Thursday, June 3, 2010

The day after.

Wow that title sounds dismal, then again the day after the best bachelorette party wasn't exactly rainbows and marathon running. In reality the day after consisted of me feeling like absolute death and being the worst hostess ever to my friends, haha.

However I did somehow manage to get it together to go with everyone to lunch at Island's (seriously I love that place and it was awful to be able to enjoy lunch) and then to see Sex and the City 2 at the new Arclight. I gotta say the movie was a little over the top and a bit ridiculous at parts but it was all sorts of fun to see it with a ton of girls.

After the movie we all hung out (well I napped and everyone else hung out) and had dinner and watched lots of movies and it was loverly all around (well minus that hangover part).

Finally Monday I was feeling better which was great since two of my college girls, Virginia and Liz, were still here. Since we didn't really have plans set for the day we all decided to go to Huntington Library and enjoy a nice day outside. And once we got there Matt decided to be photographer which was all sorts of fun...


me, Virginia and Liz enjoying the day.

seriously lovely.

what precious little duck bebes.

we're all soooo strong!

walking into the rose garden.

this woman is everywhere!

love the color of this rose.

Pretty much it was the perfect afternoon spent with friends and my fiance and I was so glad to enjoy it all. The rest of the day was just as lazy and fun playing games and watching more movies and having fun with friends.

And thus was the best weekend ever. Lurve it.

Any garden roaming for you lately?

happy thursday!


Breathe Gently said...

That park looked just gorgeous! A beautiful summery weekend, lucky things. :)

I recognise one of the girls in your picture - did Virginia used to have a blog???

Julie Q said...

I toured some pretty gardens when I was in Miami last year- agreed its actually really fun! (totally not my normal routine though). great pix matt!

Jamie said...


That sounds like a good hangover recovery though. Pretty pictures too!

Nora said...

Looks like a lovely day! The Duck Babies are incredibly awesomely adorable =)

Kyla Roma said...

Looks like an amazing day! A garden wander sounds *perfect* =)

Hollywood Sucker said...

Look at you in my new favorite place! Lovely lovely. I am aiming to get my own backyard garden to be so charming. So far it's mostly full of half-dead plants. Darn it.

ps- my word verification is bear chin

Virginia said...

YAY! It was such a fun weekend with you! I would like to come back to Cali now, Ohio sadly pales in comparison (especially since the weather has been gross since I got home). But I am so excited that I get to see you (and Matt) again in only a WEEK!

We Are Not Martha said...

Awww that looks like a blast-- minus the hangover part!

And I totally miss Virgina! She (along with you) was one of the first blogs I started reading years and years ago :)


Sizzle said...

I need to get myself to a garden and roam. That looks lovely!

amanda said...

haha, the betty white comment!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Oh my god Betty White is becoming the Oprah of flowers! Incredible! The gardens are SO gorgeous, OMG.

Megan Ashley said...

Um, just went there in February to see an exhibit and had just enough time to see the new (sorta) Chinese garden which I hear is ever expanding... so beautiful! Great pictures btw.