Friday, June 25, 2010

When I grow up.

So this past week has entailed several events that have made me feel like a grown up. And because I'm all about sharing and sharing is caring and caring is awesome and awesome is...yeah I have no idea where I'm going with that I'm totally rambling.

So what's been uber grown up like?

Well if getting married wasn't enough to kick my butt into adulthood, sending the invites out sure as hell was a step in that direction. Monday we made our wedding even more official by sending out 125 invitations and since most people have already received theirs I figured I could finally share here what they look like:

and the super cute stamps we used:

Also super adultlike? Getting a new fridge. Matt and I got a super sleek new fridge that totally stands out in our kitchen but it's all sorts of awesome and pretty and I like it a lot.

I also took another step towards adulthood by wearing a robe and drinking red wine. Super classy and refined right? Yeah I thought so too.

Basically besides the bill paying and responsible like stuff, being a grown up isn't half bad sometimes, woo!

Anyhoo, any "grown up" moments in your life lately? Or am I the only one who thinks of these things?

happy weekend!


Chrissy said...

My grownup moment was ( and this is serious), at the beginning of the year, having the chutzpah and ending a relationship that was toxic!. YAY..Do u know how liberating that is, tho it was scary...I am free!! lol

freckleonthenose said...

The robe and red wine bit still makes me laugh!

The new fridge looks fabulous. Your red magnets pop like whoa.

leticia said...

I like the 'drinking wine in a robe' part... that's soo 30's lol..
My 'grown up' moments are when I get excited about pots/pans/furniture sales :)

Nora said...

anytime i wear a robe i feel like a grown-up. though, i rarely wear one.

other things that make me feel grown up: business trips, business meetings, going to the dry cleaners.

Barbara said...

For me it was shopping for a new car. Having to deal with all those salesman sucked!

Ali said...

Those invitations are so you and Matt, I love it!

amanda said...

LOVE the invites. how adorable. i can't believe it's all coming together. i remember when he proposed. eeeek! you must be so excited.

i think i'll feel grown up when i move out...until then, i feel all sorts of childish. pshh.

San said...

You're definitely not the only one who thinks about those things... ;)

Moving to a different country (and continent!) was definitely one of those "adult moments" for me.

*~Dani~* said...

Wearing a robe and drinking wine sounds so Hugh Hefner.

I love those stamps! I wish they had been around during my wedding. They would have been perfect for our Vegas venue.

Ashalah said...

I'm picturing you in a red velour robe with gold tassels for some reason...

I can't say I've had any adult moments...unless going out with a guy you've known since you were eight and realizing how twenty years have gone by and how different you both are from even ten years ago (when we last saw each other) counts.

Your invitations are beautiful!

EP said...

Ah! Exciting!

I have had a lot of the same moments recently... like sending out our save the dates and finalizing the invites. It's crazy. And this whole feeling like a grown up thing is SO weird! But exciting!

Breathe Gently said...

Yep, moving in with Jason was about my biggest grown up moment - especially since it was done overseas!

Rock the robe, hehe.

Love your invites and your stamps are just gorgeous too. :) How big is your wedding going to be in terms of guests?

chronic procrastination said...

Hmm well I'm only 16 but I've been feeling very "grown up" recently - long story short, my Dad is getting remarried in August to his girlfriend of 6 months, and instead of causing ruckus and being the pain stopping our new family from coming together, I've accepted it and started to make an effort! Sounds a bit rambly and silly but I feel rather adult these days ;)

steph anne said...

Love your invites!! Wish we used unique stamps but we didn't.

My first grown up moment was when my husband and I bought our house last year. It was also an exciting time!!