Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm being followed by Weddings.

Weddings are stalking me. I'm not even kidding. Ever since I got engaged there have been weddings everywhere I turn! Don't believe me? Well...
  • Greek. Last week (or was it two weeks ago?) there was a wedding at Cyprus, everyone went, the bride was crazy and her hair was big.

  • Grey's Anatomy. As I mentioned yesterday Izzy and Alex got married, it was so sweet and precious and adorable and Meredith and Derek still have to tie the knot.

  • The Today Show. They've been advertising their yearly "Today Throws a Wedding" recently and I've half-not-really-sort-but-definitely-not considered it.

  • Brothers and Sisters. Justin and Rebecca are getting married and his pre-proposal made me get a little teary on Sunday, so sweet.

  • Desperate Housewives. Catherine is wedding obsessed and getting hitched the hotness that is Mike and Susan was going to marry Jackson before immigration got him, so who knows what's going on there.

  • Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Okay I knew what I was getting myself into when I went to see this with my mom but it was the only one we both wanted to see and it was very wedding-centric and pretty cute.

  • 7 Up. I'm currently reading book 7 of the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich and there are so much talk of her maybe marriage to Joe Morelli it's cracking me up.

  • PopSugar. One of my favorite celeb photo sites has a Wedding Season section that's been staring me down lately and staring at celeb weddingness.

  • Friends' weddings. I have four weddings coming up. I just received Virginia's Save the Date (which is adorable by the way), an engagement party evite and I'm currently booking a hotel and flight for another wedding in New Mexico.

  • MOH. The last of those four weddings is my cousin's wedding in which I am the maid of honor and my duties are calling lately, gotta get some sort of shower and bachelorette party going on soon.

See what I mean? Weddings are everywhere! They're in my mail, on TV, online, in books I read, eveywhere!....And I'm okay with that.

I like getting ideas and adding stuff to the "wedding folder" in my inbox and remembering things I in no way want to do (sorry Grey's no purple pastels for this wedding) or things I may want to say at toasts or stuff like that.

actually I'm thinking these pastels may work instead, haha

So anything following you around lately? Or are weddings stalking everyone these days, haha?

happy wednesday!


The Secret Beauty Blogger said...

I would just like to say that I love your blog. It makes me happy!


Savvy said...

First, I just want to say in general, I love your blog. You seem so happy and full of sunshine, and I love people like that (since I try to be the same way, only with a little sarcasm mixed in!!). Second, I got married a year ago in July, and during our engagement it was the same way for me- there were weddings going on everywhere!!! So its funny that the same is happening to you. And much do you L-O-V-E the Stephanie Plum novels????? They are hysterical!! I love her grandma. I hope to be just like her when I'M a grandma someday!!

Keep writing, sista!

Miriam said...

Hey Katelin, your blog is great, you are so cute!
My favourite colour is yellow too, and I write how I talk...
I love it when it pops up in my reader to say you've written something new!

Lara said...

Weddings have been stalking me for a couple of years now, but they do get worse in the summer months, because that's the wedding season, and also when all the TV shows have their weddings too.

In a couple of months it will die down though, so make the most of these weddings by taking notes, seeing what works, what doesn't work, and what you would like for your own wedding. That's what I've done.

Oh, and the Wedding Channel helps too. I'm so sad :)

Matt said...

Justin & Rebecca arent really brother and sister, right?


kneedeepinfamily said...

Love your blog! I'm glad I found it.

Booklover1212 said...

First - love your blog!! And have fun with the wedding planning! It's the biggest party you'll ever throw!

Second - when I was pregnant, I was followed by baby stuff, pregnant women popped up everywhere. It's amazing how more aware you are!

Third - LOVE the Stephanie Plum series! The books only get better and better! Enjoy!

~ Jennifer

koala said...

That last photo looks like Lady Di bridesmaids.

Kyla Roma said...

Oh my gosh, I need to re-vamp my wardrobe to have more of those Easter pastels in it! I've been missing out!

As soon as I bought my first bridal magazine last summer, weddings were stalking me. It's SO much fun! My best recommendation is the wedding plans community on livejournal. It's worth making an LJ account. They give amazing feed back on everything wedding related, from proof reading programs to dress comparisons - they were a huge help (and a major addiction) while I was wedding planning.

Lexilooo said...

Weddings have been following me for like the last four years! This year is no different...I have six! Iowa, New York, CT, NH and DC. The NH and CT weddings are in the SAME WEEKEND and I am a bridesmaid in one of them! One is Saturday, the other is Sunday. Ugh....!

Girl On A Journey said...

I heart weddings!!!! Heart them!

MH said...

Maybe this counts... I'm a newly-wed who just came by your blog today... hahaha
I've been looking at my wedding pictures to select the ones that will make the album, so my mind is still pretty much on this subject. Weddings are fun, and I can say our own wedding is even more so.
Loving you blog! (mine is in Portuguese, so I guess a visit would be pointless...) :-)

Maxie said...

is procrastination something that can follow me even if i'm the one doing it?

Ashley said...


I would say that weddings have been popping up everywhere ever since I started university (in 2005). I have attended 4 weddings, seen 4 other people get engaged (2 of which are now married), and recently got engaged myself. It's neat to know that there are so many people in my life that I can go to for advice when planning my wedding. It's exciting isn't it?

I really enjoy your blog! Thank you!

Sara said...

Well not wedding but love...
Everyone around me seems happily in love and im the only one without it..

Congrats on the engagement!!..


Sara said...

Oh i forgot.. By the way TODAY IS ROBS B-DAY!!!

Just though to share this with a fellow Twiligther!!! xD

Happy 23rd Rob!!!

kay* said...

lolololol isn't it so funny when that happens? stuff like that happens to me all the time. like i'll decide i want to learn about...italy (example). and then a documentary will be on the history channel. then on the food network it's a how to cook like you're in italy special or something. then an italian movie will come on that

but recently i read somewhere it's just that when something happens to you - you all of a sudden become more aware of it around you. it's not that it's appearing more than before...but who knows.

i say enjoy it. you're only engaged once! well...hopefully!!! but for you - obviously :)

Julie Q said...

i wish! I only have 2 slated for this year, but we haven't hit that age where everyone is getting married. I'm sure i'll be complaining when i do, but I totally love weddings :)

Briana said...

OMG weren't those dresses on Grey's horrifying? Yuck-o!

Princess MAR said...

I so have been there!! The wedding stalkers have been reported and luckily this Halloween will offically be put to rest for me!!! My wedding is on Halloween and then I am DONE!!!
9 weddings let me repeat that 9 WEDDINGS! later, I am taking my final bridesmaid dress (worn last Friday night) and taking the other 8 gowns and making a patch work skirt out of the fabric to adhere to the final bridesmaid gown. A cute sash bearing the long awaited wors "Always a Bridesmaid, FINALLY a BRIDE" will be adorned on my body and worn proudly at the rehearsal along with this sentimental patchwork gown.
Bt the way my wedding is in Vegas so this FINAL gown should be a riot!!
And Congrats on your engagement and I love your Blog!!!

Ali said...

You're so funny.

I left you a present on my blog! :P

Blicious said...

you are so cute!!

Auburn Kat said...

I'm going to have to go see that movie with Jennifer Garner..maybe I'll go this wknd that is if I can't convince my sister to go to the Drive In with me!

LiLu said...

The only weddings following me are B's fam and friends... so awesome, because free bar + wear a pretty dress + do nothing = AWESOME. :-)

Alanna said...

I haven't had cable for a long time but Izzy and Alex got hitched?! REALLY? Last time I checked (and that was a long time ago) Izzy was with George (and wasn't that awkward).

And yeah, weddings are kind of everywhere I look too. It's spring! Time to fall in love and say 'I do'.

Anonymous said...

Weddings tend to follow me too, except it makes me mega depressed cos I can't find myself a man! LOL
What did you think of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past... Matthew McCoh... I don't know how to spell his last name - looked SO HOT!

Amandaaa said...

i adoreeee weddings! so the talk of them just makes me giddy. how giddy you must be now that you have a ring on the finger. super, duper.

ehh...justin and rebecca are getting married? i LOVE them and i LOVE that. i haven't seen the last few episodes. i seriously neeeeed to catch up.

Jamie said...

I rarely go to weddings. I don't have many close girlfriends and don't keep in touch with anyone from high school.

I'll just throw myself a wedding so I can get dressed up pretty and have a party haha

Andhari said...

Pitbull, you know how obsessed I am with him already but lately EVERYWHERE I go his songs are played. Yikes. Maybe it's a sign he should open his eyes, marry me,and have half cuban half indonesian babies HAHAHAHA :P

Beatriz Kim said...

Hi Katelin,

Your post always makes me happy! Thank you so much! I really needed the boost today!

I don't know of any weddings soon, but I'm sure some of them will creep up soon!

Hope you have fun planning your wedding! I'm sure it will be beautiful.

Too bad you live so far away! I would love to take pictures at your wedding...for free of course...I'm just starting out!

Have a great day!

Bayjb said...

I think as long as you stay away from Bridezillas, you'll be all good :)