Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ali Loves.

Hey girls (and maybe a guy or too? Bueller?)! This is Ali, from The Way I See It, taking over le blog de Katelin for today while she is either a) drinking lots of vino in Italy b) seeing the sights in Italy c) smooching her husband in Italy or d) all of the Italy. And truth be told, I couldn't be more excited to be here today. You see, Katelin holds a very special place in my heart, as her blog was one of the first blogs I'd ever read and to top it off, she welcomed me right into her group of amazing friends with open arms. And then there was that time we met for the first time in person over Dawson's Creek...but there's no time for that.

Okay, enough with the banter. Today, in honor of Katelin and Matt's nuptials, I'm listing off a few things I'm in lurve with (aside from Katelin, of course; sorry Matt).

1. Coffee
2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

3. Good, truthful quotes that start with (my lucky number) 13 -- double whammy!

4. Turquoise anything (but especially cupcakes)
5. Breakfast

6. Quality alone time

7. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (peanut butter + chocolate = most genius combo ever)

8. Traveling

9. Sleeping (preferably with my dogs)

10. Reading (nerd alert, but I must speak the truth!)
Hope you're all having a wonderful day! And thank you, my dear Katelin, for letting me visit! Have a glass of wine for me, and feel free to bring back an Italian man in your suitcase...


Breathe Gently said...

Omgosh, those hearty pancakes are precious. Good picks, I likey.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

#2, yes please.

Nora said...

And now I'm craving cupcakes, while reading, in bed, with puppy cuddles!

Dree said...

Okay, as I read this I was eating a Reeses peanut butter cup! Have you been reading my mind?! Haha. I love all of your pics, and the quote is a new favorite!

Ali said...

Ah, thanks guys! So much fun.

Vanessa said...

Those pancakes with heart bananas are soooo cute! And Joseph... dear Joseph. Love him! As well as coffee. Coffee is my first love <3.

Gretchen said...

I love all of those things... my heart kind of leapt when I saw Joseph G-L...I thought (kinda hoped, and thus increased my chances of snagging him) I was the only one in the universe who recognized his hotness. (now I'm married, so I've let that dream go)

And there is no joy like sleeping with your dogs.