Monday, May 26, 2008

Gibberish upon gibberish.

So the fact that I just got home and it's about 2:30 has really hindered my blog posting abilities today. And the fact that I haven't uploaded any of this weekend's glorious photos is really not helping either. And I'm tired with a dash of a headache and in no mood to really do anything (damn you gray weather!). Man I sound whiny, I promise I'm not.

Okay this is a lame post. But whatever, I don't care.

Woo no work on Mondays :)
That's something to celebrate right?

Okay I'll be back tomorrow with a super exciting jump out of your seat post, just you wait, woo!

Hope you are all having a fabulous (and not crappy weather like here in supposedly sunny So Cal) and most amazing Memorial Day!

happy monday!


wishcake said...

Yeah, seriously, what's with the weather around these parts?

Oh, well. I'm not going to lie, it actually makes me feel a wee bit better about the fact that I'm stuck working all weekend (and Monday). It makes me just a little less bitter, so it works out.


Hope you are having a great weekend, just the same!

{kay} said...

our long weekend was last weekend and the weather was incredibly crappy - this weekend though? stunning - such is life ;)

Auburn Kat said...

We actually had nice weather here this wknd although tomorrow is supposed to be cold again=(

Sarah Marie said...

Ooh! super exciting jump our of your seat?! That DOES sound good! Now I'm very intrigued! Hope your crappy weather clears up!

Susie said...

Awww sorry your weather was beautifullll here. BUT today is gross and rainy!! Hope it's sunny there :)

LBIC said...

We had crazy weather. Most of the time it was around 90 degrees. But then we'd get crazy thunder and lightening storms for about an hour at a time.

L Sass said...

I wish every weekend was a 3-day weekend.

wanna know me said...

was this before or after you assisted me into bed? lol.. damn!