Thursday, August 13, 2009

My movie family.

A couple days ago Lethal Weapon was on TV and every time I see Danny Glover I think of my dad. Not even kidding there is a striking resemblance between the two in the way they talk and look and yeah, it's not a bad thing, just a funny thing.

So this got me thinking even more. If I got famous and a movie was made about my life like tomorrow who would play my family? Back in the day I did a poll of who would play me and I think I even changed my mind from that. So without further ado I present my famous family.

Dad would be played by Danny Glover, obviously.

I think my mom could be played by Meryl Streep. My mom gets frazzled and Meryl could definitely capture that and my mom is awesome and Meryl is awesome.

My sister, Kourtney could be played by Christina Milian. Yeah she's about a foot shorter than my sister but she's cute and peppy and my sister is too, sort of, haha.

My brother Kyle would be played by Connor Cruise. He's got that light skinned and tall business going on and apparently Connor wants to get all into acting now so it's perfect.

My youngest brother Kurt could be played by Oscar Jackman because he's totally got the hair going for him along with that goofy smile.

As for myself I think I'd like Zoe Saldana to do the job. Although her hair isn't quite curly and her boobs are a bit too small I think she'd capture my personality pretty dang well.

And for Matt I think Jason Segel would be a pretty great fit. Jason could definitely capture Matt's charm and goofiness and he's pretty good lookin too :)

Oh so actually sharing a picture of the family would be a bit useful right?

the parents

the siblings

me and Matt

So that's my movie family. I think it'd be a pretty great movie actually, haha. And who do you think would play your family or just you in a movie?

happy thursday!


ria said...

i love this post! it makes me wonder who would play my family :)

thatShortChick said...

haha..I LOVE this! growing up, I always thought my parents were exactly like claire&cliff huxtable from the cosby show.

so my mom would be phylicia rashad and my dad, bill cosby.

me? I would pick jada pinkett ONLY because of her height, otherwise, we don't really look alike.

Anonymous said...

You parents are soo cute! I think you were spot-on with your sibling cast.

I would like Natalie Portman to play me. Or the chick from Days of our Lives who playes Chloe, mostly because we are shaped the same/same coloring/hair etc.

Now... to get someone to write about me =)

Mrs Soup said...

Oh, I can totally see it! That's great!

I would be played by Liv Tyler. Other than that, I have no clue....I'll have to think about this.

Andrea said...

Jason Segal is SO MATT! That's awesome!! This was fun, I'm going to put some thought into this.

Julie Q said...

you forgot to mention that your favorite blogger julie Q would be played by Kim Kardashian~! (or according to you, Hailey's Facebook friend from college) xoxoxo luv ya!

i will totally have to borrow this post sometime.

Rachel said...

Wow your mom and dad do look a lot like danny glover and meryl streep.

Andhari said...

LOL yeah I definitely think Jason Segel can play your man, I see serious resemblance!:)

ps. Christina Millian is sooo pretty!!:)

Blicious said...

what a fun post!! great family! ;)

Mandy said...

Great post! This makes me want to think about who would play my family in a movie.

Ali said...

I totally see all of it - very accurate!

The Clever Pup said...

Hey I just left some comments over at My Dogs Dinner on this subject. I guess I'd be able to play your Mum coz I would cast Meryl Streep as myself too.

My husband - Hugh Laurie
My son - Rupert Grint
My brother - Richard Gere

amanda said...

that would be one BEAUTIFUL movie.
and i'd definitely go see it.

what a fun game. i'll play along with just me. i choose rachel bilson or anne hathaway. though, neither have my curls. but that's what movie magic is all about, rightttt??

Cafe Pasadena said...

Yes, you need a big boober to play your part.
For your mother, I would instead use Julia Child but I think she's left the planet.

Jamie said...

I think this is pretty accurate for you guys!

I'd pick someone like Mandy Moore to play me. I think she is adorable but might be too adorable and skinny to be me :P

Bayjb said...

I love your celeb family! Meryl Streep as my mom, hello, yes! Love her too.

*~Dani~* said...

Love this! I am going to have to think about my celebrity family.

LiLu said...

Dood. It is perfection! I might have to do this...

Kate said...

Good choices! I have no idea....!

Anonymous said...

Woah, even though I've only met him mostly in passing social situations, I can actually pretty easily imagine Jason Segel playing Matt.

But if anyone knows their Hollywood, it'd be you, so there ya go.

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