Monday, May 5, 2008

Let's pretend it's Friday again.

So first of all let me take this time to wish you all a Happy Cinco de Mayo or Cinco de Drinko, whatever you prefer. I today will be celebrating the first one with some good ole Mexican food for dinner and giving my poor liver a break, I really don't even know how much it can handle these days...and it wasn't even my birthday!

However, it was Matt's birthday celebration, so let's not wait any longer and get to the weekend recap, woot! Friday night a bunch of friends went out to Howl at the Moon, which is one schnazzy dueling piano bar in City Walk for Matt's birthday:

the guys got Matt a long island iced tea in a bucket, oh man

and gave him a little help

the word of the day truly was hookerism

steve rockin out

Everybody was rockin' out

the ladiiiiies

me and the birthday boy!

the aftermath

Ah, good times, good times. Since Friday was so wild and crazy, Saturday Matt and I decided to take Saturday a little easy. Did some errands and what have you, I went to Target and picked up these fantabulous shoes (I'm sort of in love):

Aren't they so cute?! Ah. Love.

And I got this movie:

Ah! Love even more!

So yeah, Saturday was nice and relaxing and had a lovely dinner in and watched the Mummy, it was fabulous. Sunday morning we woke up early to go to brunch with Matt's family for his birthday and then headed off to the Pasadena Showcase House (Matt's birthday present to me). It was so fun and amazing, as always. Basically this group takes ginormous houses and designates different rooms to different designers to do what they'd like with it and the results are phenomenal. I always like going and envisioning the house as my own or getting ideas for my own future dream house, it's lovely really.

After that the afternoon was spent relaxing and napping until dinner at P.F. Chang's with my family for Matt's birthday part 3 or 4, haha I don't really know. It was definitely a deliciously good time and fantastic end to one amazing weekend.

and how was your weekend?

happy monday!

ohemgeeee how could I forget!?!
Happy 27th Birthday to Craig David!!!!
Please come back to the U.S? Please?
Your biggest fan :)


Dolce said...

I didn't know Howl at the Moon was a chain. I feel kind of stupid. Your weekend looked fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

The birthday celebrations just don't stop! You two look so cute together. :)

And I love those shoes too! I really need to buy some new shoes now that the weather is finally getting better here.

Deutlich said...

You have really awesome skin.

For seriously.

surviving myself said...

You admitted to being a Craig David fan.

Good for you.

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Jenn said...

That drink is pretty ridiculous. I'd like a cosmo in that cup.

L Sass said...

What a great weekend, AGAIN! You have lots of fun!

At first, I thought this post was all about Matt's bday and I was totally confused when I saw Fried Green Tomatoes. I wondered if your boyfriend was a closet Fannie Flagg fan. Yeah, no.

California Girl said...

I've always wanted to go to Howl at the Moon. Looks like so much fun!

a little bird said...

fun!! feliz cinco de mayo :)

Wickedly Scarlett said...

I am so in love with those shoes!! Are they comfortable?

Dana said...

OMG- I love drinks to celebrate Cinco De Mayo!! and tonight I'm making Turkey Tacos to celebrate also..

Looks likeyoug uys had fun!!

Happy Monday :)

Traci Anne said...

Le sigh, it so needs to be Friday again!! I'm going to have to try Howl at the Moon when I'm out there in June :) (That bucket looks mighty tasty, btw!)

B.licious said...

OMG that long island looks intense. i want one. haha

Auburn Kat said...

Wow! That is one massive drink! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Cute shoes!

Sarah Marie said...

That long island iced tea in a bucket is CRAZY! Looks like you guys had soo much fun! Oh man- hookerism?! ha. Cute shoes-- I've eyed those at target!

molly said...

hookerism! haha love it

Anonymous said...

Where exactly can I get an LIT in a bucket? I mean I don't drink LIT's but I would totally make an exception! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a fun weekend! So glad you had a great weekend :D You guys are cute! That bucket just makes me ill looking at it ;)

Girl in the 206 said...

All of a sudden I am thirsty.

Lauren said...

Those shoes are adorable!

Susie said...

You always have the besttt weekends!

And I LOVE Summer Jam :) I had no idea Craig David was so young though!

rohit said...

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Larissa said...

Uh, yeah. That's the biggest Long Island EVER.

Anonymous said...

LOL ok- that drink with 50 straws is high-larious. You were right by my house! We should've created a cinco de blogging convention.

And I saw those shoes @ target too! They didn't have my size! :(

glamour girly said...

Oh, i love the long island ice tea with the large straws!

Kayleigh said...

You and your friends always have super fun birthday weekends! :) And there's a Howl at the Moon in Chicago, so for a second I thought you guys were in Chicago on vacay, and I was going to say "Ahhh!!! You should have let me knowwwwwww!" and then I came to the realization that, hello, prolly just a chain.

But yay, I am very familiar with Howl's buckets o' fun...hence that long island pic starring your beau.

Happy Bday, Matt! :)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Fried green tomatoes is one of my fav movies EVER.

Des said...

Love the shoes. And Craig David. :)

ambrosiality said...

love the pics, you and your friends are absolutely gorgeous.

read your profile about attending the academy awards. you could try to be a seat filler!! definitely easier than dating a celeb that's invited (hmm or maybe not)