Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Hollywooooood day.

It's Christmas week here at gorgeous footsteps in the sand... but that doesn't mean there isn't any fabulous Hollywood news to share. And here we goooooo:
  • This week's cute bebe comes from little Kingston Rossdale in all of his Christmassy wonderousness. Seriously his apron is so freakin adorable and he is just so dang precious:

    so cute!

  • And today's other cute celeb baby comes from the oh so adorable Suri Cruise checkin out some books before Christmas and rockin one adorable headband:


  • Alert the media! Stop the press! Rob Pattinson chopped off his lovely locks of gorgeousness and showed a hot new do. I sort of love it. He's just so good looking, ow ow.


  • In music news I feel like I'm behind the times on this one but over the weekend I heard a rock remix version of Ginuwine's "Pony" and I freaking love it. Apparently it's by Hot Little Pony and I recommend checkin it out.

  • In TV news check out the Home for the Holidays special that's airing on CBS tonight at 8, which raises adoption awareness. Hosted by Faith Hill with appearances by some of my faves, including Galinda...er Kristen Chenoweth, Home for the Holidays is all about brining Christmas cheer to kids in need of homes. I love it.

  • In cool blogger/TV news, Johanna won Stylista! Now for anyone that used to read her blog knows that she was all about fashion and that she was pretty much awesome. And after watching the show I liked her so much more because she was the only person on it without major drama and back stabbing tendencies and truly loved fashion. So anyhoo, congrats to Johanna and hopefully she'll come back to the blogging world now that she's hit the big time at Elle.

  • Although most TV shows are on hiatus, we still have the Hills to keep us going...
    The Hills
    . Oh. My. God. Justin Bobby is the biggest dbag ever. Seriously I can't really decide who I detest more, him or Spencer, eck. However Chris did make the great point that having those dbags on the show, normal guys (like Matt for example) come off a million times better. And Heidi has absolutely no brains whatsoever. And her reconciliation with Lauren was the most ridiculous piece of trash TV I've ever seen. Why do I even watch this show?? Why!? Why? Ooooh but the twist of it all, Heidi and Spencer really didn't get married?!?! Especially since the told every news source that would listen that they actually tied the knot. Ah! Why do I care?!?!
    Oh well we all know I'll still watch next season and I'm getting my DVR ready for The City starting next Monday....oy.

  • Oh I guess what could be my WTF news of the day but also some TV news but also in the "OMG tie this woman's tubes" news, Michelle Duggar gave birth to her eighteenth child! Yeah you read that right, eighteen! Seriously these people don't know when to stop because apparently they're already talking about number nineteen, ack!

  • Anyhoo, today's really WTF/ sort of cute news comes from Pete the purple squirrel. Yes you read that right, little Pete really is purple.

    No one really knows how he got to be purple, guesses are that he ate something that has changed his skin, but he really is adorable.
And that my friends is the news of Hollywood. Anything I left out? Feel free to add it in the comments.

happy tuesday!


Auburn Kat said...

I just want to give little Suri a hug!

Maxie said...

I would I could feed my cat something to make her turn purple. That would be freakin awesome.

Amanda. said...

Oh Edward Cullen.
You are amazingly good
looking no matter what
you do.

Suri...sigh. Need I
say more?

Kingston...what a lil'
festive fella!

I'll definitely be checking
out the Home For Holidays
special tonight. Yayy.

Lacey Bean said...

I kind of love the Duggars. I can't wait until their oldest starts popping out tons of kids with his new wife. And they name them all J names too. Or maybe A names since his wife's name is Anna.

Hope said...

Is it bad that I was totally rooting for Lauren & Heidi to make up and have a huge come to Jesus with each other? I mean really! It's about time....

Oh wait... what? It is bad? Uh yeah... trash and horrible and GAH! Then I won't tell you how extremely excited I am that the season isn't done and there are more shows for us to watch! Nope. Won't Do It!

Hillary said...

Each season I swear that I will not watch the Hills. Each season I fail. I cannot help but watch the trainwreck that is Heidi and Spencer. It's so intriguing. Like last week, when Spencer was trying to convince Heidi to get married in Mexico and he told her that he's "madly obsessed" with her. WHO WOULD THINK THAT IS A GOOD THING? If a guy said that to me, I'd be whipping out a retraining order. Sheesh. So, uh, when does the next season start?

brookem said...

im still digging rob's HOH- still can mess that up and grab on to it and funk it up. nice.

how gross is spencer, really? he makes heidi go through the misery of saying her "i do's" only so that he can seem like a big hero and say that he has a "dark cloud" hanging over his head because of all of this? i call bullshit.

Melissa said...

That cute little squirrel just made my day,
along with Suri,
and the Twilight guy.
Actually, this post just made my day :)

rs27 said...

Spencer is the reason I leave the house.

"At least I'm not him"

D said...

I want to give Suri a jacket. Seriously, they cart that kid all over NYC in the winter without a jacket. It's ridiculous.

That said, Rob Pattinson. Good god that man-boy is HOT.

d said...

That comment above was me, btw. I was signed into my other gmail account, I'm such an idiot ;)

La Petite Chic said...

I *loved* that song in high school so I can't wait to listen to the new version! Also, a purple squirrel?!?! How stinking cute!!

Angela said...

Kingston looks SO much like Gavin. I LOVE it.

Allison M. said...

Please tell me you are not watching The City - please, please.

That little Kingston is so damn cute.

kay* said...

i think kingston is one of the cutest babies i've ever seen. oh. my. gosh.

Mandy said...

Kingston and Suri are too damn cute!

The Hills? Over it, yet I still watch. Damn MTV.

Dana said...

i still think I hate Spencer more then Justin Bobby!!

sarahbelledotcom said...

am not sure if you watched the aftershow or not, but they gave SPENCER PROPS FOR BACKING OUT OF THE WEDDING. ugh. i nearly shot myself in the foot at the stupidity of the whole thing, hahahah.
heidi's stupidity in actually saying I DO even though she didn't WANT to, and spencer for 'making' her, and then telling her she's allowed to back out after she said her half of the deal.
jeepers, the dramaaaa! hehe.

Vanessa said...

I just want my House back! Why do they have to go on hiatus during the holidays? Not fair!

*~Dani~* said...

I am really intrigued by Pete the Purple Squirrel. And I knew that Speidi marriage was fake, but that takes the cake! I am so not watching next year.

molly said...

ahh kingston is SO precious!

orangemagoric said...

Personally, I think that Robert Pattinson looks INSANELY more attractive -- and less stoner-esque -- with the newly short hair. I'm quite happy to lust for him now :)