Monday, October 25, 2010

A snippet kind of weekend.

Here is what my oh so riveting and ridiculous (complete sarcasm) weekend looked like:

Dinner with my aunt and uncle, drink margaritas, sleep.

Eat, stomachache, shop - got this:

and this:

and I'm in luuuurve.

Bought some books, wedding reception, see old friends, sleep some more, dinner with family, stomachache, sore neck, sleep some more and then more.

Spend all day Sunday feeling like crap, watching DVRed shows, more season four of Dexter (holy crap people, holy crap only four more episodes to go and just WOW), Practical Magic then Twilight and half sleeping, drinking 7 up and playing the Sims.

Exciting times in the Katelinhood really.

Let's just hope this ickiness goes away, it's a busy week ahead and next weekend is set to be much more exciting and pictureful and awesome.

Hopefully your weekends were a wee bit better and healthier, anything exciting to share?

Oh! And don't forget to enter my giveaway, I mean it's for a fabulous cause people.

And Oh 2.0, today's my half birthday - weeeeee! Happy Half Birthday to me! :)

happy monday!


Liz OT said...

Sorry about your stomachache, but this sounds like a glorious weekend otherwise, and I love the cardigans!

Katrina 24/7 said...

i was totally going to buy those sweaters (in diff colors though) from Old navy.. funny!

Jamie said...

That yellow cardigan is a perfect Katelin cardigan. It really is!

Hope you feel better!

Angela Noelle said...

Yay for cardi weather!!! Hope you're feeling much better now :)

Anonymous said...

I got the same yellow cardigan last weekend!! Looks great with skinny jeans. :-)

Rachel said...

Feel better, lady! xo

Kourtney said...

And since today is your half birthday, that means it's one month until my birthday! woo.

ps, I need that yellow sweater :)

Blicious said...

love those cardigans! so cute!


Nora said...

Love the cardigans.
And the fact that you said "Oh 2.0" You are too adorable.

Feel better soon!

We Are Not Martha said...

I hope you feel better!! Those cardigans are super cute :) :)


brandy said...

Awww lovely I hope you feel better soon! Also? I just bought that yellow cardigan last month! I looove that we are cardigan twinsies now!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Oh my god Katelin, I bought the yellow cardi in teal with the gray and I bought the OTHER cardi in black and have it in argyle. Seriously, are we twins?

Julie Q said...

Hope you are feeling better! Maybe all of these belated comments from Julie Q will lift your spirits hahahahaha