Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I have this sudden urge to go hiking.

Just when I thought I'd have no celeb photos to share today, PopSugar comes in to save the day once again. First they have Keanu in all his scruffy mcscrufferson attire. Apparently he's no longer filming and is free to grow the beard and rock the hiking boots at fancy scmancy restaurants. But alas he is still my fave no matter how scruffy and mountain man he looks.

And on top of that, PopSugar even has picks of the oh so adorable Suri up as well. She is just so freaking cute, and Katie doesn't look too bad here either, precious.

And that's the celeb reel today. Woot.


Valley Girl said...

OMG that Suri is so adorable! She's like a little doll. At first, she scared me because I thought it was all a sham, but she's really a cutie!

Margo said...

I would like to know why Suri is still drinking out of bottles...I don't really know anything about kids, but she seems too old for that. (Though she is ADORABLE. I wonder if the Cruise's are in need of a nanny?)