Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Katelin on the Red Carpet.

Dear Hollywood,

Today I would usually write about all your crazy antics and TV shows and cute babies and good looking guys, but I'm doing things a little differently today. Hollywood, your biggest day is in NINETEEN days and I think I should be there. More importantly I should be on the red carpet and at the show and yes, sign me up.

With that, I'm taking some time out of my regularly scheduled blogging to tell you why I should be on the red carpet at the Oscar's:

  • I would really like to meet Christian Bale. And I promise I wouldn't ask him to sing anything (despite my Newsies loving heart) and I would be really good at deciphering his thick accent and I would stay out of his way while at the same time totally conversing with him and it would be awesome.

  • Mila Kunis? Need I say more. Actually yes I do. If I got a picture with her I'd win wife of the year award for sure!

  • I've interviewed the cast of New Moon the American Idol top five from last season, Neon Trees and most recently Johnny Wright. So I've had practice. Also, I didn't swoon all over RPatz when I met him, now that is a feat all it's own.

  • I look good in a formal dress. I mean I did rock my wedding dress pretty well right?

  • I know the most random facts about celebrities and could easily make any interview interesting. I mean did you know that Sandra Bullock is allergic to horses or that Amy Adams was born in Italy or that Jeff Bridges is Buddhist and meditates before filming? I mean yes, I'm full of this ridiculous celebrity knowledge.

  • Hello. Have you read my blog? I love Hollywood. I live Hollywood.

  • Going to the Oscar's has always been one of my biggest dreams and is on my life list and what's better than helping a young woman's dreams come true? 

So Hollywood you see why I should be on the red carpet? I would be way better than Ryan or Joan or Mario or any of them? I'd be funny and spaztic and totally professional all at the same time!

So People, Extra, Access Hollywood, E! are you listening, I reallllllllly want to be on the red carpet at the Oscar's. Please? Pretty pretty please?

happy tuesday!


~she~ said...

I think you should at least get to be a seat filler.

~she~ said...

I think you should at least get to be a seat filler!

Angela Noelle said...

You would totally put Giuliana DePandi Rancic to shame ;)

Blicious said...

LOVE this post!! you need to be on the red carpet! ;)


San said...

You totally belong on the red carpet :)

Julie Q said...

E!, can you hear her!??? You could totally mesh well with Guilianna and Ryan! You got my vote

Jen said...

I want you to go a) because I know you want to and b) so that I be like I KNOW HER!

Alison said...

you totally should. your blog had made me appreciate celeb gossip more.

and if I ever met Christian Bale, I WOULD ask him to sing a rendition of "Santa Fe". and be sure I was sitting while it happened so I didn't get a concussion from the swoon.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...


Vanessa said...

You should totally go! How fun would that be?

Mandy said...

I vote we start a letter writing campaign!

Susan said...

It's a no brainer!

Nora said...

You should totally be able to go! Apparently I was there when I was really little; my mom and her friend took me but I was two so I don't remember a thing. Would be so fun to go one year!

Allison M. said...

I vote for you and would like to be your assistant or dress fluffer!

amanda said...

HA! katelin, my darlingggg. i'd watch you on the red carpet like whoa. and i'd envy every second. you'd be a hoot.

ahem, ryan, julianna...give this girl a spot!

terra said...

I vote for you to go and if you need any assistance, I'd gladly tag along!

Rachel said...

You've got my vote! :) PS. You like Christian Bale!? NOOOO! :( LOL

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