Monday, October 8, 2007

What my weekend was really like...

Number 1:
It was a weekend, duh.

Number 2:
My sneezing came back with a vengeance...grrrrr.

Number 3:
One of my best friend's was home and I saw her Saturday afternoon for le baby's birthday party and my goodness he is just the cutest thing ever! And the Filipino food was delicious and seeing some high school friends was amazing as well. It was a gorgeous day at the park and I loved every minute of it...I especially loved the little birthday guy:

Number 4:
Matt and I were both sickies and sneezing and sore all weekend (woo!). I spent all of yesterday either asleep, half asleep or watching football. At least we tried to take care of each other (he brought me tea in the morning and I rubbed his head, haha). Oh allergies leave me be.

Number 5:
Trojans, Trojans, Trojans. Making me eat my words. There was a 40 point spread and USC lost to STANFORD. Last week ASU beat them 41-3 and this week USC lost to them 24-23, wtf?! How does that happen?! Gah. Well now USC is no longer number 2 rather number 10 in the polls, which isn't as bad as I anticipated, but still. Come on guys. Get it together. I can only yell at the TV so much.

And because I can't stop talking about Jen Garner....

I want this dress too! It's unfair! Here she is looking amazing at another event for The Kingdom, this time in Berlin and rockin this amazing print. I want it, I would rock it. Hey Jen, send it over here when you're done. I'll wear it, I swear. I promise I'll stop talking about her as soon as I stop wanting to steal her wardrobe...haha.


Michelle said...

awe. the little birthday boy is too cute :)

hope you feel better. allergies can really ruin a weekend. i totally understand. have i introduced you to my friend claritin-d yet? he is a godsend.

janet said...

you're not crazy...that dress really is awesome!

Julie said...


Thanks for de-lurking!

Kay said...

thanks for stopping by my page and Yes there are a ton of other socal "girl" bloggers =)

jen garner is too cute...i like that dress too

L Sass said...

Love that Jen Garner dress!

Although I think she's pretty tall. Not sure those of us who shop in petites could rock that print like she does!