Monday, May 17, 2010

Busyish Relaxingish Awesomeness.

Oh what a wonderful weekend indeed, seriously it was a good combination of busy and lazy and I just loved it. So shall we break it down? Here we go!

Friday: After work my sister and Matt came and picked me up and we were on our way to see my favorite band, O.A.R. in concert!!! Seriously I love them and their music and just ah all around. Pretty much we got great spots at the Wiltern and just hung out and watched the great openener, A.L.O. (yes it was the night of acronym bands). The only major downer was at the very end of the opening act Matt got hit in the head with a camera. Yes, like an actual video camera filming the show on a big beam and everything came down and hit Matt directly on the head. I freaked out and went and got people to come look at his head and Matt tried to be all manly and say it didn't hurt, but it did. Luckily the rest of the show went on without any additional injury although Matt's head did hurt a bit.

love them.

way to smile through the pain Matt.

heyyyyy girrrrrl.

All in all it was a great show and I'm so glad O.A.R. came to LA and they are welcome back any time!

Saturday: Slept in a bit before going with my mom and my friend Katrina to try on my wedding dress!!! It wasn't actually a fitting since they suggest I don't do that until July but I really wanted to just see the dress and try it on and ohmygod you guys I'm still in love. My dress is so classy and elegant and ah! Love it. And the most amazing thing was that it was actually big (especially in the bust! so unheard of for me, haha). Pretty much the dress is great and my shoes look good with it and I cannot wait to put it on again and again!

After hanging out a bit with my mom and Katrina I came home and relaxed for a couple hours and caught up on the DVR before heading out with Matt to my aunt and uncle's house for a nice night together. My aunt and uncle treated Matt and I to dinner and a movie as a belated birthday gift and it was so fun! We had a pretty laid back dinner before heading to Gold Class to see Iron Man 2. The movie was pretty good, the atmosphere was awesome and it was just a good night all around. After the movie we hung for a bit, watched some Big Bang Theory and just had a good time. Pretty much a wonderful night.

Sunday: Slept in again (oh how I love sleep) and woke up realizing I had nothing to do. So with that I decided to watch some TV and then reinstall the Sims on my computer. Pretty much I knew it was a bad idea but I couldn't help it. I love the Sims. Whenever I start playing I play for hours, days at a time and ah, I get addicted (like that's a surprise...) So yeah I did that for a couple hours before I went walking with my mom at the Rose Bowl. After walking Matt and I headed over to my parent's house for dinner which was fun and then ultimately ended the night at home playing the Sims and watching TV and drinking wine, aka a win, haha.

So yes, it was a loverly busyish/relaxingish weekend and I lurved it.

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!


Andhari said...

Your weekend sounds nice and I envy your Sunday! I wanna sleep that much too :D haha

Sara said...

What an awesome weekend! Mine was not nearly that exciting, but pretty nice and relazing: lots of eating and reading and more eating!

Nora said...

So envious that you were at OAR on Friday night; I listened to the Twilight soundtrack all day Saturday since the mood struck me & the OAR song on there reminded me of you . Wanted to text you but alas, I do not have your phone number!? Anyway, glad you had a lovely weekend =)

Breathe Gently said...

Haha, I said it on Twitter but man, I love me some Sims. I make my little Simmies fish for hours in Sims 3. It's kind of awesome. :)

Poor Matt's head!

I think it's great that you are so excited about your wedding dress - a good sign that it's THE ONE for you. I'm hoping I'll be able to have a similar experience when the time comes!

OceanDreams said...

Relaxing is always the best! :) Glad you had a nice time. I did a lot of relaxing myself.

Julie Q said...

see- YOUR oar concert looks fun. My last oar concert had a bunch of 15 year olds smoking up and throwing up in front of me. it was disastrous... welp, looks like i'm coming to visit you for the next one!

amanda said...

he got hit with the equipment? oh my gosh, who does that even happen to! what a trooper for continuing through the concert with a smiling face. poor guy!

sounds like a lovely weekend.

Jamie said...

That sounds like a pretty fantastic weekend! Minus the whole camera to head thing, of course.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I need to take lessons from you about how to sleep in because I cannot do it!! Looks like a great weekend and I get to SEE YOU IN TWO DAYS!

Ali said...

Some jackass hit Matt with camera equipment?

I will TAKE them DOWN! Haha. Glad to hear he's okay though.

And don't eeeeven get me started on The Sims. I just...can't love for that damn game.

Vixations said...

I WAS AT THAT O.A.R. SHOW TOOOOO! So much fun this weekend weeeee I love you!