Monday, November 17, 2008

November is for birthdayness.

Oh another weekend come and gone, and woo hoo it's still going for me since I took today off of work today, holla. Anyhoo, so how was the weekend you ask? Let me tell ya:

Friday: Made it home from work, changed and got ready with Matt and Megan to get going for Katrina's birthday party at Howl at the Moon (seriously I love that place). We got there just in time as the birthday girl was getting nice and trashed and Megan and I, being the good friends that we are, bought her a birthday bucket of Adios goodness.

kat enjoying her bucket

bff's for life :)

two of my most favorite people

After the bucket was gone and a couple drinks later the night quickly came to a halt as the birthday girl had to be carried away to recover from the over indulgence of birthdayness, haha. Luckily she had a good boyfriend to take care of her and me, Megan, Matt, Megan's sis and boyfriend were all able to head over to Saddle Ranch to finish out the night.

Seriously I forgot how fun Saddle Ranch was, we danced, and watched people ride the bull (Megan's sis included) and had an all around great time.

megan's sis on the bull

megan and j.r., oh so cute

aw me and matt

Saturday: Twas a loverly day. Got to sleep in a while and then headed to the Pasadena Expo to get my race packet for the half marathon on Sunday. Afterwards I, like a nerd, read Eclipse while I waited for Matt to meet me at the movies for a nice afternoon date. Granted I don't know that I would really consider Zack and Miri Make a Porno a great date movie, haha. That movie was so funny, so dirty and oh so awesome. After the movie we headed to Matt's dad's house for dinner, which was pretty fun. Got to chat Twilight with Matt's brother's girlfriend and even made plans to see the movie next Saturday (wahoo!), plans that also involve the boys, haha. I already warned Matt that I may drool when I say Rob Pattinson on screen, I mean how could I not:

We didn't end up staying too long though because I had to get a long night's sleep for an early rise for the half-marathon I was planning on walking in on Sunday.

Sunday: Got a call nice and early from my mom sadly informing me that the marathon I was planning on walking in was canceled due to the poor air quality because of all the fires going on. Needless to say I was sad that I wouldn't get to walk in the half marathon after months of training however I definitely reasoned that I had no real reason to be upset since my house wasn't in danger like so many other So Cal people. But really, it was still depressing. So when Matt woke up early to golf I just rolled back over into bed to sleep the day away.

After a couple more hours I sleep I migrated out of bed to catch up on the DVR and eventually kicked back with the Ipod on classical music and the last 150 pages of Eclipse. It. Was. Awesome.
Post-Eclipse (seriously I was a bit emotional, it's a good thing Matt wasn't home, haha) I went on a cleaning spree around the house, seriously it was bizarre. Before I knew it it was time to head to my aunt's house for what was going to be our celebratory post-half-marathon dinner but turned into a game night of Scene It and tacos and margaritas as an early birthday celebration for my sister (who's turning the big 21 in 8 days, woo woo). It was such a great night of stories, drinks, great food and even better company.

kourt and her birthday cake, woo

And really nothing ends a great night like cheesecake and champagne, holla.

After the party I ended the night relaxing with TV and Matt and it was fabulous, fabulous I say.

And that my friends was le weekend. Today should probably just be considered more weekend since I took the day off anticipating that my legs would be killing me and I'm headed to lunch with Matt and the spa with my mom, it's going to be superb. And in between all of that and whenever other chances I get I'll most likely be reading Breaking Dawn, haha.

And how was your weekend everyone? Any champagne, crazy fires smogging up the air, or lovely Twilight stories to share, haha?

happy monday!


Maxie said...

I could go for one of those buckets right about now!

Amanda. said...

I didn't like the last
Twilight. Ugh. You'll
have to let me know what
you think. Edward is soooo
swoon-worthy. I can't wait
to see him on the big screen.
All vampire-esqu. Yumm.
(That picture you posted
is so pretty)

Your weekend, as usual,
looked oh so fun! That
bucket by itself looks
to be a fun time. Or
at least to enhance an
even more fun of a night!

Alexa said...

i'm reading this like was katelin in cleveland this weekend. I know now really, but we have a howl at the moon and a saddle ranch in the cleve.

rialeilani said...

i love the pic of you and matt! i'm sorry your marathon was canceled :(

Jamie said...

I love your weekend updates.

First off, boo to the marathon being canceled!

Love that photo of Edward.

Sounds like a great weekend :)

Jane said...

BUMMER that your race got canceled. I trained for months for a triathlon that got canceled, so I feel your pain. Like Amanda, I felt a little weird about the last Twilight book. You'll have to let us know what you think!

rs27 said...

I drank out of one of those buckets once.

I don't remember what happened next.

Mandy said...

I'm with Maxie, one of those buckets would be really good right about now! LOL. Sorry that your race was cancelled. Looks like a fun weekend though! :-)

Grits said...

Sorry your race was least you got to have some fun! :-) Howl at the moon is too much fun!

sarah marie p said...

I'm sorry the race was canceled :( That really sucks.

I'm glad you and your home are OK though.

Scary stuff!

Vanessa said...

I'd have to say my weekend was boring compared to yours! Glad you are not in danger from the fires. I've been thinking about all my SoCal peeps!

Dana said...

Ugh.. sorry about the race.. that really stinks... but sounds and looks like you had a good weekend...

Auburn Kat said...

OK, I'm putting down the Secret Lives of Bees so I can read this book!

well-intentioned heartbreaker said...

seriously, i adore your weekend updates. always.

and? that bucket looks delish.

Blicious said...

cute pics!!!!!! Sounds fun!

Bayjb said...

I could sure use a bucket right now. Sorry to hear about the marathon, but it's really for the best right now. I don't want you getting sick! we need to talk Twilight soon too. I'm finishing up Eclipse this week.

Lexiloo said...

my bf wants to see nick and miri...not sure if I do :)

Lexiloo said...

errrr, zack and miri :)