Friday, January 28, 2011

Our Honeymoon: Winos in Wine Country.

So kids, I've been married for five months. FIVE FREAKING MONTHS. I mean no, how was my wedding five months ago? Yeah I don't know either.

Anyhoo, I clearly covered everything about the wedding (with the exception of professional pictures here and there) but I realized I only talked about the honeymoon in two measely posts. I mean we were there for two weeks and all I talked about was the food and the view, what is wrong with me people???

So to celebrate five fabulous months of marriedom I thought I'd share some more pictures from the honeymoon and this time I'm taking you to Chianti.

One of the main stipulations I made before we left for our honeymoon was that I wanted us to do a wine tour while we were staying in Florence. I mean hello, have you seen Under the Tuscan Sun? I needed some vineyards and wine tastings and yeah, I needed it. And alas we got it. We found a day tour that would take us to a castle in Chianti where we could tour the land and try the wines and my goodness people, it was magic. Pure Italian vino magic.

the castle. I mean really, we were at
a castle people. swoooon.

who knew a castle would be so cute.

and gorgeous!

Matt and I in the wine cellar.

I think these bottles have been there a while.

Matt trying to push some barrels,
because that's what you do right?

mmmm tasty garlic bread.


the castle's logo: the black rooster.

the view from the top.
see that wine bottle vineyard in the distance?
amazing right??

Matt carrying our final loot.

And that my friends is Chianti in a nutshell. Don't you just want to hop on a plane and go right this second? Because I do!

happy weekend!


Nora said...

Yes, please.
That would be awesome.
I can't wait to get to Italy.
Thanks for sharing more photos :)

Abby said...

Your honeymoon looks awesome and truly, thank you for using the word wino. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Super cute pictures Katelin! Also, I really love what you were wearing :)

I hope whenever I go on a honeymoon that I get to go somewhere fun & different like you guys did. It seriously looks like it was tons and tons and tons and tons of fun!

Susan said...

I wish I was there right now!

Vanessa said...

Omg awesome pics! And hello, LOVE Under the Tuscan Sun! It makes me want to up and move to Tuscany! Have a good weekend!

Angela Noelle said...

Oh yeah, our Chianti wine tasting was definitely in the Top 3 of Italy experiences!

sarah marie p said...

So neat the tour was in a castle! Looks like the whole experience was a gorgeous adventure! Now I wanna watch "Under The Tuscan Sun"!

Terra said...

Looks absolutely AMAZING! I only recently went to my first wineries ever (in Virginia) and I really want to visit more - especially in foreign countries.

amanda said...

i love how matt has the camera hanging around his neck! he's ready to go.

what great looking pictures. seriouslyyyyyy.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

First, I'm SO GLAD you posted this. Tomorrow we need to gchat about where you guys organized your Chianti trip through. I'm looking for a full day excursion too and need your advice!