Thursday, November 20, 2008

People knows their zexy.

*disclaimer: sexy zexy men and me being uber girly in this post, you've been warned, haha*

Not even kidding, People and I are already on the same wavelengh (well most of the time) when it comes to the sexiest guys, I mean really, they picked three of my freaking favorites:

Hugh Jackman. The man has been deemed the title of Sexiest Man of the Year, now I don't know if I would go that far about Hugh, but really the man is all sorts of sexy. And clearly I am biased because I met him and he was incredibly nice and suave and Australian, yumm.

And how can you not love a guy that plays with his kids all the time?!? So freaking adorable.

So yes I agree, Hugh is a sexy, zexy man.

However, People also voted in two more of my faves in the sexy zexy category, my number two, Joshua Jackson and my newest crush, Rob Pattinson.

Joshua Jackson! Welcome back to the sexy list! I've always though you've belonged there but alas the public has finally caught up thanks to your return to the spotlight of television with Fringe, which I sort of really like. And woo I couldn't be happier to see you once a week again and popping up in sexy lists and magazine, woo woo!

I mean how could anyone deny that suave, Pacey Whitter sort of zexy?

Or the dark, brooding zexy of your new character Peter Bishop? No one! That's who. Welcome back Josh!

And Rob Pattinson. Oh Rob. I don't really even need to explain this one.

Seriously the guy is just zexy. And his hair?! Ah the hair. It's both ridiculous and awesome at the same time and all around just fantastic. And in his interviews he's just so adorable, you just can't deny it. I already have my DVR set for the Today Show in case he's on before I watch it today and Ellen tomorrow. And umm the biggest selling point of his sexiness.....he's freaking Edward, oh le swoon.

If that doesn't win zexy I don't know what does.

Mmmmmokay that's all I got today folks, too much swooning for one day, haha. I know Matt loves it :)

Anyone you think should have been added to People's Sexy Zexy list this year?

happy thursday!


Auburn Kat said...

Yup, Rob Pattinson is my new man! They should have cast me for one of the female vampires seeing as I'm always pale!

Bogart in P Towne said...

What I need to know is, how did Anderson Cooper from CNN not make the top 5?

Anonymous said...

Every time I see pictures of Robert Pattinson, I swoon.

San said...

Sorry, but Rob has funny hair ;)

I definitely think Joe McIntyre is missing ;)

Kiki said...

Where was Barack?!

Jessica said...

Mmmmm...Robert Pattison...Yum.

I think the guy who plays Will on Privileged should have made the cut (though since I don't know his real name, and I watch the show regularly, I guess he isn't all that famous) haha. But he is beautiful

rialeilani said...

love pacey!!! how are you liking fringe?

katie the lady said...

I lost my stuff when I found Pacey and Edward on the same list.. it was my old teen and grown up teen selves all in one happy place. Anyway! Just had to say that I get your obsess-love with Rpattz. I changed my daily Starbucks route just so I could walk past the twilight poster (even though rpattz looks grey and kind of creepy). That's love (don't tell the husband).

d said...

So, I kinda find Hugh creepy. Don't know why.

But Rob Pattinson!? Holy good lord jesus, that boy is HOT.

Katie Killary said...
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stealthnerd said...

oh I love me some Pacey!

Dana said...

Happy Thursday to you as well!!! I love me some Patrick Dempsey!!!

Anonymous said...

I will admit, that Rob fella is super sexy, but I'm more of a Hugh Jackman kind of woman. He has that ZEXY polished lumberjack muscleman look---know what I mean? *sigh*

Shelley said...

So my cable is inexplicably malfunctioning so I popped in a DVD before I went to bed last night. Guess what I watched? The season finale of Dawson's Creek. :-D I miss that show... they need to bring it back to syndication because I need more Pacey Witter in my life.

Blicious said...

BAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!! Joshua is my #1!!!! i love him! <3

Amanda. said...

Give me a second while
I pick my jaw up from
the ground.

All three men. But
especially the pretty,
pretty, pretty Joshua

Bayjb said...

I was really excited about Hugh Jackman winning. I find him very sexy and attractive. Loyal husband and great dad. Perfect combo.

Alexa said...

i think that first picture of joshua jackson is the hottest i have EVER seen him

Anonymous said...

oh lots of le swoons and le sighs in this post.

i have to agree the hair is fabulous, i love a man with GREAT hair.

ps cant believe it's already here!!! it's TODAY!! (well you know what i mean)

Chris said...

I HATE that first picture of JJ, the one they picked for the mag. Ugh. But he does totally deserve to be on the list!

zandria said...

Hugh Jackman...yum! And yes, I totally agree on him being sexy because of the time he spends around his kids. :)