Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dear Santa.

Dear Santa,

First of all, I want to say thanks for giving me a few things off my list last year, I mean better late than never right? Anyhoo, while we're on the subject of Christmas lists and since it is only a week away, I figured I'd share with you my list for this year. Now I know it's a bit ridiculous, but not as much as Barney's list, so feel free to splurge okay?

this fabulous tree necklace

a Wii and a Wii Fit so I can cancel my gym membership
and get really good at yoga and tennis

I'm still waiting on those unlimited air miles
and vacation time and funds to go with it

these schnazzy Victoria's Secret socks

a dinner date with Keanu,


and Rob :)

a guest spot on How I Met Your Mother

I still want all of these ladies in one place

and lastly,
a most fabulous Christmas with my most favoritest boy :)

Now hopefully that's too much for you to handle Santa, I'm counting on you. .

Love your biggest fan,


happy thursday!


rialeilani said...

I hope you get everything you want! And can I come to dinner when you got with Josh. I LOVE those socks :)

Paul Pincus said...

great list!

let us know how great wii yoga is?!?!

Rachel said...

I want a guest spot on HIMYM too! Let's make a slap bet on who gets on first...

brookem said...

i love your list! hope santa sees this post!

Wickedly Scarlett said...

Everyone else in the world is guest starring on HIMYM, why SHOULDN'T you!! Love the list ;)

Allison said...

That is a fabulous list. I hope you get everything you want. If you do get to go on a dinner date with Rob I better be invited. ;D Happy Holidays Katelin!

d said...

Love the list :)

I am asking for a hot boy, a decent cabernet sauvignon, a vacay and faster metabolism. In that order.

sarahbelledotcom said...

i love the list!

that tree necklace is absolutely beautiful!

rs27 said...

Man I only asked for one thing.

I should bump up that list.

Jamie said...

I actually have that tree necklace! I would like Rob too please!

Dolce said...

I want that picture...more than once.

Virginia said...

I second the whole "having us in one place" thing. Hear hear!

And also, a date with Rob. Obviously that's a hot ticket item this year.

Auburn Kat said...

I see you have a new man in your club...Mr. Edward=)

Alexa said...

ok i want to go to dinner with you and the boys after our guest spot of HIMYM

nicoleantoinette said...

I hope you get everything you're asking for :)

Amanda. said...

Dear Katelin,

If Santa pulls through...
can I please join you for
your date with Josh?



Vanessa said...

Awesome list! The Wii Fit is on my list as well. I've been really good Santa!

heidikins said...

I love that necklace! Love love LOVE!


sarah marie p said...

That necklace is SO adorable!!! CUTE!!