Friday, September 10, 2010

LiLu Loves.

Well, it's finally here. The beautiful, spunky, vivacious and all-around too adorable for words Katelin and her beau are officially MAWWIED!!!!! (Congrats, lovebugs! Squeeeeee!)

By now you know all too well that they're off galavanting around Italy while we babysit her corner of the interwebs, so Hi! I'm LiLu from Live It, LOVE It, and I'm here to share with you my greatest love...


I just can't help it. Nothing makes me smile like my morning email from I Can Has Chzburger. Nothing warms my heart like a puppy with too-big ears scampering across the kitchen floor as he trips on them. Nothing makes me squeal the way a woman (allegedly) should when a baby's around like a baby panda sneezing.

(Witnessing true love is great, too, I suppose. You guys are a close second, Katelin. But seriously... did you really think you could compete with these?!

Imma let you go on your honeymoon, lady, but these are

The Ten Most Painfully Adorable/Totally Awesome Animal Videos Of All Time.


1. Keyboard Cat

2. Boogie Boogie Hedgehog

3. The Mean Kitty Song

4. Skateboarding Dog

5. The Sneezing Baby Panda

6. Hampster on a Piano... Eating Popcorn on a Piano

7. Simon's Cat (see all the Simon's Cat videos here)

8. Standing Cat

click here for the "Zorro'd" version


And finally, just try to watch this without bawling:

10. Christian the Lion

A thousand congratulations to you both, and lady, I can't wait to bearhug you again soon. Or else.

Big wet (slightly awkward) smooches,



Breathe Gently said...

Oh my god, I am dying of laughter at the Hedgehog. These are gold. *goes back to watching the rest* :D

Emily Jane said...

Standing cat is amazing :D I'm surprised OMG Cat didn't make it!

KellyGrrl said...

Stupid Christian the Lion... Gets me every time! He's just so happy to see them!!

amanda said...

HAHA! o em gee. you WOULD post your ten fave animal vids.