Thursday, November 29, 2007

Spinning TV Pictures (not in that order).

Apparently there really is a TV god, someone looking out for me and my love of characters and despise of others...what am I talking about you ask? Let me explain.

1. Two weeks ago on Criminal Minds Garcia was shot and pretty much left for dead. This left me throwing water bottles and squealing lines of disbelief at my television with my parents. However, last week's episode (which I still haven't seen) she lived (Hallelujah!). And last night, although her part was minimal, she was recovering and back to her witty flirty self with Derek (I heart them). So needless to say, I'm happy she's alive otherwise I don't know if I would still watch the show.

2. Anyone watch SVU? Well I do. I'm a big fan. And have been ever since I watched the reruns on USA and finally decided I should get into the present seasons a couple years ago. So with that said, a couple weeks ago Elliot went blind. Now I really wasn't too thrilled with that turn of events but luckily it only lasted one episode (whew). And this past week's episode Elliot's wife and Olivia got into a car accident and I was so sure one of them was going to die and I was not happy with it. However, they both lived and baby Stabler was born and healthy and good to go (woo!). So Dick Wolf, I forgive you for putting my favorite detectives in peril, just try not to do again for a while...okay?

3. And finally America's Next Top Model. The gods of fashion and everything that is Tyra must have been looking down upon me and said "Katelin we know you've had a hard time watching this season and seeing Heather get cover girl of the week every week so we'll do you a favor and finally get rid of her." Oh. Man. I could not have been happier. Heather was just so annoying and ridiculous and okay I'm getting a little ranty and mean here. Point is, I'm glad Heather is gone I never really liked her and didn't think she has what it takes to be a model, she's just so dang awkward. And on top of that Ty Ty was back to her crazy self last night and Miss J's fro was out of control I was highly entertained. Thank you TV gods, thank you.
Although the TV gods were looking out for me, the gods of spinning class were not too happy with me. Or maybe it was just my body laughing in my face at the fact that I thought I could do a straight hour of bike riding and jogging, haha. In a nutshell, I went to a spinning class at the gym with Megan last night and it was in a word: intense. Well maybe not even intense, I'm just a wuss and drank too much water so that I started to feel a wee bit queezy 35 minutes into the class. However I feel that if I keep it up I could last the whole class time without wussing out and just riding the bike and not jogging it or marching, whatever the heck the lady was saying. Heck I'm just glad I didn't fly off the bike or anything like that, because I feel like that could have been oh too likely for me.
And just because, here's some pics I just got from my neighbor from 4th of July, haha better late than never. The first one's my little bro on a slide and then me with a neighbor's baby, precious!
Well that's all I got for now. Have a loveeeeely Thursday!


Heidi said...

i saw the very very end of ANTM and can't wait to see the whole thing (i have to watch it online this week. Stupid "good eats" >:| )

But YAY!!! Heather's gone!! :)

and spinning is effing hard core dude, i did that once and my @ss was as good as kicked heh.

NerdGirl said...

cute pictures!

Julie Q said...

yeah, if heather DIDN'T get the boot last night i would've lost all respect for ANTM! She only made it to one go-see and then walked around the streets for 1 hr

Virginia said...

Booo why can't I see your pictures?! I'm sure they are lovely.

Did you see that you can now gchat with groups?? Want to make a date with everyone for tomorrow?

Lisa said...

I watch SVU! Although I'm not up to date. Elliot went blind?! WTF? Must watch.

L Sass said...

I was over Heather, too. Thank god. Although, for some weird reason AS loved Heather and swears that he'll never watch ANTM again!

Lisa G said...

just watched antm on tivo and completely agree!!! I was so sick of heather getting cover girl if the week!!!

Valley Girl said...

OMG, I'm an SVU fan, too!!!!! Great pic of you, btw.

Jenn ( said...

All of the shows I usually watch on Thursday nights were re-runs :( Damn strike! said...

YES! I was so happy that Heather finally got the boot. No more CoverGirl of the week for her! P.S. I knew you'd write about ANTM & I was just waiting the post so I could comment - gosh I love that you watch ANTM.

Damsel in Digress said...

ok, a post about tv? doy i'm going to comment.

now one, i have maybe been watching suv for the greater majority of my life. and when they made stabler go blind last week, i wanted to kick the tv, which would have pissed off my boyfriend very much as it is very flat and big and whatever. i think dick wolf is trying to get into the drama of the characters rather than just focusing on the victims and i don't know how i feel about this. the show IS about the special victims, come on!

antm - HOW and WHO exactly was voting for heather to be the covergirl of the week every week for the past mazillion weeks? WHO? i mean, i don't vote for those things so i guess i shouldn't complain, just like i shouldn't complain when everyone always keeps the wrong people around on american idol since, again, i don't vote for that show either. but anyway, yes, thank goodness heather is g-o-n-e gone.

ok that is all since i don't watch criminal minds! happy friday!

Michelle said...

i can't see the pictures either :(

The Ex said...

That's not at all what I pictured you as. You're GORGEOUS. Good god, lady.