Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Dad....and Keanu!

Because today is both my dad and Keanu Reeve's birthday I thought I'd write some birthday odes in their honor. Also fun fact that is probably the only thing to connect both guys is the fact that when I went off to college my dad bought me Speed on DVD because I only had it on VHS. Not only that, it was a two disc special edition of awesome. So yes my dad is awesome and Keanu is pretty dang cool too.

yeah I used this pic last year, but I love it.

Ode to Dad.

Dad you are a talker,
and mostly a slow walker.
Clearly I get that trait from you
something I definitely do not want to undo.
You also know how to lighten up a room,
something else I got from you.
I love you even if I don't always say it
So thank you for being the dad that you are every single bit.

oh hello Jack Traven.

Ode to Keanu.
Ever since I saw you in Speed
I thought you were the coolest actor indeed.
Even if you always said 'woa',
I still thought you were a rising star on the go.
And clearly you are since you keep getting hired,
and making all sorts of movies without getting fired.
I hope for your birthday you decide to shave a bit,
but if you don't I won't throw a fit.
If you want some cake just come my way,
I'll have it all ready for your special day.
You're the top of my list that I want to meet
So stop on over for a birthday treat!
But really I hope your birthday is great
so have a good time and celebrate!

So there are my odes, and man are they corny but it's what I got today.

Happy birthday Dad and Keanu!

happy wednesday!


AshleyD said...

Happy Birthday to Katelin's dad and Keanu!

nicoleantoinette said...

You know what's annoying? I can never decide if I think Keanu is hot or not. In some pictures, like THAT ONE UP THERE, I'm all "mmmm," but a lot of other times? It's like, "eh."

La Petite Chic said...

You are too funny! Happy birthday to both your dad and Keanu :)

Deutlich said...

that photo of you and your dad just made my morning

Ev`Yan said...

Look at how precious you are as a baby!!! Ahhh! I can't get over it! I want to pinch your cheeks!

Happy birthday to your Daddy! & I'm with Nicole: I never know if I find Keanu attractive. Sometimes he is, sometimes he isn't... It's kind of annoying.

Hillary said...

you are too cute!

Happy birthday, Katelin's dad!

amourissima said...

That's awesome! If Keanu knew what was good for him he'd make his way over to your place...

Now to go find some cake. I'm hungry.

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday to your Dad (and Keanu)!!! How cute were you when you were little!! AWWWW

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

awwwwww yay to dad AND to keanu.

i still have a life size cardboard cut out of jack tarvern

amanda said...

your poems rock! do i get one for my birthday tomorrow? heee heee.

anddd...of course, happy birthday to those boys. what handsome devils!

Nicole said...

love the odes! Every time I read your blog, it puts a smile on my face :) Thanks! Hope both your dad and Keanu had great days.

Andhari said...

Love the odes, I'm into the old school Keanu Reeves. He's kinda not right in the head these days.

Happy birthday to your dad!:)

sarah marie p said...

Hee, I love that you celebrated both your dad's bday -- and Keanu's too! Awesome.

Your poems rock my socks!

And I love that picture of you and your dad! Look at your curls! Sooo cute! :)

Bayjb said...

Happy Birthday Katelin's dad! I love that picture of you guys, so cute. And um Keanu in Speed, so dreamy

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

I love the Odes!

*~Dani~* said...

Love the poems! I agree with Andhari, though, about Keanu - not quite right in the head these days at least from what I have seen.