Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A BFF kind of ridiculous weekend.

And I'm back (and about to leave again) from good ole North Carolina and oh what a wonderful trip it was. Luckily there were no delays and nothing but laughing and good times the whole time, basically it was fabulous.

Thursday: So remember how I said I wanted to see someone famous in the airport? Well turns out that someone famous was on my flight. There were about two black SUVs, a black town car and a police car all waiting by the plane and when I got on I saw a guy with an earpiece on so I knew it had to be someone important. Turns out it was former first lady Laura Bush on her way back to Dallas, crazy pants.

Anyhoo once I got to Greensboro Jen picked me up and we got to visit with her nephew for a bit and her brother before heading out to have some delicious Mexican dinner. We pretty much laughed nonstop and acted like it hadn't been months seen we'd hung out last, loverly. We spent the rest of the night, drinking wine and watching Toddlers and Tiaras (ohmygod please look up last week's episode with Alexis and Jacquelyn and her puppet Arnold, TV gold people, GOLD) and all sorts of other gems Jen had recorded.

Friday: After sleeping in for a bit and watching more bad TV we went on a nice stroll in the park nearby and ohmygoodnessSNOW!

snow is just so pretty!

After a stroll in the snow we did a bit of shopping and lunching and just funness all around. Eventually we went downtown for pizza with Jen's boyfriend. It was so tasty and fun getting to meet Keith and drinking together and just yay. After dinner we went to a bar for drinks and more laughs and interrogation (me to Keith, I mean it's my duty as BFF right? haha).

practicing some of our best pageant moves.

aw aren't they just so cute!?

We wrapped up the night at a hotel bar and seriously I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard. And then on the cab ride home Jen and I took ridiculous pictures and just wow, good times:

more pageantry, ridiculous.

oh goodness, we're just so silly.

Saturday: Slept in for a bit before heading over to the Civil Rights Museum (and how appropriate on MLK's actual birthday right?). It was so fun to take a tour and check out the original place of the first sit ins. Just so fascinating.

simply. amazing.

After an afternoon at the museum we went to see True Grit (such a good movie) and grab some tasty Italian dinner, yum! We decided to just spend the rest of the night in hanging out, drinking and we ended up watching 17 Again and oh man, what a movie. All I have to say is "Carnations? What a douchebag." Hilariousness.

Sunday: Before my flight home we spent our afternoon doing some more shopping and lunching and ice creaming and was all sorts of loverly. And just as we were leaving we saw this sign and it is just all too appropriate to sum up our weekend:

freaking amazing.

Basically it was the most fabulous kind of weekend with my best friend that I could have asked for. And I cannot wait to do it again.

And fill me in, how was your weekend? Anything fun or ridiculous?

happy tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! Weekends with best friends are the best. Also... LMAO at that stop sign! That is amazing!!

And I had a great weekend too... Yay for fun productiveness :)

Mandy said...

Sounds like a great time. And yes, its your duty as BFF to question the boyfriend. =)

Angela Noelle said...

What a great weekend of friend fun! I am dying to see True Grit, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

amanda said...

hahaha. STOP hammer time. i'm obsessed with that.

sounds like and AMAZING weekend. just what the doc ordered.

Nora said...

totally laughed out loud at the stop sign. that's just awesome.
Glad you had a lovely time!

I spent my weekend lazing around...

Susan said...

What a great weekend! I traveled too, went to New Orleans with my gal pals.

Blicious said...

HAHA "stop, hammer time"!! amazing!!

cute pics!


Anonymous said...

I love your pictures! It sounds like you and your bff had an amazing weekend.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

ha ha ha I love that photo of you in snow! I hope you dressed warm. And no, I'm behind on Toddlers & Tiaras but it sounds like I need to see that episode RIGHT NOW