Monday, June 15, 2009

The Weekend: this is a good thing.

I love weekends. Seriously, they need to be just a wee bit longer but I love them just the same. And this was one was a great one.

Friday: After a ridiculous start to my day (my phone turned off in the middle of the night and I woke up when I usually am walking out the door) and a long work day I met Matt at his mom's house for a delicious dinner and a lovely evening of relaxing. Afterwards we came home, drank some wine and played some Wii. Seriously I love our Wii still, it's fantastic.

Saturday: Slept in a bit before heading over to the LA pre-BlogHer meetup. It was quite nice to meet some of the other local bloggers heading to Chicago in July. It also helped that the coffee shop had some delicious hot chocolate. After some blogger time I came home and relaxed a bit with Matt before my friend AJ came up and we all went to see The Hangover (oh I loved it and I reviewed it too!). After the movie Megan joined us all for dinner at Island's (aka one of my favorite restaraunts ever!!) which was quite fun. Once dinner was over we made the short trek over to the newly renovated bowling alley.

Ohmygosh have I mentioned how much I love bowling!? Ah! I was so excited we could actually get in since the place was so packed. And oh did we have a great time!

oh what silly guys

Megan and I having a good time

the AT&T commercial is everywhere!

So yes we bowled, we danced, we cheered, we had a lot of gutter balls, there were some strikes, and plenty of laughs all around.

After bowling we all came back to our place where my sister and a couple more friends joined us for some drinks and a rousing game of "I've Never." Oh man it was a good time. And I think we learned some new things about each other and of course we drank some more and laughed til some of us cried, haha.

Megan, AJ and Matt are very into the game, haha

Brad's lovin it

oh the effects of alcohol, haha

weeeet willy!

the beginning of the jelly bean toss

All in all another great night with great friends.

Sunday: After sleeping in a bit (hark!) me, Matt and AJ headed out for breakfast burritos aka amazing morning after drinking food, haha. After breakfast AJ headed home and Matt headed to his dad's house and I had the apartment to myself. And what did I do? I watched P.S. I Love You (which I realized I can never watch again because it makes me cry too much) and Twilight while dozing in and out of sleep. It was a perfect afternoon. And the evening was just as nice once I met up with Matt at his dad's house to watch the Laker game (Yeaaaaaaaah Champs!) and have dinner. After the game we went to my parent's house for some family time and what not and eventually headed back home to relax with some Sister Act (love that movie) and each other.

Basically it was a great weekend and I'm sad it's already over. But man at the rate my week is booking up next weekend will get here in no time.

and how was your weekend?

happy monday!


Chrissy said...

Well, u know the weather sucked on Sat., but Sunday was gorgeous! the sun was out and warm!.. planted 12 plants I got from Farmer's Market and boy was that a workout... All those days at the gym has paid off... Saw a few flicks: Killshot, The International and Spinning into Butter...All 3 very different, if u like Clive Owen u will like The International... Sarah J. Parker played a serious part in Spinning and Mickey Roarke, is well Mickey Roarke in Killshot..

Matt said...

I hereby challenge you guys to a game of Wii Tennis.

Pandora said...

Goodness I found your blog on here and I just love reading it! You make me laugh on a daily basis =)

Katie cat said...

On Thursday the same thing happened to me with my phone and I woke up at 9 when I am supposed to be walking out the door... ughh.

Jamie said...

Oh my god, P.S. I Love You makes me cry too. I always watch it though.

I went to a BlogHer meet up, my sister was in town and I had cupcakes!

Vanessa said...

My weekend was good too. Loved the pre-BlogHer meetup. Also had a nice dinner with friends and visited a nice park with a waterfall and got some amazing pictures.

Mermanda said...

We had an electrician and his two sons who work for him come to the new house to do some work Friday. One of his sons is Matt's long lost twin or something. It was so weird. I saw him and was like, WHAT IS KATELIN'S FIANCE DOING HERE?! Haha. I wanted to take a pic of him for you but I thought that might cross the creepy border a little bit. Tell Matt if he ever wants to find his twin, I can hook him up in Pittsburgh.

a darling's eye said...

Nice weekend you got there! Let me make an exception to make Monday part of the weekend:) At least it feels like one to me. I'm having my birthday today (woohoo!). It doesn't feel like one as much as the previous years' but I enjoyed it alright. Got to hang out with my old friend and a nice dinner catching up with the others. I ordered a lovely red wine to be the dinner's company too. To me, it's all about spending it with the right people:)

amanda said...

i really want to see the hangover. i feel like EVERYONE has seen it, but me. pshhh.

hanging with the friends is always a great time.

i LOVE P.S. I Love You, but yes-it makes me bawl like a baby as well.

happy monday!

San said...

I was in Pasadena last weekend and I thought of you.

San said...

P.S. How did you like "P.S. I love you"? I am not a big fan of Hillary Swank, but Gerard Butler made up for it... and oh boy, did I cry! ;)

Anonymous said...

sleeping in is one of my favorite things to do on a weekend. I was able to sleep in yesterday and it was joyous!

Sallymander said...

I am not one to cry in movies, but PS. I Love You made me cry uncontrollably. I couldn't stop and cried for most of the movie. I know what you mean about never watching it again.

Ali said...

I'm dying to see The Hangover!

But I saw Away We Go instead. SO good!

Julie Q said...

now, did you feel more prepared for Bowling after your wii bowling experience???! cos i feel that way about tennis :)

Bayjb said...

Dude I love bowling. I heard a rumor about a bowling party at BlogHer. you're on my team!!!

Jessica said...

sounds like you had a great weekend! i had a wonderful weekend with my good friends for my bestie's 21st birthday!

nicoleantoinette said...

1. I can't deal with bowling because of the gross shoes sprayed with Lysol. AHH. No.

2. I lose/wind up blacked out drunk when playing "I've Never." So, there's that, lol.

Anonymous said...

I think I can smell the alcohol from here.