Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blahs and Squees.

Yesterday I couldn't really think of what to write about because life is just too busy and crazy and exciting and I know I said I just wouldn't blog if I didn't have to but I wanted to and ah, I'm rambling, so here we go.

Things that are blah:
  • Tonight will be the last night I'm at Matt's mom's house since she's moving this weekend. It's just so sad to say goodbye to the house that's had so many good memories.

  • I hate packing. It sort of stresses me out because I can never figure out if I've brought enough stuff or too much and ah!

  • Some of my faves won't be coming to Vegas and that makes me sad.
Things that are squeeee worthy:
  • I'm heading to Vegas TOMORROW! Holy crap it's tomorrow. And I finally get to meet some bloggers I've been reading forever and meet new ones and ah! Excited!

  • And next Friday four of my friends from college are flying to LA and it begins my Bachelorette/Bridal shower weekend that I know nothing about and it's all a surprise and all sorts of friends are coming and ohmygoodness I cannot wait.

  • Mustache toppers. Seriously they make me laugh and my new Facebook profile pic cracks me up.

  • 101 days until Matt and I get married!!

Basically life is all sorts of crazy and how is today only Wednesday?

What's blah or squee in your life today??

happy wednesday!


Allison M. said...

AM I considered one of your faves who isn't going to Vegas? I keep telling Jessica that I'm going to be the 4th in her room.

Mandy said...

Have a great time in Vegas, Katelin!

AshleyD said...

I'm feeling a little blah because I can't go to Vegas this year... but there is always next year, right?! I hope you have a wonderful time. I can't wait to see all the pictures and hear the crazy/fun/lovely stories.

Breathe Gently said...

Ha, those moustache pictures never cease to crack me up.

101 days! woo!

have fun in Vegas & LA!

Grace said...

Woo hoo! Have a great time in Vegas! I am squeeing about the weather getting warmer in DC.

Hillary said...

Have fun in Vegas! I'm very sad that I'm not going. But I'm very happy that mustache cupcake toppers make you squeee :)

lbluca77 said...

Bring the moustache to vegas and the cupcake!

See ya there.

samdotcom said...


Doniree said...

My life is all squee right now - super busy, so many opportunities, VEGAS TOMORROW, etc. Just NUTS. Life is NUTS! I'll see you tomorrow!

Ali said...

Blah = no Vegas for another 2 days.

Squee = Vegas in 2 days!!!

Sizzle said...

I hear you on the crazy- and I'm not even getting married!

It's all fun stuff though. Enjoy!

Jamie said...

I am sad about Vegas. But you'll have to have enough fun for me too!