Tuesday, May 25, 2010

69 Bloggers + Vegas = Ridiculous Awesomeness times a million.

And I'm back. I mean my eyes might still be dry, my liver might hate me, my voice might be scratchy, my body might be quite sore and I could probably sleep for the rest of the week but I'm pretty much back from a weekend in Vegas. And I mean, what a weekend. Bloggers in Sin City 2.0 was more ridiculous and more amazing than I could have even imagined. And yeah I don't know how much if it I can really recap so basically we're going to go with random points and pictures because that always works right?

Thursday: I almost left my bag in the airport. Got to Vegas. TV in the bathroom, woa. Had delicious crepes with Jess. Happy hour at Zefferinos. Wine! Finally met Chelsea and it was amazing. Saw KA again (recap coming later). Walked the strip. Found a place with free drinks. Danced. Drank more. Good times.

I don't think I'd ever leave my bathroom if there
was a TV in it with Ryan Reynolds on the screen, haha.

Friday: Pooool time. Mixer. Molly is the bubbliest cutest girl ever. Girly time. Pajama dress up. Planet Hollywood. Drinks! Ben + Tia + eyeliner = fierceness. Dance time with Lilu and Maxie. New friends. Diablos. Epic epic dance party all night long.

loved this pool.

Rachel is one bad ass Gaga.

Some of the original BISC crew:
Jessica, me, Amanda, Nicole, Allie, Ev'Yan, Andrea and Doni.

Chuck Bass rockin out with me, Lacey and Jess.

it's almost ridiculous how much I heart her, like wo.

some of my favorite LA ladies.

Saturday: Pooool time. Photo scavenger hunt. Running, too much running. Team Tiger for the win! Sex story share time. Sex toy giveaway. Dinner at Serendipity. "I'm obsessed with not dying" - Jess. Best sandwich ever. Hilarious conversation. Voyeur into the life of Nicole and Jamie. Dead hooker nap time/swat team/007/penis poke/fountain jump/ all around ridiculous night with Nicole and everyone that found us later. Ginger vodka + sierra mist = most amazing drink ever. Let's have security escort us.

chillin out, relaxin all cool.
(super cute pic from Ali)

Team Tiger winners! Grrrrrr.

fountain jump!!
"hey ladies, homeless people pee in there"

"if we drink half of this there's
going to be a situation"

swat team/007 leader.

Doni shushing us all, way too funny.

love this picture of the swat crew.

Sunday: Goodbye brunch. Champagne. Mini bottles. Crepes. Dead hooker hangover my goodness, my goodness.

another pic from Ali,
goodbye brunch time.

Pretty much it's impossible to fully capture how amazing and wonderful this past weekend was and how many great people I met and the memories we made and the ridiculousness that ensued and yeah, fill me in if I forgot something major because there's a good chance I did since I lost my brain last week. So thank you again and again Nicole for organizing such a wonderful event and yeah rainbow heartface miss you all already.

So let's do it again soon okay guys? Superb. Lovely. Win!

happy tuesday!


Tia said...


best dance party EVER.

Tia said...
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Rachel said...

I have a feeling that picture is going to come back to haunt me, but it will be TOTALLY worth it.

We MUST schedule some more pool time!

Julie Q said...

your pictures are amazing!!! I'm so glad so many bloggers got to party it up :) :)

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

you guys looked like you had such a great time, great photos and memories for all!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Ahhh, looks like so much fun!

Matt said...

Great photos! I especially like Nicole's 007 pic.

Great stuff, glad you all had so much fun!

Morgan | Mrs. Priss said...

great recap! And yes, that dance party was a definite WIN.

Allison M. said...

looks like a fantastic time! I'm so mad I missed it.

Nora said...

Looks amazing! I hope to be there next year =)

Anonymous said...

Our swat team is specifically designed to extract alcohol from people's rooms while the occupants are asleep.

Oh, Vegas.

LiLu said...

I miss you desperately already. You, Chuck Bass, Jess and Lbluca can expect an LA visit very, very soon, I would think.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

ABSOLUTELY ADORED MEETING YOU, you're beautiful and sweet and awesome.

Ali said...

Couldn't have summed it up better myself. And I know this, because my post will go up sometime this week (or year) and it won't be nearly as coherent because what just happened this weekend?!


Andrea said...

hashtag dead hooker SOS!

samdotcom said...

Yes! Looks like the best time! Glad you all had so much fun :)

nicole antoinette said...

You just wait. A real swat team is totally going to call me to hire us. You'll see.



Jamie said...

The funniest moment (among ALL OF THEM) was when Nicole and I basically forgot that someone else was in the room and we were having our weird shorthand conversations because we were so tired and you're all, "I feel like I'm a voyeur."

And then Nicole became a dead hooker.

Yeahhhh. VEGAS.

ÄsK AliCë said...

Dance party at Diablo's FTW, amazingness.

lbluca77 said...

Seriously it was such an awesome weekend. So glad I got to meet you.

its funny how we all came home with some kind of cold/lost voice situation. Bloggers that party together, get sick together.

Ben said...

Thighs. Still sore. STILL.

At least the eyeliner is finally off.

San said...

This sounds like such an amazing time... I want to come next year!!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

That crepe was seriously amazing. Want one NOW! It was so good to see you. Can't wait for August!

Katie said...

Great pics. I love seeing all of the familiar faces from last year's 20sb meet-up in Chicago.

EP said...

Aww, SO fun! I'm happy to hear it was an amazing time! And this post makes me want to go back to the desert!

toywithme said...

Great pic's - I love the Gaga outfit, the band-aids are the perfect touch.