Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hollywood shenanigans.

So somehow it's Thursday already and there hasn't been a Hollywood post yet. Yeah a long weekend can do that to the blog. Anyhoo Hollywood day is finally here so let's get to it:
  • For this week's cute bebes we have the Damon family. I don't remember the last time we saw Matt with his girls but ohmygoodness they are seriously the cutest little things.

    so precious!

  • And also in the cute bebeness is little Matilda Ledger and the same adorable smile her dad had. Seriously she makes my heart melt and this picture with her and one of her mom's friends just makes me smile:


  • Also in baby news, apparently Mel Gibson's new ladyfriend is knocked up already. Ummmokay. And apparently Mel can joke about it and said to just call him Octo-Mel (since he already has seven kids with his soon to be ex-wife). Oy vey.

  • Moving on from the bebes and on to some hotness. Ryan Gosling's been in New York filming a new movie and my goodnes when he isn't smoking, he is smokin (haha, lamest joke ever).

    hello hotness.

  • Also in some good lookingness, even though it was over a week ago, Brad and Angelina looked freaking fabulous at Cannes. Although I'm not their biggest fans ever (not what you call a Brangeloonie) I do think they can pull off some glamorous looks and I love it:

    so classy.

  • In today's Twilight news....big spoilers kids, big spoilers! So many pictures from the New Moon set I almost squealed (okay I did squeal) when I saw them.

    hello shirtlessness Edward.


    And on top of it all, someone put together a video montage of all the pics to lay out the scene. Seriously if I didn't have so many books to read I'd start the Twilight series all over right this second! Ah can it just be November already!?!? Squeeeeeeee.

  • Speaking of movies...
    Angels and Demons. I really liked it. Even though it freaked me the hell out with the creepy killer and bizarre things, I was a fan. And I can't wait to read the book because I hear it's a million times better.

    Star Trek. Okay so I admit I had absolutely no intention of really seeing this movie, none whatsoever. But Matt and I went and I was a big fan. It was hilarious! No one told me it was so funny. And no one told me it had Eric Bana, Winona Ryder and Tyler Perry on top of all the other main stars, so crazy. But yeah in a nutshell, for not being a trekkie I was a big fan. And Chris Pine didn't hurt the cause either :)

  • And in TV news...
    Apparently TV networks want to eff with my schedule. Everything is getting moved around (or canceled!) Ah!

    Oh and want to see where TV sitcoms took place? Of course you do! Check out this map to be entertained and enjoy a little time warp.

    Greek. I'm a week behind but seriously I love that Dale and Cappie are friend, love it. And love the secret society idea thing too, too funny. And basically umm I just love this show. It cracks me up.

    Medium. Are you watching this show? You should be! Even though it almost got canceled and got picked up by CBS instead it's a great show. So bizarre but so awesome. I loved this week's episode and man. Just so good, basically you should watch it and I have a feeling next week's finale will be great.

    John and Kate Plus 8. I don't even think I can talk about this show without saying WTF. Jen and I watched the season premiere on Monday and ummm is it just me or should they not be filming anymore??! Clearly they are having marital issues and they're not a fan of the stardom and their kids probably don't enjoy it all either (if they even notice) and stopping the show would be best for everyone (except TLC of course). I don't know, the episode just made me sad all around.

    Without a Trace. The series finale. SERIES people. I sort of loved this show and all of a sudden it got canceled on me. And the finale wasn't even all that great, it was sort of a blah episode. Yay everyone lived. But the main characters broke up and then there was a wedding we didn't get to see and I'm just sad it's over, I really enjoyed that show and now it's gone. At least I'll have the TNT reruns still.

    Fringe. I hate my DVR. It cut off the second to last episode and it didn't tape the finale. I am sad. And even sadder than the guy who plays Charlie got fired from the show. Sheesh. Basically I need to find a way to watch the finale, I need my Josh fix!

    The Hills. I am declaring it here. After the finale this Sunday I will no longer watch the show. No thank Kristin Cavaleri (or however you spell your name). I am too old to watch the most scripted reality show and I was a Lauren fan anyways. And Spencer's proposal was ridiculous and gah. Oh and speaking of the main dbag, just watch this video and enjoy the hilarity that is sure to ensue.

    Top Model. Yeah the season's over, but check out this interview with Celia. I sort of liked her a lot.

  • In music news...I am officially obsessed with MGMT's "Electric Feel." No joke, I listened to it 35 times yesterday, it's pretty bad, haha. It's so last year but oh so awesome.

  • And lastly in WTF news...Desmond Hatchett, the most fertile manwhoring twenty nine year old man around. At 29 he has 21 children with at least 11 different women. Soak that in and then tell me what you think. Like wo.
And that my friends is what's going on in Hollywood this week. Anything I missed? As always, fill me in!

happy thursday!


Anonymous said...

I love Ryan Gosling! Ack, he is the awesomespice.

But the best part? Like the best best BEST part? Has got to be shirtless Rob! I saw those photos this morning after all the tweets from friends about it, and the made an awesome start to my day =DD, lawl. The shizz. I can't wait for the movie!


Lisa said...

I'm going to have to respectfully disagree and say that Kate totally enjoys the stardom. I noticed that when she took the kids to the party store, she told them to unbuckle before she opened the door because the paparazzi were waiting, and one of her sons asks "What's the paparazzi?" Then she does her little narration saying it's really sad when your 5 year old tells you there is paparazzi following you. Except, they didn't seem to know what paparazzi were until then...

Same thing with the birthday party. If privacy is so important, why hold a party in a public park? They have plenty of room for bounce houses in their yard, why not have it at home?

She seems to be buying in to the paparazzi publicity thing. I think all the tabloid shots were taken when they were filming for the show, and the show had a record number of viewers. So I agree that they shouldn't be doing the show, but I don't think they really value their privacy that much, I think Kate likes the fame.

Anonymous said...

first, kate definitely enjoys the stardom. i've read on a few different sites now that the whole show is set up and made after someone blogs about what they do in real life. or something like that. i don't watch the show, but there has been a lot of hype in regards to her and him sleeping with whoever.

second, i had never before even SAID the words "star trek" let alone thought about ever seeing a movie about it. needless to say, i'm sooo glad i went to see it with the boy, and i've now seen it 4 times. love it for everything (and chris definitely doesn't hurt)

joy refurbished said...

Matt Damon & his girls are adorable!
Spencer + Heidi = dbag central

Lily G. said...

Love the images. Hot and cute!

Anonymous said...

OMG...that video with Spencer...most retarded thing I have ever seen in my LIFE. Hahaha...

jen said...

oohhhhhh! thanks for the twilight pics. love it!!! i know what you mean-come on and get here already nov. haha.
and johnandkate-well i love this show too. and it was so weird to see them like that. they used to seem like such a strong couple.
*in a bit of randomness-do not get the fiber poptarts-not very good.* haha. ok.

Angela said...

The Notebook was on tv last night and I just HAD to watch it. Can I be Allie Hamilton for a minute so Noah can be oh-so-sexy with me??

Hillary said...


Angela Noelle said...

I confess, I did watch J&K+8, and wow, uncomfortable. I don't know why they're continuing The Hills without Lauren. She's the main "character", and doesn't everyone hate Kristen? There's really no one left on the show who is remotely likable. I think I'll do an honorary recap of the finale though, just for old time's sake ;)

Andrea said...

I don't think I can watch J&K+8 anymore. I used to like to stumble on it randomly because the kids were so gosh darn cute but now it's just... sad. And uncomfortable. =T

Also, I need to catch up on this season of The Hills.

Anonymous said...


A S uper Girl said...

Now that Without a Trace is off the air, maybe they'll get their shit together and get their DVD seasons caught up. I got into the show on Netflix, but they're like 3 seasons behind with the DVDs. Very sad :-(

kay* said...

i absolutely love these posts!

if you liked angels and demons (i thought it was just okay) you'll love the book. i LOVED the book and don't think the movie did it justice.

Julie Q said...

oh wow those pix of celia in nypost are really good! this season did suck, but next season is the shorties one 5'7 and under so hopefully it'll make for some great tv! (i swear Tyra is doing it so she can tower over everyone)

Anonymous said...

OMG amazing post!!!!

The TWILIGHT pics/video thing....absolutley made me smiley and made my night! SOOOOOOO amazing. I seriously CANNOT wait until November...and even more til June 2010!!!! *sigh*there never seems to be enough twilight for me. If I could just like jump inside the book and live'd be great.

And Ryan Gosling....Loooove him. Sexiness...mmm.

And the story of the man with 21 children...omfg...wrap it up dude. like seriously.

And is fringe? I am a pretty big fan of Joshua Jackson....

thanks for all the greatness.

Bayjb said...

The Twilight photos did almost knock me off my desk chair. I was like, wha??? And it's scary how much matilda looks like heath.

Andhari said...

Has he been WORKING OUT? Because I watched his shirtless pics a lot before and so far this is the best . slurp.

Passionista said...

Thanks for posting pics of the hotness that is Ryan Gosling!! Love.

amanda said...

really loved celia. she got hosed. psh. all these pictures. hate ryan smoking. but yes, he is smokin'. haha.

new moon-come to mama!

matt damon and his girls-obsessed.

Cole said...

If I could warp my DVR'd Fringe episode to your TV - I would!! I love that show!!

Sum said...

I think I like Edward better while shirtless!

Maxie said...

what is up with angelina being SO tiny though. She looks like she's melting away.

pea-pod said...

You can catch Up on Fringe online at ( I gave up cable and found out quickly that only some shows are avail online...dang it) but this one is!

love all the pics especially Ryan!
Angels & demons is a better book than movie and Star Trek rocked.

Anonymous said...
half nekkid.

phwoar indeed.

brandyismagic said...

Spencer? In that video?? I really can't even elaborate more than just... wow.