Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The awesome is almost overwhelming.

Things that are awesome:
  • Birthday celebrations starting on Friday. (I know you're getting sick of hearing about it, but my goodness I am so excited for my birthday, it's like 21 all over again, haha)

  • This song. Any song that can make the Eiffel 65 song popular again gets props from me.

  • Leftover cheese pizza for lunch.

  • All seven of my college besties going to North Carolina Memorial Day weekend! I almost squealed when I bought my ticket yesterday, haha.

  • Bloggers taking over Sin City in June. It's going to be epic.

  • Me not having a total breakdown over the cost of everything the next two months. Hey I like Ramen, so it's okay.

  • Possibly, maybe, who knows, fingers crossed seeing Joshua Jackson on Thursday night.

    yes please. :)

  • My hair. I'm in love with the shortness.

  • It's Earth Day! Yay Earth! Are you green today?

  • Twitter. I'm so glad it's finally picked up since I was on it for so long with no one doing anything. Now it's a little crazy, but it's still awesome.

  • Red velvet cupcakes. *hint hint* :)
Things that aren't as awesome:
  • It's supposed to be in the 60s this weekend. 60s people? 60s? We just had 100s here, what the eff is this 60s business? I do not approve.

Yeah that's about all the unawesome I can think of right now. Life is just way too good right now. What's awesome in your life these days?

happy wednesday!


Maxie said...

everytime i read about the vegas meetup i go cry myself to sleep.

Anonymous said...



Jen said...

I've got my fingers crossed that you get to meet Pacey. Don't forget your camera!!

Michelle and the City said...

everyone has girlie vacations coming up, i love it!

and joshua jackson on thursday... really? you know we share a mutual obsession, i think you need to get an autograph for me too! it's not fair, i'll be stuck in uneventful ohio...

Allie said...

I would be thrilled to have 60 degree days in least we're getting there.

Can't wait to meet everyone in Vegas!

Mandy said...

I read about Heidi and Spencer having their rehersal dinner on Friday and wondered if you were going to go crash it. =)

Your birthday will be amazing and fun not matter what the weather. Getting together with the besties is always exciting!!

rachel elizabeth said...

god i love that picture of pacey. (yes, i still call him pacey. don't judge.) swoon.

also, VEGAS! :)

lucklys said...

i would do anything for 60 degree weather right now. 50 is not acceptable! nor is rain! shape up new york!

Lily said...

That is a LOT of awesome!!! And my birthday is 13 days away and I'm already making people PINKY SWEAR to come to my birthday party :) And I LOVE how the Vegas trip is being described over and over as EPIC. YES IT WILL BE!!!

Ramen is delicious, definitely. (Or I'm going to tell myself that for the next couple of months too...)

Awesome right now in my life? The promise of 80* tomorrow... Minneapolis LOVES it's first warm weather!

Angela said...

I'm actually gonna be in Vegas at the same time with my girl friends! We stayed at the Luxor last year, but this year we're at the Bellagio.

BUT, I'm gonna have to meet up with all of you at some point.

Briana said...

Today is payday for me. So, awesome! It was 90 here yesterday..I hope it's nice this weekend!

Amanda said... velvet....I demanded I have red velvet cupcakes at my graduation party instead of boring sheet cake, and I'm looking forward to eating them almost as much as meeting you guys in Vegas! Almost...

Jane said...

Yay! I hope you get to meet Joshua Jackson!

Julie Q said...

agreed on the twitter! i love love love that everyones on it. even my 'non blogger' friends have signed up. its one big happy family (plus twitter is my client! so i feel like know them)

Hillary said...

my dog peed on my other dog's head

that was pretty awesome

until I had to clean it up

Virginia said...

Hmm okay so when I first saw the photo in your post, I thought it was Ryan Seacrest. Why? I don't know...must be one of those days when my eyes aren't working properly, because there is really no mistaking Joshua Jackson for Seacrest.

Also, remind me and I will bring red velvet cupcakes to Greensboro. I love them too.

Blicious said...

WHATTTTTTTTTTT! why are you maybe seeing JJ? can i go?

insomniaclolita said...

Red velvet cake for your upcoming birthday?
Where is my invitation?:(
Kidding. Have fun.

*~Dani~* said...

Oh my God ! I would KILL for 60s over here. Well, really 70s, but with all this coldness 60 sounds good too.

Hope you have a good birthday week, good birthday, and a fantabulous birthday celebration this weekend!

p.s. my verification word is "cropical" which I think means it is so tropical out you need to wear a crop shirt ;)

Amandaaa said...

Um. How excited will you be
if you meet Joshua? Ahhh.
I'll be soooo excited FOR YOU.
All the way over here on the
East Coast. Umm. If you had my
number I'd make you call/text me
RIGHT AWAY. And of course shoot me
a picture text! I'm a little
Pacey Witter obsessed.

Yayyyy! It's almost your

Andddd....I love North Carolina!

LiLu said...

I'm with Maxie. My heart, is broke. :-(

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

it's going to be 76 in cleveland this weekend.

there something wrong with it being 60 in LA!

Larissa said...

Have a fantabulous birthday!!!

Oh, and I LOVE the short hair on you.

Heidi said...

so jealous about vegas :( :(

and it's totally going to be 80-85 this weekend here on the east coast :D be jealous.

California Girl said...

You're so positive - I love it!!

Happy birthday!