Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh movies, how I love thee.

So I’ve decided that as much as I love movies and would love to ultimately be a film critic, I don’t know how good I would be at it. I am incredibly bias in my movie preferences and tend to write a lot how I talk. So for anyone that would like to know how I feel about movies and doesn’t mind that I write like I talk, keep reading. And if not, just stop now. A “review” is about to happen, so I’m giving you a head’s up.

So tonight I saw Waitress. I wanted to see this movie for several reasons. Well one, I love Kerri Russell, and have ever since her Mouseketeer days. Second, it just looked funny. Third, my best friend wanted to see it as well, so it made a nice outing for us to hang out and watch together.

The movie is about a small town waitress (Russell) who’s stuck in a no good marriage, works at the small town pie shop, unintentionally gets knocked up, falls for her married doctor, and so on. I say “and so on” so I don’t spoil the movie for anyone who plans on seeing this flick anytime soon. Basically it’s a very witty, smart and humorous way of looking at marriage and motherhood. Kerri Russell’s character, Jenna, goes through a series of changes and emotions that show both the good and the bad of pregnancy and motherhood.

Well I don’t want to dwell too much into the plot, cause it’s fun just to watch without knowing too much. Just know, I highly recommend it for a good laugh and a good insight. And if you want to know anything else, check out the movie blog on it:

And on a final more serious note, for anyone who doesn’t know, the director/writer of the film Adrienne Shelley (who also plays one of Kerri Russell’s best friends Dawn), was murdered in November before this movie came out. So in honor, support of her, check out the site/foundation her husband made in her tribute for female filmmakers:

Good movie Adrienne, good movie.