Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't Mosby me Hollywood.

It's Tuesday and you know what that means.....Hollywood post day, woo woo. So let's get to it already:
  • Starting off the cuteness of the bebes we have an adorable picture of Sasha and Liev Schreiber. Seriously, Sasha is quickly becoming one of my faves in the adorableness category, haha. But really how can you not say "awwwwww" to this picture.


  • And also in the bebe cuteness we have my favorite of the faves, little Violet Affleck strolling along with mama Jen and baby Sera, seriously, most precious adorableist family in Hollywood eva:

    wuv it.

  • Sort of related to the bebes...apparently Brad Pitt is driving all the moms of Long Island crazy (in a good way of course!). It's being said that the usually laid back moms are bringing out the designer jeans and makeup in hopes of running into Brad when he picks up the kid from day care or even goes grocery shopping while Angelina's filming. Seriously this story cracked me up because I know I would do the same thing. When I was waiting to meet Ryan Gosling I made sure to look somewhat cuteish (ie no gaucho pants, haha). Love it.

  • In "oh-my-gosh-I'm-still-a-sixth-grader-at-heart" Kate Winslet recently gave an interview to Flare magazine in which she revealed that she wears two rings. Her wedding ring with husband Sam Mendes and a ring from Leo that's even engraved. Seriously! Ah! Jack and Rose for eva!

    Also in Leo news, he's such a good Laker fan. Front row and cheering and looking all good scruffy like.

    hello good lookin.

  • In Twilight news.
    Dakota Fanning is such a gorgeous young woman. I mean it's crazy that we've all seen her grow up and she's so sophisticated, I guess she's like our generations' Drew Barrymore (just without the rehab and all that) and the Olsen twins 2.0. But really I'm so excited for her to be in New Moon and seriously heart her.

    yeah I couldn't even rock that look

    Another Twilight tidbit...apparently a clip/promo/preview/snippit of New Moon is going to be aired at the MTV movie awards. Heyo! I may have to DVR it just for that, haha. Oh and even more New Moon-ness, apparently the first poster has leaked and I like it.

    Also in Twilightness....RPatz of course. Mmmmmm. Everyone needs some daily Robness.

    oh check him out all Edward-like

    Also in Rob news, apparently he's slated on a new movie with Hugh Jackman. Hello! I'm already in line to see it, haha.

  • And in TV news...
    Grey's Anatomy. Oh. Em. Gee. If you haven't watched the finale yet then you are missing out and I'm going to spoil it if you keep reading, haha. But seriously, wow. The episode was pretty good to me, not their best, but the last 10 minutes, holy crap. I was screaming at my TV, tears streaming, ohmygoshing more times that I can count. I seriously rewatched the part where John Doe was revealed to be George at least 6 times and got teary every one of them. I was in shock, heck I still am. And I totally called that Izzie's life would be in limbo and heck now George's is too. But I'm predicting that Izzie will make it and George will not and man, is it the season premiere yet?? (a better recap of the ep is here at BuzzSugar if you have no idea what I'm talking about and want to read about it)

    Top Model. Well that was a let down. Teyona won. We all saw it coming as much as I didn't want her to win it, she did. They even gave me hope that awkward Allison may win, but no, not the case. I couldn't really tell you how the episode went because I fast forwarded through most of it to see who won. As always, the best recap eva is here.

    Fringe. I am so behind it's not even funny. But I do want to take this time to yell at Fox for changing Fringe's time slot next Fall to Thursdays at 9 to compete with Grey's and CSI: WTF FOX?! Do you not know that my DVR can only tape 2 shows and I only have 1 TV?! How rude!!

    John and Kate Plus 8. Man I used to love this show and the family but there is just so much drama around them everywhere now it's sad. I just feel bad for the kids, because man they are cute. Heck Tia sums it all up best, I agree with her about the fam and the drama and I'm kind of curious about the new season.

    How I Met Your Mother.
    Aw yay! Robin and Barney, yay! The Mosby, haha, classic. Marshall jumped, yay! The goat story finally, yay! And Professor Mosby, yay! Seriously love this show and even though there were no major cliff hangers I still loved it.

    Desperate Housewives. Almost too much to talk about. One. Anna is so much like the Scavo's banned away step-daughter it's sort of lame. Two. I love Mrs. McClusky and her sister, so funny. And so excited they may be getting their own show! Three. Lynette is pregnant!? With twins!! Oh man. Four. Bree and Carl!!! What the hell!? Five. Thank god everyone knows the Dave mystery now

And that my friends is what's happenin in Hollywood. Anything I missed?

happy tuesday!


Andhari said...

i LOVE Dakota Fanning, she always looks so classy and behaved. Wish she continues being that way, yes? OHMYGOD she gonna steal so much attention in New Moon, I like her more than KStew already, the girl looks like she's half choked half hippie. Sorry for the fans lol

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love what Dakota's wearing!

And Grey's was UH-MAY-ZING. I don't think I've ever cried so much during a TV show in my life. My brothers and my bf think I'm crazy, but obviously I'm not the only one! =DD

Love it!


Anonymous said...

Ok I'm not sure why I haven't commented before because I've been following your blog for a while. Sooo - my apologies for not saying before but congratulations on your engagement! Happy Birthday! And thank you for the RoPatz, Josh Jackson, and Grey's love! I'm only on Season Two of HIMYM (so I had to skip over that part). :-)

Maxie said...

HIMYM hasn't really been there for me lately. I mean last night was cute, but where's the funny?! Hopefully they're just wrapping up story lines and such and next season will be back to the norm.

Kirsty said...

Wow! Thorough! I hope Dakota doesn't end up doing a Lindsay Lohan...! And yes, Leo is tres beau, the Afflecks are so delicious I want to put them in a snow globe, and baby Schreiber is adorable.

Jen said...

When I read that story about Kate wearing Leo's ring, my heart just about melted in a puddle. How sweet. I guess her husband is really easy-going because my husband would NEVER let me wear another guy's ring (even if it were just a friend).

Grey's finale was pretty awesome. I did not see the twist w/ George at all. I kind of wish it were Izzie that died and George survives, but I'm pretty sure that you are right and it will be the other way around.

DH--I really hope that it is Susan under that veil and not Katherine. I really think it is time for Mike and Susan to get back together. Great episode!!

Lora said...

I love, love, love HIMYM! Like you said, no major cliffhangers, but it was still a good finale! And OMG, Grey's! So, so ready for the next season!

Renee Decay said...

I'm so happy that Dakota is gonna be in New Moon. Personally I could see her being Jane, she has the look and personality.

As for the baby pictures, wow they are cute!

Hope all is well

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

ever since i saw x men origins i look at liev in a whole new light, i LOVE him now. and leo, swoon he's a new love for me too.

oh boys.

also i missed the HIMYM finale last night, i'm going to watch it at lunch today on CBS.com which of course will be the highlight of my day :)

valerie said...

Fanning in New Moon, that's interesting but then again she's awesome at her job! Thanks for the tidbits, I love Twilight news!

Angela said...

Well I'm happy that little kid ISN'T the dad! You've at least gotta LOOK old enough to have kids. Apparently she was a ho.

Mental Fashionist said...

I like Dakota Fanning, she is a talent girl, I hope she won't be like that Hannah Montana girl. She is cute too.

When I saw the Twilight, I didn't think Rob was cute, I thought he was weird with that white face (cream) of his, but lately I kinda like him, think he si kinda cute hehe.

Great post!

Jessica said...

wow! why haven't I heard of Alfie...but that is crazy! i can't believe kids these days...

And I'm am also still shocked about the greys finale...i was getting chills just reading about it! i also think that george will die and izzy wont...i mean i don't want either of them to go but hopefully its not both

Ali said...

Ok, SO...

1) Grey's. I KNOW. I flipped, I re-flipped by watching the end again. And then I flipped again. WHAT!?

2) Jon and Kate is my thing. I love it. And I am so saddened by the whole thing. So. Sad.

3) Twilight. As much as I hate to admit it, I am dying for the next movie to come out. So exciting, so exciting.

Ok, that's my 2 cents. Lovely Hollywood update, per usual.

LiLu said...

I don't need Perez. I've got you.

Which is good, because his site hurts my eyes. :-)

Auburn Kat said...

I just love Jennifer! I saw Ghosts of Girlfriends Past this wknd and loved her in it!!!

Faye said...

I found you on Blogs of Note and LOVE it!! I'm a TV buff and enjoyed your take on many of the shows.
I'm passing on a One Lovely Blog Award.
You can find it at:

Lily G. said...

Violet Affleck is such a doll. But Suri is the cutest!

Beautiful.Lunatic said...

I rewatched the end of Grey's with George too! I was blown away. Don't go George!
Thanks for the Rob pic...his hotness always makes me smile.
I did not know about Fringe! Oh no! I face the same DVR predicament and I refuse to watch anything online, unless it's a dire emergency or something. This might constitute that.

Steph said...

Oh yes that part with George my heart stopped for a moment! I was like OMG! and started bawling. And my husband could not have possibly rolled his eyes at me any more. Haha. He was like It's okay... it's just a TV show.

Space Mountain Man said...

Hollywood? Is that the big blog of fire I see from up here?

Bayjb said...

OMG that picture with Liev Schreiber is SO cute. Sera Affleck is gorgeous, looks like her daddy

Anonymous said...

Dakota Fanning is totally our generations Drew Barrymore. Great post!

sedna said...

Hello there.. I found your blog through Blogs of Note and I love it! Been following a while but sorry didn't drop any comments though.. Keep up the amazing job!

Freedom said...

I'm a new fan of your postings, wow ! I don't have the time to keep up with all of that so... I'll keep up to date here, lol...

amanda said...

i always smile when i see pictures of

and ugh. i wanted allison to win, badly.
but you're right...we all saw it coming.
tyra, you totally let me down.

Bedroom Talk said...

yay your a fan of Rob hehe. Have you seen him in Little Ashes? It was so hard to watch since I had him engraved in my mind as Edward.

J said...

I, unfortunately, called the George/John Doe thing. It was apparent to me when the dude came in and we hadn't seen George. Seemed like something Shonda would do too. I really haven't liked Izzie this season until this cancer storyline so I'm not sure who I want to live or die but can't wait for the next season!

gracie-mel said...

I am so in love with HIMYM too; glad to know I'm not the only one. I'm a new fan of your blog, and I'll be back for more.

*~Dani~* said...

I figured out right away that George was the John Doe but there was no one to share it with and I didnt want to twitter and ruin it for anyone else. Even knowing (or suspecting) it was a great finale!

Chanel said...

Jon & Kate had me crying last nite. Seriously im so sad for them and angry at the same time. [sigh]