Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why hello 2011.

I've spent past New Year Eve's doing anything from spending it on the strip in Vegas, to going to a random house party, to actually hosting a party and even spending the night on the Rose Parade route.

This year we rang in the new year a bit differently. This year we were with some friends at their apartment playing card games and drinking champagne and making pizzas and it was fabulous. I felt so grown up (and we all know how that is, I mean hell I have a freaking label about grown upness, I'm obsessed!).

happy new year!

we're just a little bit silly.

my pizza: apple, pineapple, bacon and

Timithie and Nick, our hosts of the evening.

I mean yeah part of me wanted to dress up in a sparkly dress and pay high prices to get cocktails and dance and do the club thing or the fancy restaurant thing but that just wasn't this year's plan. And the other part of me completely enjoyed wearing my sparkly shoes and silly beads and laughing the night away with my husband and good friends. Oh grownupdom.

And on New Year's day Matt and I spent most of the afternoon in our pajamas (not hungover, hurrah! hurrah!) watching the parade and hanging out before venturing up to my parents' house for some chowder and football, twas loverly. And as if we didn't eat enough (definitely sarcasm) we then went to Matt's dad's house for more football and dinner (clearly I can't say no to food), haha. All in all it was a fabulous (and delicious) way to ring in the new year.

And now we're in a new year. What the what??

How was your new year's eve/new year's? Did you wear sparkly things? Or eat tasty things? Woo!

happy tuesday!


Mandy said...

Sounds like a lovely way to ring in the new year! I much prefer a night in with dear friends having fun playing games, making food, etc.

That is typically my new years, but this year one of my best friends was married so there was dressing up and lots of partying.

Nora said...

Love this post! You and Matt are so adorable together (in case I don't tell you that enough!?). I did enjoy some chips + queso on NYE along with my wine, as well as oreos and well, it was just fabulous. Can't go wrong with junk food on NYE can you!?

Wishing you a happy new year!

Angela Noelle said...

We had a similar experience ringing in the New Year at a tapas party at a friend's house :) I've definitely gotten to the point that I far prefer that to paying exorbitant prices just to spend my night fighting the crowds and drunks out at bars and restaurants!

Mary Carter said...

Nothing sparkly. I was told I looked "Navajo". Better than "Nappyjo".:) I'm with you on the grownupness though. I spent NYE in a bar with a bunch of married folks that I usually babysit for. HA! I highly enjoyed it though. At 19 years old, I feel WAY to old.Happy New Year!


d said...

Um, love the idea of a pizza party! We got Little Star pizza to go (which is DELICIOUS if you're ever in SF), drank tons of champs, and made our way to a house party where we knew like one person and it was great! I love mellow NYE. Happy New Year!

Susan said...

So lovely, and grownup! I did something very similar, except in Jersey!

Sarah said...

That does sounds awesome! And your pizza is making me hungry. Happy New Year!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Sounds like a great new years! I was also not hungover (too much) this year and it was amazing. So much different than last year :)