Friday, January 7, 2011


As I was driving home from work yesterday this blog post just started writing itself. Because apparently I think of really random shit (yes I cuss...sometimes, haha) when I drive (or take a shower, seriously my most random and best ideas come when I'm driving to/from work or taking a shower, it's bizarre). Anyways, I thought for today's post I'd share some things about me (cause clearly they're things you want to know, clearly):
  • Keith Urban's newest CD has not left my CD player since Christmas.
  • Yes I still listen to CDs.
  • And yes I sing every song out loud and dance like the ridiculous person I am when I'm driving by myself.

  • I once hit a parked car.
  • The owner of the car was nuts.
  • I've been nervous when parking ever since.

  • I didn't cry at all during our wedding ceremony.
  • Oh but the speeches got the waterworks show.
  • And then (NO AND THEN - name that movie, haha) when I watched the video - waterfall of tears. Seriously my tearflow makes no sense!

  • Speaking of our wedding, I still miss it.
  • And I'm in love with our professional pictures.
  • Clearly.

  • I played the flute in 5th grade.
  • No there are no band camp jokes there.
  • It was 5th grade people!

Anything you'd like to confess before the weekend? Get it off your chest, really it's okay, you can do it!

happy weekend!


San said...

I'm still listening to CDs, too. (High five!)

Also, I've been a crybaby since I returned from Europe on Monday.

Jenn said...

I played the flute in grade school. I even went to summer practice. A much larger girl thought I was cute cause I was small. She apparently didn't like cute people because she picked me up and put me in a garbage can.

Traumatized by summer band practice. I'll never play the flute again.

Nora said...

the movie: Dude!? Where's my Car.

Also, I still listen to CDs as well.

Love that photo of you two. You're adorable :)

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

listening to CDs is totally normal, and something i DID until i got a sweet bose mobile speaker for my ipod

Julie Q said...

I PLAYED THE FLUTE IN 5TH GRADE! Except, there were only 2 of us, so when it came time for the 'flute part' in the recital, basically my mom realized i was lip syncing playing the flute and told me that my career as a flutist was dunzo (duh, i'd be trying to tell her that the entire time)

Anonymous said...

I love listening to CD's!! So far Sugarland's newest CD has been in my player since October 9 and I don't think it will taken out any time soon :)

amanda said...

please, dude where's my car. i hate that movie. but it does have some cherish-able quotes!

i once hit a lady on foot. like i was driving, she was not. she was nuts, too. {i don't think i really hit her}

you look GORG in that photo.

confession: in college, i re-watched all the box sets of dawsons creek and i wrote myself in as a new character. it was weird. but i loved it.

jamie said...

Confession #1: You're my favorite.

Confession #2: I'm watching Say Yes to the Dress right now. Love.

Sum said...

Haha I've had the same things happen to me as I'm walking or driving. I think of blog posts I want to write or I'm going to write. We have a lot in common! I sing out every song when I'm driving alone. I have hit a parked car and left a note on the driver's windshield. There was no damage. I was listening to some loud and obnoxious music when I accidentally backed into a parked car. My friends were in the car with me and they haven't trusted me driving since. Playing the flute in 5th grade is nothing to be embarrassed about. I am obsessed with your wedding picture! You are absolutely darling, stunning, gorgeous and breathtaking!

OceanDreams said...

confession: I should be applying for jobs instead of blogging, ha! i don't think i would cry at my wedding, i would be SO happy and your wedding pictures are gorgeous! said...

I am afraid I will cry at my wedding actually! And I think the picture is quite cute. xD

Anonymous said...

Ummm I adore your professional wedding pics too! Everytime you post a new one I always awwwwwwwwww!

Susan said...

When I'm stumped on a blog post I take a shower too and that's when my good ideas come. And I am loving your professional pics, I'm still living vicariously through mine.

EP said...

Your photos are SO BEAUTIFUL! And I was the same way with our wedding. I didn't cry - I could only beam. But when we got the photos back, I totally choked up.

Who knows what the deal is with our waterworks, huh? At least we like our images!