Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dear Wednesday oh Wednesday.

Dear Ryan,

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a most fabulous 28th birthday even if it is without Rachel. However, you know where I work so just come on by and we'll get a cupcake or something :)

your new bff

Dear half marathon,

Please oh please don't kick my ass this Sunday. I've been prepping for a while now and I feel ready so please oh dear please don't kick my ass.

my sore hamstring

Dear California weather,

Please make up your damn mind. First it's hot, then it's rainy, now it's sort of coldish and windy, and now it's supposed to get in the 80s. WTF!? It's November, give me some November weather already okay? Is that too much to ask? Sweet. Thanks.

a superfan of Autumn

To the crazy Twilight fans,

Stop being so damn crazy! And stop bombarding all these mall appearances and leave poor Rob and company alone. It almost freaks me out a bit. However your craziness also makes me look less and less like a superfan and I sort of love it. So thanks in a way, thanks.

a not so obsessed Twilighter

Dear Rob and Kristen,

Seriously you two are just so cute together and I haven't even seen the movie yet and I just love seeing you two together. And the outtake pictures from the Vanity Fair shoot....loooove!

one of your biggest non-crazed fans

Oh my Matt,

I know you are probably (okay not probably definitely....) are getting annoyed with my latest Twilight obsession and huge crush on Rob Pattinson but do know you're still my Numero Uno, El Fuego of all of my el Fuegos, the best of the best and my favorite of all my favorites. So yeah you should probably just get used to my obsession and love me anyways okay? Sweet. Thanks. Love you!

your sweet chinchilla

Dear hairstylist,

Why oh why oh why did you have to leave!?!? I have yet to call your cell so I don't exactly know where you went, but please still be cutting hair! I only trust so many people with my hair and it's scary to start all over again. I need you to cut my hair!

Katelin's hair

Dear life,

Do something. I don't know what I'm waiting for or what I want you to do, but I feel like something is coming and I don't know what that is. But I'm ready. Just so you know.


Dear Wednesday,

Why aren't you Friday?

The end.


happy wednesday!


Sara Jane said...

So after reading these I fear that we may be the same person...I was just contimplating a very similar post.

Ryan is delicious. I fear that my left hamstring may detach before my half marathon in a few weeks. Good Luck. I hope your's starts feeling better. Advil. Ice. More Advil. I'm over the weather, but atleast it's not as cold as it is in Columbus. I heart Twilight, but not so much crazy.

Good Luck this weekend. I know that you'll be great! Happy Hump Day!

Maxie said...

Dear Ryan-

I heard about the breakup. are you lonely? fly to wv and we can finally be together. no one should be lonely on their birthday.




Mandy said...

Dear Katelin,

Thanks for making me laugh this morning (something quite hard to do before I've had my coffee). Good luck on the half marathon this Sunday!!


Jamie said...

Dear Rob Pattz,

Your people suck for not allowing pictures. I'm not going to see you today because of that. LAME.



P.S. I'm better than Bella, she's too whiny.

Dolce said...

Um...I just drooled on my desk starring at Rob. Yum...

dmb5_libra said...

im with you on the whole wednesday becoming friday deal.

Amanda. said...

It is almostttt Friday.
Think of it that way.

Twilight. Heart. Love
that photo shoot. Love it

If he knows what is
good for him...he'll
stop by your work for a
treat. I'm sure of it.

And fear not...I'll snag
a picture of Josh and Diane
just for youuu.

Amanda. said...

And ohhh. You're going to
be a rawkstar on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh yum Ryan. I kind of love your posts an extra amount because theres a 75% chance of some man candy. Thanks for delivering :)

Tipp said...

I feel SOO out of the loop. I need to read this book!

rs27 said...

Ryan Gosling?

I dont think i've heard of him.

Except by women.

San said...

O..k... I would have been ok with Rachel and Ryan together, but now that this is no more... what is he waiting for? Come over here to celebrate your birthday :) :)

surviving myself said...

The obsession with Twilight is freaking me out too.

Bogart in P Towne said...

So you are saying the books are worth reading?

Auburn Kat said...

I would definitely eat a cupcake with Ryan to celebrate his bday!!!

Alexa said...

i thought of you when i saw it was ryan's birthday. (we are on a first name basis, obvy)

Angela said...

MMMM! What a yummy picture of Ryan Gosling!

Bayjb said...

I just got my new Vanity Fair issue. And if that photo spread is missing, I will go insane.

Good luck this weekend on the half marathon. You'll do great!

janet said...

I am SUCH an old lady. Who are Rob and Kristen?!?

Also, can I just say thank you for being such a lovely and loyal commenter on my blog, even when I'm a bad blogger? I heart you!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Haha, I really like this post! I am definitely going to try out this style.

I'm totally with you about the why isn't wednesday, friday thing...

Traci Anne said...

McGosling will get back together. They must!!

stealthnerd said...

I ask Wednesday that every week. So far, I've gotten no answer.

Dana said...

i want to read twilight!!! must get for vegas!!!

Katie Killary said...

Good luck with the marathon! How impressive!