Friday, October 15, 2010


First of all, thank you for all of the kind comments on yesterday's post, it was just something on my mind and something to get out of my system and thank you for listenin.

Anyhoozits, in more positive and ridiculous talk, lately I've been thinking ahead to the next couple of months and the trips that are in store for me and I can barely contain my excitement. If you know me you know that I've always had a travel bug and I love going ANYWHERE and ever since we got back from our honeymoon (yes, the one to Italy that I have yet to discuss or share, ridiculous right?) I've been itching for another trip, another vacation. Luckily I've got so much coming up in the next couple of months that it'll be hard for me to get stir crazy.

So today I feel like sharing where the the next fourteen months are taking me:

Aptos, California
Greensboro, North Carolina
I booked this trip literally two days ago because I decided I couldn't wait until next June to see my BFF Jen, and really...can you blame me, haha?

New Orleans, Louisiana
Las Vegas, Nevada
Columbus, Ohio
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this trip isn't for sure but oh how I want it to work out.
San Diego, California
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
So excited to actually vist the city and celebrate Zoe's wedding, I mean how cute our dresses will be swapped next time we take this picture :)

Other potential destinations for the coming months include: San Francisco, Santa Barbara and New York. (because apparently I can't sit still, haha)

Needless to say I am excited and in the midst of all of this Matt and I are thinking about moving, I mean seriously I think I'm crazy sometimes.

So are you heading anywhere soon? Any trips to the LA area because I always love a good blogger meetup you know?

happy friday!


San said...

Oh man, I am jealous. So many trips planned.

If you come to SF, let me know... I'll meet you there (like we have once before ;)).
If I'll come to LA, I let you know.


Jen said...


Zoe said...

Aww I can't wait to switch our dresses!!

Rachel said...

Yay for travellin'! :)

And if you have any free time (yeah right) while you're in the O-H, you should let me know! :)

Blicious said...

this post makes me want to go out of town this weekend! haha

im going to china and korea soon! :)


Auburn Kat said...

I love for NY!

Susan said...

That's so awesome! I always have a trip lined up in my little TripIt reminder and when I got back from my honeymoon I saw that I have none and I was so sad about it. Can't wait to see Italy photos!

Lindsey said...

I love to travel too and am dying to go to Italy. How was it??

Nora said...

So, two questions... a) are youe ver coming to st. louis and b) if not, when can I meet up with you on one of those other fabulous vacations you're taking!?

amanda said... i see philadelphia on your list?? that's my hood, girlfriend! umm, do i see long chats of pacey witter/celeb gossip/tv talk and such in the future? that would be lovelyyyy.

ugh, i've been DYING to hit up LA. i can't believe i haven't been there yet.

sarah marie p said...

Oooh you have so many fun trips to look forward to! Lucky girl!