Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blogginess all around.

So once again I have been bestowed by some of the bestest of the best bloggers out there with some schnazzy awards and instead of waiting five months this time to pass them on, I figured now is a better time than any, woo. Soooo here goes:

The fabulous Hillary gave me this schnazzy award:

and I'm passing it on to these schnazzy bloggers:
A Beautiful Day in the Reneeborhood
Binary Blonde
I'm a Mom in Real Life

The oh so awesome blicious bestowed upon me
this cool award:

and I'm passing it on to:
Classy in Philadelphia
Emily Pie
Clever Blog Name Here

Ryan Gosling's other other girlfriend Jen
let me choose an award and how could I not pick this one:

and of course I know some other
fabulous blogs to pass it on to:
Turquoise Ribbons
La Dolce Vita
Confessions of a Cohabitant

So yeah check all those fabulous blogs there, they all rock. And if you still need more blogs to check out just look at my blogroll, seriously it keeps growing every day, I love it. And thanks to all the new commenters you all are rockin my socks off, haha.

Anyhoo that's all I have for today.

Besides the fact that Twilight comes out on Friday! Woot!

(I know....I'm obsessed, haha)

happy wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Going to get my Twilight tickets at lunch! Woot!

kay* said...

congrats on all your awards. i'm on book one so i'll be waiting until i'm finished before seeing the movie...probably check it out in a week or so :)

Renee said...

Woo!! Thanks for bestowing such a high honor upon me!

Ashley D said...

Thanks for the award. Loooove it! And I already ordered my tickets for Friday. I can't wait!!!

Allison said...

Congrats for the awards! You really are amazing. I can't wait for Twilight this weekend. OMG OMG!

Ashley said...

ooooh this is soooo exciting!!!! Thanks so much. You know I just LOVE your blog!!!



molly said...

congrats on all the awards! awesome

rs27 said...

How does Ryan Gosling get two girlfriends?

Life is not fair.

Amanda. said...

Mmm. I had thought I
already posted...perhaps
it didn't go through?

Yayyy for the awards!

And I'm obsessed too.
So it's all good!

Jenn said...

Congrats on the awards!

P.S. You are obsessed :)

Auburn Kat said...

I have offically become obsessed with Twilight too! I'm off to go read some more of it!

Dana said...

i have to pick up twilight before i leave on saturday.. it could be a great plane read!!

Bayjb said...

Ick I need to buy my tickets ASAP. Robert is looking cute in the premiere picture, but black suit with black tie and shirt? Oh no.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Is this where I get bummed becasue I'm not in this post or on your blogroll?? Twillight!

Bogart in P Towne said...

I usually do the vampire thing, but for some reason I have not picked up those books...

The story seems silly.

This cf course comes from the man who has read every Harry Potter book twice.

Allison M. said...

Uh oh - look who's climbing the blogger charts.

thanks for plugging me, too.

P.S. Completely in the dark about Twilight. And here I thought I knew all pop culture

Anonymous said...

yo katelin its kyle ha i found out how to post a comment

ps for everyone who is not katelin i am her awesomest bro sine birth

Rachel said...

Thank you for the award, from one Twilight lover to another :D

Binary Blonde said...

Thank you for the award! And if you can believe it, it's my first blog award - heehee. ;-)

Seriously, thanks mucho! Have to admit, that because we don't have cable and I don't keep up with the pop culture world, I had no idea that they made the Twilight books into a movie. Cool!