Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dress me please!!

So remember when I said I spent a lot of money this past weekend? Yeah well part of it was due to the fact that I bought not one, not two but three potential dresses to wear to Virginia's wedding this weekend!

And this is where you all come in. Some of you already voted on me purchasing dress number three but I need help! I'm only keeping one of these dresses because I don't need all three and I could return them for some more Autumn appropriate clothes so I need your vote pretty please. And don't mind my crazy hair and slouching posture (I really need to work on that!). Anyhoozits, THANKS! And VOTE! :)

Dress number one.

I can wear my yellow shoes with it.
Super comfy.
Bright and cute and colorful.

Not so pro:
It's straplessish so I have to make sure
my bra doesn't show.

Dress number two.

Super cute.
I can wear leggings or tights.
I have a cute black coat to go with it.

Not so pro:
It's a little short, but that's what leggings are for!

Dress number three.

I can wear a regular bra.
It's super colorful and eye catching.
Another comfy one.

Not so pro:
I have a feeling I might get cold, but that's
what coats are for right?

So yeah just let me know what you think in the comments and I'll be forever grateful, I'm so indecisive! Oh and update to add. I do have a coat, don't worry. I used to live in Ohio so I know how cold it gets :)

I'll let you know which one I picked when I come back from the wedding in Ohio on Monday, hope you all have a great weekend! But do stop by tomorrow and Friday for two fabulous guest bloggers, woo.

happy wednesday!


OHN said...

Sweetie...I live in Ohio and it is freaking cold here right now. You will need the middle one..the one with the leggings and you will need something else to keep your shoulders warm. (I like the middle one the best anyway, not just because it will keep you warm:)

But then again, I AM a mom and yelled at my kids all through high school to put a hat on or something...they thought I was stupid until they started walking around their college campus, then mom was not as stupid ;)

Anonymous said...

I vote dress #3. I'm a huge fan of being able to wear a regular bra!

See if you can find one of those 3 quarter sleeve, cape type coats to go with it so you don't freeze. :)

Angela said...

I love dress #2!!! Go for that one!

braces to beautiful said...

I love dress #3 but... I'm also from OH so I KNOW you will FREEZE for sure! I suppose that is what coats are for. :0)

Pandora said...

Haha I ALSO live in Ohio, and it's been super cold this week. Not freezing, but in the 50's. I say go with dress #2. It's really cute, and it'll keep you warmer! Bring a jacket too!!!

Mandy said...

I think #3 is the most flattering and the most fun. Wear that one with a jacket. It is supposed to be cold in Ohio over the weekend. If you wear a black jacket with it, it might tone down the dress enough for the yellow shoes? I would have to see it first, but I am all about yellow shoes :)

Mandy said...

I vote for dress No. 2! I live in OH and its cold. There is supposed to be a frost tomorrow morning which makes me sad (because I am so not ready to start scraping my windshield) but bring a warm coat!

MH said...

Hmmm, I was going to say #3, but all these people from Ohio have a point... Besides, you did say you have a cute black coat to go with dress #2, so you'll look great and stay warm! So there's my vote, #2.

Sahi said...

#2. I love that you added the leggings to this dress. This is a great look for you.

Michelle said...

numero dos.. it's chilly in ohio right now, i'm from PA and that's only a state over and i find it freezing! i've even taken my sweaters out of storage!

good luck, they all look like great outfits!

Jamie said...


Katrina 24/7 said...

I vote #3! And you could wear your really cute black coat with it too.

Doniree said...

Dress two!

ria said...

two or three :)

Kirsty said...

I really like the second one... but is it too short to wear without leggings or tights? It looks good WITH them... but you do have great legs, and the white shows them off so well.

chronic procrastination said...

Katelin, you look GORGEOUS in Dress #2!!! Pick that one NOW!

Melissa said...

I love them all, but I realllly love both 2 & 3. I guess it depends on the look you want to go for! You pull both of em off very well :)

Grace said...

I agree with post number 1. Go with dress 2. I'm a Cali girl living in DC and if it's cold in DC, then it's way cold in Ohio right now. Of course, you've lived there so you know. If the wedding is indoors though then I think 3 is great.

have a wonderful time!

Mrs Soup said...

1 is so not attractive on you, I'm sorry, but true.

2 and 3 both make you look super hot. I think you should wear 2 and wear the yellow shoes with it! It would look awesome. And with the black coat. Fantastico!

Vintage♥ said...

deffo no 2 looks so cue and comfy

Sarah said...

I like number three. I think you could even wear some opaque grey tights with it if you get cold

Sizzle said...

Number three!

heidikins said...

I love dress #2, but I don't think leggings are terribly appropriate for a wedding.

So, keep dress 2 but wear dress 3!


Gerty said...

looks like I'm alone....but I like #1!

LBN said...

i'd go with dress it! but keep dress 2 as well, with tights and boots and and a cardigan - it might not work for the wedding but its wicked cute! you've inspired me to head out and shop!

Tia said...

i like the first one because it's the dressiest.

and i always think you should be overdressed for every situation.

but that's just me.

plus, i love the colors, they're bright but not too summery/springlike.

sarahdotcom said...

well, you ARE gorgeous, so you look fantastic in all of them.

personal fave is #2. this might be due to a little problem i have with adoring black, white, charcoal, grey, etc. i really need to take a page from your book on dressing in sunshine yellows and vibrant colours, hah.

but honestly, the black & white with a pop of colour (turquoise necklace, or a crimson bracelet, etc) would look AHHH-MAZING.

good luck with whichever you choose!

Gemini said...

My vote is 3, for comfort and eye catchingness (is that a word? eh who cares) 3 it is!

Anonymous said...

sorry, but all 3 dresses are ugly!
none of them are for weddings.

Have you heard of the show "what not to wear"?

i think you'd be a good candidate.

Patti said...

Please do not wear dress is not very flattering in the bust

Dress #2 is a bit juevenile

So I vote for #3, and if it gets chilly, wear a sweater!

Ev`Yan said...

Anonymous, I am so sorry to contradict your rudeness, but I've seen Katelin several times, & each time she looks perfectly put together. She would be a LOUSY candidate for WNTW, because she KNOWS what not to wear. I think the show only chooses fashion train wrecks as subjects, & my dear Katelin is not one of them.

Not that you're not entitled to your opinion; if you think the dresses are ugly, that's just fine! But telling Katelin she needs to be on WNTW is completely inaccurate. Just wanted to clear that up.

Katelin: My vote is #2, because it's classy & elegant, but still fun. I suggest wearing closed-toe tights with it, to make it more dressy.

I also like dress #1, but I know that it might be a bit uncomfortable for you, if you're constantly having to hike up your bra.

So yes, my vote is for dress #2!

Luna Moon said...

Personally, I'd go with dress numero dos. Wear full black tights though. I live in Michigan, and it's close enough to Ohio where I can tell you it's cold!

Loredana said...

#2 and dress it up with colorful shoes and accessories!!

sarah marie p said...

All those dresses are super cute! And omg, what is up with the meanie commenters?! GRR! Leave our Katelin alone! Jerkfaces! First the brizezilla comments and now this? Seriously out of control. Katelin is such a sweetheart and all three of those dresses are fun and young -- i.e. just perfect for a 20-something attending a wedding.

I vote for no. 2 -- black/white is always classy for a fancy event like a wedding ... and an added perk is that you can wear your cute jacket! I vote for full black tights ... or, if you want to mix it up, colored tights.

Can't wait to see what you choose to wear!

sarah marie p said...

p.s. Or maybe you could even wear the yellow flats w/ outfit No. 2!

thatShortChick said...

I vote for #3 because everyone keeps mentioning the fact that it's going to be cold in Ohio, and that dress is going to look great with opaque black tights and possibly heels? (I'm not sure if you wear heels that frequently).

OR actually #2 would look good with black tights too and paired with a long, loose cardigan belted at the waist.

Blicious said...

i like dress 3! but i think they are all cute!!


Susan said...

I like #3. Plus, your con applies to the others too I think making it a moot point. So in essence, there are no cons.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...


although they are all very cute. have fun in ohio my dear - how about next time you come stop by and see me!

Julie Q said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Dress #3 on you!!!!! Have an awesome time at Virginia's wedding.. you KNOW.. Boston is only 5 minutes from ohio. totally true ;)

Bayjb said...

Crap, I know I missed this but I would go with #3 with leggings. It's cool up here in the Midwest!!

Auburn Kat said...

Sorry I'm late - dress #3!