Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm still addicted to TV.

If you haven't guessed by now, I watch a lot of TV and I mean A LOT. I can't help it. I just love TV. And I love my DVR. Last year I did a preview to what would be showing up on my TV schedule so I figured why not do it again in honor of next week being season premiere week and all. So here goes, this year's lineup:

How I Met Your Mother

By far my favorite show currently on the air. I LOVE this show. It always makes me laugh, I want Marshall and Lily to be my neighbors and Barney to be my ridiculous suit wearing best friend. And everyone to grab drinks at the bar all the time! Okay but this season looks amazing, Barney and Robin together! The MOTHER is in Ted's class! So many big things are coming I can barely wait to watch on Monday at 8 on CBS, set your DVRs people, you don't want to miss this show.


Yeah I know this show is already back, but I'm sort of behind and have only seen one episode (or maybe two) and I love it already. Seriously this show just makes me want to go back to school even if my college experience was not nearly as ridiculous (or was it? haha). But um Cappie you are my favorite, you me and Barney can go hang out and play laser tag.


After the second half of last season my faith in this show has been slightly restored. It was a pretty bad ass ending and I can't wait to see what new heroes we meet this season and what happens with the whole Sylar is Nathan thing, yeah that has potential.

Wednesdays (yeah I don't know how there's nothing on Tuesdays either):

America's Next Top Model

Yes somehow I can take Tyra and her crazy because I keep coming back for more of this show. I'm pretty sure I've seen almost every episode of every cycle and it keeps getting more ridiculous but I love it. I love the photo shoots, I love how every model has to have some crazy back story or weird physical feature or some bizarre name, love it.


Yeah how could I not love this show. It's quirky, it's funny, it's like a musical on TV! I love musicals! But really, the plot lines are pretty funny (minus the whole fake pregnancy and very shallow wife thing) the actors are all relatively newcomers (which I love) and the music is just fun! So yeah if you're not watching this show yet, you probably should.

Criminal Minds

And on to my crime shows. Seriously I'm such a sucker for a crime show and I can watch this one all the time, even if 97% of the time it freaks me out. Yeah this show is a little intense and the cases are sometimes (okay usually) gruesome I still watch. And I love the characters! Garcia is hilarious, I love heart her, she's like a toned down Mimi. And Reed? The super genius, he's just adorable!

Law and Order: SVU

I've been watching this show so long now and I'll keep watching until it gets the axe. Another crime show that freaks me out from time to time but I still love it. I love Olivia and Eliot and their amazing partnership and the cases they get and let's be honest Eliot. Le swoon oh swoon Eliot.

Grey's Anatomy

Oh Seattle Grace how I heart you and your drama. After having one of the best season finales on TV in my opinion I can't wait to see what happens next. Even though most of the big twists have been revealed by who's signed on for the season and who hasn't and who will be on maternity leave, etc. I still can't wait to watch and see where the season goes. Oh and hello Dr. Owen, glad you're still here.


After losing some major characters last season I think the show still has some spark. And I can't wait to see what's coming this season!

The Mentalist

So I started watching this over the summer and I love it. Simon Baker? Hellooooo hawtness. Talk about a good lookin man. And his character is just so funny. I love their cases and the way their team works together.

Project Runway

I had never watched this show before and after seeing Tim Gunn at BlogHer and hearing only good things about it I figured it was worth a shot. And I haven't been let down so far. Although I do fast forward through a lot of the boring talking parts and basically just love seeing what outfits the designers create it's still a good show.


So it's going to be tricky to watch this since it's on at the same time as Grey's and CSI: but we will find a way!! I loved last season. It doesn't hurt that Joshua Jackson is in it either. And basically the whole cast is amazing, check out their EW interview if you don't believe me! So if you're into sci-fi weirdness and quirky humor with a hilarious cast, check out Fringe and you won't regret it. Although you may want to watch the first season before starting season 2, it's a little complicated.


I've been hooked on this show ever since last season (and thank you Lifetime for playing it every night!), it's so intriguing. I love that the DuBois family is so down to earth and normal and cute. However for as down to earth and middle class as they are, how does Allison have so many pajamas??? Anyhoo I'm excited to see if it's any different on CBS and how Allison is after her coma, so many questions to answer, wooooo.

Desperate Housewives

The only big twist for this season premiere is who the heck is Mike marrying!?!?! Is it Catherine or Susan?!! I vote on Catherine just because Susan sort of drives me crazy. And I hope all the drama with Gaby's new niece isn't that ridiculous. Fingers crossed it's a good season.

Brothers and Sisters

Oh those crazy Walkers. I can't wait to see what happens this season with Rebecca and Justin's upcoming wedding and Tommy still aloof in Mexico and Kitty and Robert's rocky relationship! Basically everyone in the show, I love this show and I can't wait to see where this season goes.

And that my friends is the DVR schedule. Not including the random CSI: NY, Run's House or Say Yes to the Dress episodes I can get drawn into.

What are you watching this season?

happy friday!


Anonymous said...

Grey's, Desperate Housewives, Law & Order SVU, Project Runway and Brothers & Sisters for the epic win. Hells yes! Who doesn't love a box with pretty moving pictures? :DD

Chrissy said...

Thursdays, I love your line up... so Bros. and Sisters are coming back? Its been too long... BTW finished The Alchemist.. I was told to read it since my 19 yr. old son is testing me as well as himself... It gave me a better understanding as to how young boys move into the stage of being a man...

ria said...

did you see the fringe premiere!!!!

Kenji said...

The Mentalist is a bad rip-off of the best show on TV: Psych. You need to watch it. Its on Firday's on USA.

weezermonkey said...

Parks and Recreation -- my brother writes for it.

chronic procrastination said...

Grey's is my guilty pleasure. Dammit I love that show :)
CANNOT wait for it's return! Not long to go now :D

Hillary said...

I loooove Glee!

Melissa said...

How I Met Your Mother is by far my favorite show on tv! I discovered it over the summer, plowed through the seasons, and I'm so anxious to see the new episodes! Yess.

Blicious said...

happy friday girly. LOVE greys!!


Ali said...

Since True Blood is on a hiatus (MAJOR tears right there), The Vampire Diaries is serving as a good substitute for me as far as my vamp obsession goes. The acting is horrific, but who really notices in shows like that right?

Secret Life of the American Teenager's also on hiatus (yes, I watch it...please don't judge!). Not as many tears there, but I still enjoy the 7th Heaven-ness of it.


And I think that about covers it! Score.

thatShortChick said...

I'm so sorry that this season of Project Runway is your first because this cast is BORINGGGG!!

If you ever find yourself at home when Bravo is marathon-ing project runway from seasons past, watch it because any other cast is an upgrade from this one.

J said...

Oooh I watch too much tv too!

- Brothers & Sisters

- Two and a Half Men
- Accidentally on Purpose (maybe)
- One Tree Hill

- SONS OF ANARCHY (Everyone needs to watch this show)
- The Good Wife (maybe)

- Modern Family (maybe)

- Grey's
- Private Practice
- Flash Forward

- Southland

Cafe Pasadena said...

How I met Your Mother is a fav program as wel! When I can see it. Unfortunately, sitting in front of a TV tends to bore me.

I think we'll meet de Mother on the final episode one of these years.

Anonymous said...

i cant WAIT for brothers and sisters and desperate housewives. my roommate/landlord/bestfriend/sister use sunday as our date night. what better night?

im still bummed about the cancellation of lipstick jungle. so i settle for law and order, law and order svu

im a top chef and project runway junkie and i have been known to dive into the real housewives of wherever.

oh yeah, did i forget to mention curb your enthusiasm on HBO? apparently this season is going to feature the seinfeld reunion. cant get much better than that! it starts tomorrow!!!!

P said...

How will you have time to watch all this and still work and have a life outwith tv??? Lol.

I really want to see this "Glee" show, everyone in the blogosphere seems to be raving about it, but as far as I'm aware it's not showing in the UK yet. Unless its on cable, which I don't have, sadly.

EP said...

It makes me really happy that you watch many of the same shows as me. Especially Greek. Gah. My college experience was nowhere near that ridiculous, but it makes me want to go back to school all the time to experience that. Again?

Katie cat said...

I'm most excited about and looking forward to Desperate Housewives! Sunday the 27th it premieres, right? Will you post a reminder for us readers?? hehe just kidding...

I hope it's Susan though :-( I don't like how that Catherine came into the neighborhood (and show) and now she's a main cast member and poor Edie/Nicolette who was there from the beginning, is now gone...

amanda said...

tv is so addicting. i love that you watch a million and one shows. because it makes me feel like it's a normal thing.

Bayjb said...

I am also totally addicted to TV but am finding Wednesday/Thursday nights already overbooked. I need to work through this somehow!

Bogart in P Towne said...

Outside of an occasional SVU rerun, I don't watch a single show you do...One of us is watching bad TV and the other, not so much...we will have to disagree which is which.