Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hollywood is the new hawtness.

I swear Hollywood Tuesdays will be on Tuesdays again for more than just a week at a time, haha. Anyhoozits although I was out for a while I still managed to find some Hollywoodness to share today so here we go:
  • Starting off with some serious cuteness we have little Levi McConaughey rockin some team Brasil gear just in time for the World Cup. And although his hair is long and almost girllike and I don't usually like such long hair on boys, this pic of him made my heart melt a wee bit.

    gah he's so cute!

  • Also lookin all sorts of adorable is little Nahla Aubrey on her trip to Disneyland with mom and dad. It's so cute to see the whole family together again and Nahla is just precious.

    so darn cute.

  • Moving on from the cutie pie bebes and onto some Hollywood mish mash...A SECOND I repeat SECOND car of Charlie Sheen's was found at the bottom of a hill (um. weird)... Taylor Swift showed everyone again why she is so awesome after doing a free meet and greet in Nashville that lasted 15 hours! Snooki and Jordan Knight were tweeting each other yesterday and it's just weird and back away Snooki, just back away...Katy Perry is split between the USA and England and of course she knows how to show it...and apparently Tom Brady has Beiber Fever...and I have a mild case of Zefron fever after this picture of him at the beach went up, oooh la la...and the Tony Awards were on Sunday and I didn't watch because I was on a plane but um Will Smith is so suave and other people were there too and Mr. Shue and Rachel Berry did a performance and it was awesome:

    the man does not age and I love it.

  • And in some favorites news...
    Did you know yesterday was Thank You Keanu day? Not even kidding. I freaking love it, too funny.

    I bet Keanu would cheer up if he was in a new movie with Sandra Bullock instead of Ryan Reynolds? But then again Ryan and Sandy are a cute pair too and I can't wait to see them on screen again.

    Also in some favoriteness, Ryan Gosling on set of his new movie just looking so cheeky and suave and I lurve it. I mean who else could rock a green suit so well?

    oh hello there.

  • And in today's Twilight news...
    Thank goodness Taylor Lautner is eighteen because holy crap these new GQ shots seem like they might be illegal because those abs are just wow.

    *jaw hitting ground*

    And the whole cast made a stop at Kimmel and love how much fun it looks like they're having with each other. TWO WEEKS TIL ECLIPSE COMES OUT, WEEEEEEE!

  • In TV news...
    Criminal Minds. Ummm what the eff? JJ is leaving! Seriously people, seriously!? And although I love Garcia she's going to be the only full time lady on the show now? Um what's up with that?

    GLEE! So much gleeness I don't even know where to start. So here goes it:
    • The cast graces the cover and inside pages of the Emmy mag and I sort of love it.
    • The finale was all sorts of awesome and I loved all of the Journey! Also loved that Sue has a heart and voted for them. And Josh Groban and baby Beth and ah! Just loved it all around.
    • Need more than that? Renee's Glee Love post sums up my sentiments pretty well.

  • Lastly in today's WTF news, Jesus was hit by lightning and went up in flames. If that isn't weird and just weird I don't really know what is.

And that my friends is this week's Hollywoodnes, anything I missed? As always let me know!

happy wednesday!


Breathe Gently said...

I love your roundups! Phwoar, Taylor is SMOKING hot. I love him as Jacob! Sigh. Silly Bella.

Mrs Soup said...

Ummmm, thank GOD Taylor is legal...because wow. You could do laundry on those abs. Mmmm, all wet and soapy.....

What? Huh? Where am I?

Nora said...

I don't think you missed anything, at least nothing that I can think of =) Always love these recaps!

Hillary said...

I am so sad that JJ is leaving. I love her character.

amanda said...

girlfriend! you always give me so much to comment on. i love hollywood day. it makes me smile. mmm, let me just say this, ryan gosling is super cute. i want to date him. i think michelle williams should hand him on over. kay, thanks.

Allison M. said...

i'm catching up on my early glee episodes now. love the show

Anonymous said...

STAMOS! GLEE! Oh man, SO excited for that one! They rope in the freakin BEST people... now it's time to recruit Taye Diggs, thankyouverymuch.

PS: Thanks for the link love, love!

Amanda said...

I love sad. I freakin' love that entire show. Also, I clicked through to look at Zac Efron, holy moly...abs.