Wednesday, May 23, 2007

View from the "lobby."

So I sit at the front desk of my office answering the phone and basically holding the fort down (well not really, but I'd like to think so). And being in the front does have it's perks, I get the window view. I get to see all sorts of things happening outside. And today I thought I'd share what I've seen so far:
  • A kid skateboarding outside wearing a ski mask (weird?)
  • A really tall girl on a scooter. Ya she looked kind of awkward.
  • The same uber tan, wrinkly, shirtless man that walks by my office every day carrying a newspaper (occasionally reading it).
  • A Cadillac with LV decals all over it.
  • A group of indie hipsters talking about some band and how much "they rocked at the concert last night."
  • A high school couple that stopped and made out in front of me, until they realized I was in here. Oh kids.
Well that's about all I got time for today. Work is beckoning, woo.

Here I'll leave you with Det. Stabler, in the shower. mmmmmm. I'd love to see that out the window, haha.