Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh yes, a Hollywoodful post.

Hey Tuesday, here already? Yeah I don't mind. And Hollywood news here we go...
  • And this week's first cute bebe is little Zuma Rossdale. Seriously he is such a cutie pie. I love it.

    you lookin at me? :)

  • And because I currently love all things How I Met Your Mother, I had to share this adorable new family photo of Alyson Hannigan with her hubby and brand new baby Satyana.

    what a cute widdle bebe

  • Also in bebe news, Ellen Pompeo is knocked up! So exciting, I wonder if they're going to write it in to Grey's or not. But either way congrats to Ellen and Chris!

  • Moving on from the bebes to some favorites. Joshua Jackson. I heart him. And with Diane! Ah! Divine! And the fact that I could possibly see him this Thursday at the Paley Festival, yeah I can barely contain myself. But besides that, they really are adorable together:

    so dapper.

  • In other favorites news, it's time for some Twilightness. Oh yes, still going. First order of Twilight, new favorite site: Letters to Rob. (there's also a Letters to Twilight but I love the Rob one best). Seriously it's hilarious and I recommend you check it out.

    And Twilight to the second. Love this pic of Kellan and Peter "reading" New Moon in the airport. Oh what pranksters.

    And the third Twilight related item of the day, Rob Pattinson. Seriously the man is hot. Hot I say.

    so zexy.

  • Totally unrelated to my favorites have you heard of Susan Boyle? Of course you have. But I finally watched the video last week and I was impressed. Seriously the woman just made me happy. If you haven't watched her singing yet, you need to.

  • In movie news...
    The official trailer came out for My Sister's Keeper. Now I loved the book, seriously loved it. And I'm still not a fan of Cameron Diaz as the mom and apparently the ending is different which sounds ridiculous so I just don't know if I'll actually be able to see this movie. But hey you can give it a chance and let me know what you think.

  • And in TV news...
    It got renewed for a second season! Hurrah! That and ohmygod last week's episode with the gila monster, ah. I screamed. Love the show, but it scares the bejeebus out of me sometimes.

    How I Met Your Mother. Awwww Barney still likes Robyn! Adorable. And man I love this show. Matt and I are still watching Season 3 on DVD and every episode cracks me up, I can't help it.

    Speaking of Barney, NPH hosted the TV Land awards last weekend. I didn't watch it, but I still love him and this pic cracks me up:

    Desperate Housewives. Wow, they really killed Edie off. I thought it was a pretty sweet farewell. Sort of reminded me of the episode when the handyman died but eh still fun. And I love that they didn't sugarcoat her personality either, true Edie form.

    Brothers and Sisters. Love. This. Show. For starters, Ryan needs to leave. He's ridiculous. I can't stand him. I love that Sarah hooked up with a temp, because man he was hot and that was hilarious. And umm Tommy, figure your stuff out already, oh wait not going to happen, dumb write off. Boo.

    Greek. Awwww Ashley likes a boy. A cute boy. And Rusty likes a girl. A cute girl. Seriously this show is so mushy I freakin love it.

    Top Model. Oh London I liked you, I really did. But it was so obvious you were getting kicked off with your "weight loss" issues and what not. Ugh. Ridiculous. But man the recap is funny, so check it out.

    10 Things I Hate About You. Remember the movie? Of course you do. It's aweosme. But apparently ABC Family wants to turn it into a TV show. Heck they don't want to, they are! This summer! I think I veto this idea and I will not be watching it. I mean really. No ABC Family, No!

  • And um not a whoooole lot else happening in Hollywood this week. Britney Spears had a concert or two, Josh Kelley and Ryan Cabrera are twittering like crazy and I'm still bummed their show isn't in LA, Perez went on Larry King about the Miss California show down or whatever it's being called and Madonna fell off a horse. Anything else? Umm. No idea.

  • Today's WTF story we have a mom and daughter duo that I in no way want to be like. The mom has spent over $15,000 in surgery to look more like her daughter. Umm creepy? Very creepy? Ah yes. It's almost like Linda and Brooke Hogan but creepier. I'm not even posting their pic but you can get the full story here, enjoy the creep factor.

Anything I missed today? Let me know.

happy tuesday!


Maris said...

Ohh Rob, you are so good looking.

I agree with you on My Sister's Keeper - Cameron Diaz seems like an odd choice for a matriarch.

I don't like that they wrote Tommy off of brothers & sisters. Agree that Ryan should go. I'm dying for Justin & Rebecca to get back together.

Lexiloo said...

Okay, I'm still in mid-season two of HIMYM...so don't post spoilers!!!!!!! I just watched the episode where Robin and Ted decide to move in together after the big fight about keeping things given to them by exes. Most of the time, with tv shows (ie. The Hills, Gossip Girl, 90210), I read the spoilers, but now, with HIMYM, I don't want to find out!

PS. I agree that CD was a bad choice for the mother in MSK. I met Jodi P last month when she was in DC on her book tour. I'll have to post the pics on my blog!

Amandaaa said...

Soooo much to say to all of
this. And let's be serious, how
can I resist?

-Gwen looks amazing.
-You seriously might get the
chance to meet Joshua? (mouth
opened VERY VERY VERY wide) Can you
give him my number? Thankssss!
-All the Twilight stuff-my heart
-Loved My Sisters Keeper-just terribly depressing-and I heard the
ended is supposed to be different...umm...what? And yeah, I'm not so keen on Cameron as the mom.
-Hateeee that they are making 10 Things I Hate About You into a show. You just don't do that!
-Good for Fringe!
-I didn't want London to leave, not at all.
-Loveee Greek.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Aw, I didn't know Allyson Hannigan had her baby. I hope it has red hair, haha.


Lily said...

I heard a rumor that Susan Boyle was asked to do a porn.

Maxie said...

How adorable is Allison Hannigan?! I can't believe HIMYM was a rerun last night :-(

WeezerMonkey said...

I am thrilled Fringe got renewed!

Hillary said...

I thought it was a pretty shady move to kick London off because she's gained weight. What sort of message does that send? If anything, they should have told her that it was unhealthy to gain that much weight in such a short amount of time, not that it's her "job as a model" to "retain her size." Bastards.

Julie Q said...

this season of ANTM has been lacking. I really dont like any of the girls on the show! They all seem snobby and full of them selves (which would usually make for great tv, right??)

i saw that HIMYM baby pic too! It really is a great picture (me pretending to act like i'm a photographer)

Letters to Twilight said...

dang girl how do you keep up with all that tv??!! Love le bebe pics as always!

thanks for featuring ltt/ltr!

we <3 you!

rs27 said...

Madonna doesn't know how to ride a horse?

thats the biggest surprise since the Titanic went down.

stealthnerd said...

Yay for Ellen Pompeo! I love her! And also yay for the fact that you watch Greek. I thought my roommate and I were the only one's--we totally dig that show!!

ria said...

yay for fringe being picked up for a second season!! :)

Michelle and the City said...

i agree with you that the handyman episode and edie's farewell episode were very similar. bums me out that she's off the show. think she'll be the new narrator?

Auburn Kat said...

The only TV I've watched this week is Young & the Restless! =) I really don't watch that much TV anymore since I gave up my DVR.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i love that you said "widdle"

sarah marie p said...

Awww Alyson Hannigan's lil family is adorable! That picture also makes me want to go to the beach!

How cute that Ellen Pompeo is preggers!

You might see Pacey on Thursday?! Omg! I hope so! Fingers crossed!

Eeeeee Can't wait to watch Top Model tomorrow! YAY!!!!

insomniaclolita said...

I likeee Gwen's baby. Let's plan a kidnapping!

Steph said...

Awww Lilly (I mean Alyson.... haha too much HIMYM) had her baby?! Adorable!! I adore HIMYM too, and that picture of Barney is so adorable and makes me love him even more!

Courtney in FL said...

Just found your blog but apparently we LOVE the same shows/books and celebs. I am on the same page as you about My Sisters Keeper. Diaz as the mom, how is that going to work??? And why the heck would they change the ending? Hello, it kind of made the book and I think it would be work as a movie too! Ok, stepping off of my rant box now...

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