaie.marie. said...

dude, I expected SOOOO much more from Gwen & Gavin! WTH guys! They totally shouldve just gone with the Toy Story theme, Gwen looks CUTE!

I'm pretty sure seeing Ellen scare Taylor was the BEST thing I had seen all week, i will laugh every time i watch that. EVERY TIME.

Bayjb said...

Oh my gosh I cannot wait for my Vanity Fair for those Rob photos!! And Allyson Hannigan and her daughter are SO CUTE