Monday, November 5, 2007

Holiday Spirit!

Since last Thursday, the day after Halloween, I have seen 10 Christmas commercials! 10!? Ah! How is it holiday season already!? I am so not ready for it. As much as it freaked me out to see Lowes and Walmart holiday commercials, I'm not completely surprised. For my work I'm doing promotion for those Macy's commercials that are out with all the celebs and alas they have put together a holiday season one, perhaps you saw it last night?

If not...check it out:

yes I shamelessly promote my job :)

Well I guess it means the holidays are here. Time to start planning gifts, cards and ways to not gain a bagillion pounds. Wish me luck, haha.


Michelle said...

It's like retailers skip right over Thanksgiving. As soon as Halloween is over they jump right into Christmas decorations and music!